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  • July 17, 2017
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* Offer ends today on money saving plus FR*EE RadiSafe, * Distinguish between fake RadiSafe and the real thing, * Ask us a question, * Brain surgeon concerned about the link to cell phones and cancer, * Two prizes of a Nu-Me Natty to be won.
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“Everybody pities the weak; jealousy you have to earn.”




This is the last day of our RadiSafe offer. We have been inundated with orders for this offer. It is heartening to know so many of you are aware of the necessity of cell phone protection. If you have family or friends that are still unaware or in denial of the dangers of unprotected cell phones or cordless phones show them the video of an Australian surgeon who links cell phone use directly with cancer.
Can you stick a RadiSafe phone shield on the case? And how do our Nu-Me pendants compare to other protective pendants? Read our reply and ask us a question if you have one.
Beware of fake RadiSafe, see our blog to distinguish between fakes and the real thing.
There is still the chance to be one lucky winner of two prizes of a Nu-Me Natty pendant – so if you haven’t already entered get your name in quick.






Distinguish between fake RadiSafe and the real thing.





Anything any good is going to be copied. We all know that. But when a copy is merely a copy without the function then we have something quite different. In my book that’s fraud.

RadiSafe are the best and most tested phone shields on the market  and they have been copied. But only cosmetically because when inspected and dissected they are but lumps of plastic with a metal adhesive backing, which was not even sticky enough to stick on my phone.

The public have have duped again. But buying a fake handbag or watch is one thing, buying……. read more


Ask us a question




Q.1 Does a RadiSafe cell phone chip work if you have a case on your phone? Where do you put it.
Q.2 How does a Nu-Me compare to a Q-link?
A.1 You can stick the RadiSafe on the case it will work 100%
A.2 As far as the Q-link goes I can say that we have tested it and it gives good protection against EMF but doesn’t have the same personal energy-balancing/ healing qualities as the Nu-Me. I can’t compare the technologies because it isn’t clear how the Q-link works from their information. As far as making comparisons the best advice we can give is to choose whichever pendant your intuition is guiding you towards. But always check out technology, testing and guarantees on any products you are considering. If none of these are readily available – ask yourself why – then ask the manufacture/supplier the question. 



Brain surgeon concerned about the link to cell phones and cancer.






Watch  here
Or read here
Two prizes of a Nu-Me Natty to be won

Thinking of you,
Margie, David, & Jo.

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