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  • July 1, 2014
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*Only 7 days left of Nu-Me Elan pendant introductory price of $149.
*Win a Solfeggio Packed Package.
*Winner of Nu-Me Elan protective pendant.
*New BIGGER Blockit-Pockits.
*Link found between EMF and Thyroid cancer.
*The down side of Domestic Appliances.


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July 2014


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Only 7 days left of Nu-Me Elan pendant introductory price of $149.





Win a Solfeggio Packed Package.

Winner of Nu-Me Elan protective pendant.


New BIGGER Blockit-Pockits.

Link found between EMF and Thyroid cancer.



The down side of Domestic Appliances.





All good things must come to an end, as the saying goes, and our introductory price on the Nu-Me Elan has also come to an end. Silver and gold prices have gone up significantly recently with the world unrest and financial difficulties that many countries are experiencing. We have not increased our prices despite increased manufacturing costs but the Nu-Me Elan discount sadly has to go.

Only 7 days left

Of Nu-Me Elan pendant introductory price of $149


A FR*EE silver snake chain

EMF protection pendant



Please don’t delay and be disappointed as after July 8th the Nu-Me Elan will be $199.  By taking advantage of our offer you save $50 and get a beautiful 20″ silver snake chain as a FR*EE gift from us.


This offer is only available whilst stocks last and cannot be used with any other discount or offer.

Put snake in the comments box when you order.  It is strictly first come, first served but you can pass this offer on to your friends.  Be sure to order yours first though – it would be terrible if they got the last one!

Just thought I would let you know that I am very happy with my Nu-Me. It is definatly working. Actually amazing. Better sleep. No headaches. Hold it on a sore part of body for ten mins. Pain goes.  Can feel its energy.  Very impressed.  At some point in the future I will buy a pyramid.  Adam B, NZ 


Link found between EMF and Thyroid cancer




Israeli scientists have found a possible link between the radiation from cellphones and thyroid cancer. In recent years there has been a steep rise in rates of thyroid cancer in Western countries.  


To read more……



Bigger Size Blockit-Pockit



We now have new Blockit-Pockits to fit bigger cellphones. If you have an iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy or similar large phone you can now be protected from radiation into your body and stop receiving calls without having to turn off your phone. They will also keep your bank cards safe from identity theft.



Size is 11.5cm (4.5”) x 17cm (6.7″) and the finish is black faux leather.


See here……….



Win a Solfeggio packed package



Win a “Sound Medicine” Solfeggio CD, plus a Solfeggio embedded Ki-Bal, plus a Solfeggio crystal pendant of your choice by answering this simple question


“Who were the first to use the Solfeggio healing frequencies?”


A little help with the answer here: Solfeggio-frequencies  


Answers to Margie@life-energy.org 


This competition will be drawn on 31st August so be sure to be in to win.


“I have also been wearing the Solfeggio pendant which has eliminated about 99% of my stress – I also noticed when I was a little stressed at one point that it came up and then suddenly it was like the pendant gobbled the stress up! – if that makes any sense :)….. I haven’t felt this calm and peaceful in a very long time. I am so happy you are producing these products. I have and will recommend your products to everyone!” F Charman, Australia

The winner of the Nu-Me Elan protective pendant


Congratulations Linda Brazen David pulled your name out of the hat and you are the winner of a UNISEX Nu-Me Elan protective pendant. Email margie@life-energy.org with the address that you want it sending to.


If you didn’t win and are sorely disappointed have a look at our Nu-Me Elan special offer – you can not only get a BIG discount you will get a silver snake chain as a gift from us too.


“Thank you for the Nu Me pendant. We have 3 cell phone towers within 100m, 10 Wi-Fi networks running through our house from neighbours, 7 computers of our own, and over 100 mains powered appliances…We are suffering from stress and fatigue.


After wearing my pendant for 6 days I find I’m sleeping better and feeling less stressed. I am able to let go of things and forget about them. After borrowing my pendant yesterday my partner wants one herself (but a bit smaller) we have been testing the pendant using muscle testing and getting good results”. I. Gregson, NZ


The down side of Domestic Appliances.



Many of our domestic appliances we have lived with for years and never given them a second thought. They do their job, we would have difficulty living without them, they are part of the fabric of our lives. But convenience aside perhaps we should  stop and think about the impact they have on us personally.


EMF from hairdryers

“Funny thing, one day recently I was working at the computer and I was getting really tired. I noticed the p.e.bal was missing. My daughter had taken it into her room. As soon as it returned so did my energy Jilleen, NZ, 





The winner of a malachite bracelet for smiling at our funny is Julie Pack – Congratulations. Send margie@life-energy.org the address you would like it sending to.


Sorry folks the Funny competition never took-off. So it is back to the drawing board here at LED. We were hoping that a smile would lighten your day as it did ours. You may have smiled but didn’t put your name in the draw?


Any ideas, suggestions and revelations always welcome. This newsletter is for YOU so let us know.


“Most of us don’t realize it, but we’re all part of something much bigger than ourselves, and we’re all connected in some way, not just through Facebook” Anonymous


Join us on our Facebook page for some laughs, some wisdom, and news.


May your days be filled with sunshine,


Margie, David, and Jo

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