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  • July 17, 2019
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Last day of offer. Remaining scalar crystal pendants all $10 or less.

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LAST DAY to get our special Ki-Bal and Blockit-Pockit offer and the clearance of Scalar embedded crystals is almost finished with some designs and crystals already sold out.
Have a look at this video Cell Phone radiation and 5G dangers- An In-Depth Exploration. We really need to know what we are dealing with as the damage 5G is capable of, to ourselves and all life, is beyond imaginable.
Who’d have thought that it is possible for the ki-bal to stop tremors and lower blood pressure? It can – and we are thrilled.
Want a Nu-Me pendant? There are two to be won enter here…










This offer cannot be used with any other offer or discount.



This is a genuine below cost clearance sale of all our scalar crystal pendants and is nearly sold out. This sale will never be repeated so if you want a bargain please don’t hesitate and miss the opportunity.











Multi-buy discounts available.
This offer can’t be used with any discount codes
This Offer Ends Today!






Tremors and High Blood Pressure.
Having your say





“Now, some 2 weeks after wearing her Ki-bal as a necklace not only have Shirley’s hand tremors stopped but her blood pressure has dropped to a safe level. Her doctor checked her blood pressure a number of times as he struggled to believe the readings that he was getting.
Isn’t that just the best!!





Read all about Shirley’s healing experiences  here….


If you want to have a say about anything email:









cell radiation 5G Dangers


Cell Phone radiation and 5G dangers – An In-Depth Exploration










Stopping 5G



Click image to view




Email margie@life-energy.org about any protests, petitions or news about 5G in your area that you would like us to share.








The Nu-Me pendant range has evolved and changed over 15 years. To make sure we keep bang up to date with the latest trends we are making a new range of Nu-Me pendants, which will consist of four designs – in stainless steel that not only look cool and trendy they have deeply significant meanings too..
Stainless steel works exceptionally well with our technology, ensuring that these Nu-Me pendants will have the power to cope with the increasing levels of EMF that we are facing globally.
Watch this space you will be the first to know when.





July News

July News (3)

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