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  • July 9, 2016
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* BIG Discounts, * Smart meters in paradise, * 10% off P.E.bal, * 3 FR*EE prize draws to win Nu-Me EMF protective pendant, * Chi-Shell & Ki-Bal winner, * Frequently asked question, * Newsflash

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> Smart meters in paradise
> 10% off P.E.bals
> 3 FR*EE prize draws to win a Nu-Me EMF protective pendant
> Chi-Shell and Ki-Bal winner
> Frequently asked question
> Newsflash

We have just bought a slice of paradise. A small house on a two-and-a-half-acre block on a peninsular eco-village in the Kaipara harbour, New Zealand. Stunning.
But. We have a smart meter on the outside wall alongside the bed head. Would you believe it? Not nice – at all. We can’t move the bed as the room is minuscule. We can’t remove the smart meter (yet) as we like the convenience of electricity. And the joke is that we even have difficulty getting cell phone coverage there, wandering about with our phones trying to find a friendly, communicating spot.
We will of course badger, complain, and probably eventually change power provider, until it is removed. Until then we have placed six P.E.bals behind it on the inside wall. Over-kill we know but we aren’t taking any chances.
Must say that we had the best two nights sleep we have had in years without Auckland’s street lights and city noise – our P.E.bals certainly did their bit too. For those that want to get in touch we haven’t moved offices and our contact details are still the same.       
See our P.E.bals here…… Use the code LE10116 when you order and get 10% off

“I have the p.e.bal purchased through David about February 2016 and love it!!! I know it covers 18 yards but I actually take it where ever I go in the house and in the car.  It has been a great aid in reducing the amount of EMFs around me (and there are a lot I assure you).” C.R. USA.

The Chi-Shell and Ki-Bal winner
Congratulations Karen Garnett you have won our prize draw. Email margie@life-energy.org with your mailing address.
If you didn’t win and are disappointed, we have this special offer to wipe away your tears. And also have a go at this month’s competition to win $600’s worth of confidential Nu-Me EMF protective pendants.

For 5 days

Get a ki-bal or chi-shell



Normally $89

Or Buy both
Normally $178
You can also buy 2 ki-bals or 2 chi-shells for $119

See and buy here…….

This offer is for 5 days and ends on Saturday 9th July or while stocks last. It cannot be used with any other discount or special offer.

“Being seriously concerned about the major increase EMFs in our environment I sought out companies that produced products that combat their negative effects.   Apparently the products I had purchased in the past were not working because after the first night of leaving the ki-bal key-ring on the night table beside my bed I had the best night’s sleep that I’ve ever had (and I thought I was already sleeping well).  Now I am having beautiful – FUN dreams whenever the ki-bal is next to my bed, if I forget it the dreams change negatively.  Also, when it’s next to my computer the energy is lighter, softer, sweeter.  Anytime I’m feeling icky at my computer it’s because the ki-bal is not nearby.  I tell anyone who will listen about my new “friends” in New Zealand and these wonderful products.  I look forward to purchasing more (a lot more) of these effective and BEAUTIFULLY-styled products not only for myself, but for friends and family.  Keep up the great work.  L.S. Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA”
$600 worth of Nu-Me pendants to be won
This is the biggest value FR*EE prize draw we have ever had. So don’t miss out. 3 Nu-Me confidential pendant winners and you can choose which pendant you prefer – A Zing, Elan or Pizazz. The draw will be mid August.
Answer this simple question – you will find some help here….
“What does the Nu-Me pendant protect you from?”
And email your answer to margie@life-energy.org
There will be 3 winners!

“I have the Nu Me Zing, and every one i meet is always interested about my new pendant and i do not need to explain what it is unless i wish to, i would love to win this pendent for my sister who is very spiritual and she loves my pendent so feel it would be a lovely surprise for her. (Entry for our free prize draw) 

i wear mine every day and noticed the benefits straight away, i work as a nurse with cancer patients and that can be drawing my energies so i find i go home not so exhausted and i find i am not so drawn into the environment politics as much as before which is a massive bonus!! love your products”. J, New Zealand

Frequently asked question
Q.   How can I tell which Nu-Me EMF pendant is best for me?

A.  The size of the Nu-Me will affect the strength when it comes to the classic designs – compact and full size. The new Nu-Me Skinny designs are equivalent in strength to the full size classic and are actually slightly smaller (thinner) than the Nu-Me classic.

Strength doesn’t affect protection as all strength Nu-Me’s are more than adequate. A stronger pendant means it is faster at balancing your energy and assisting your body’s natural healing process. If you are small-framed or especially energy-sensitive, there can be an adjustment period to acclimatise to the stronger Nu-Me.
Copper and silver do the same job. Copper will tarnish and leave a mark on your skin if your body needs copper (like the bangles do). Some people like the tarnished look and some people don’t mind polishing them to keep them shiny. Silver is more maintenance-free in this respect.
I hope this is helpful. As an additional tip: your subconscious is telling you which is the best choice by making one design more attractive than the others so go with this/ your gut feel.


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