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  • July 22, 2018
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* Having your say,
* This weeks offer – COMPLETE SLUTION FOR EMF and FR*EE RadiSafe phone shields,
* Street lamps cause insomnia, nose bleeds and still births,
* Ask us a question,
* Our Next Live Webinar,
* Our previous QSB webinar replay,
* Win a silver classic Nu-Me pendant with 2 runner-up prizes of a RadiSafe phone shield.

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Unravelling Insomnia – Why we don’t sleep, and how we can.

A great solution for Electromagnetic radiation. Carry your ki-bal and feel safe any- where and every-where. If you are an insomniac put it beside your bed and drift off to dreamland without trouble. Further discounts when buying two. Don’t need two? You probably have a friend who needs one, so, combine your order, we won’t mind, and you will save even more money.





Having your say.






Many grateful thanks to you David and Margie! My love stone arrived very quickly with the pendant and to my surprise an extra delightful gift! It made my day in so many ways, thank you, thank you, thank you,!! It was very kind and generous of you. I love them all, the energy of the love stone is making a difference in a challenging environment for us. I hope you’re both doing really well! I’ll be back ordering a few RadiSafe soonish. Nina Hirvi, UK
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This week’s offer
 FR*EE RadiSafe phone shields



Zen stones don’t look like EMF protection, but they are – and mighty powerful too. Buy separately or as a set. The Fr*ee gifts of RadiSafe phone shields make this an all-round protection package that makes you and your loved ones safe.



Street lamps cause insomnia, nose bleeds and still births.








Ask us a question.






Q. Do your products block soon-to-be pervasive 5G radiation as well.


A. We have a customer in Melbourne living where they have just introduced 5G. Even the electrician ran away after 30 minutes unable to cope with the signal. This stuff will be genocide if we don’t collectively step up and stop it. I digress a little though. They had a P.e.bal but were still not coping so we intuited to increase the field strength with multiple devices. In their case we offered them some seconds P.e.bals (x4) . The combined strength of these was enough to drop the symptoms down to a manageable level with them able to sleep again and not suffer permanent headaches.
So, our technology is obviously making a difference if multiple devices are used. A stack of Zen Stones might be enough – dependant on the distances from a tower. We are also increasing the strength of our P.e.bals for the next generation design. Would I still suggest that somebody continue living near a 5G tower if they could possibly avoid it? No.


What is likely to happen is (a bit like tobacco) when enough people start to fall over with 5G, then people will be forced to wake up to the problem. There is a movement in the States using legal means to make company CEOs and government officials directly liable. They have had some success too. Maybe there will be enough awake people to stop this before it does too much damage?


Want to see our p.e.bals?  go here…
If you have a question email margie@life-energy.org




Our next live Webinar





Unravelling Insomnia –
Why we don’t sleep, and how we can.
next webinar is all about insomnia causes and cures. With 15 years’ experience of people’s insomnia under our belts we are pretty clued up on the subject. Join us, ask your questions and impart your Knowledge with us and everyone attending, great learning and sharing for all those who want to sleep like a baby.

Speaking of “Sleep like a Baby” everyone that books onto the webinar gets a fr*ee download of our ebook by the same title.



Our previous QSB webinar replay


The replay of our LIVE QSB Webinar has, by request, been EXTENDED until the END of JULY?


Go here to watch the replay of our QSB Webinar – Healing, vibrational medicine and
the QSB







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