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  • July 12, 2013
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*Natty Pet only $49 for 5 days only
*What does “Healing’ mean?
*Win a Nu-Me Shell pendant and matching earrings
*Frequently Asked Questions

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July 2013 (2)


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Natty Pet only $49 for 5 days only

What does “Healing’ mean?

Win a Nu-Me Shell pendant and matching earrings

Frequently Asked Questions 



Having pets brings responsibilities beyond feeding, exercising and providing creature comforts as Jackie knew too well!

When Jackie, first a customer and then a friend from way back, bought a Rottweiler puppy he knew of their reputation. After all the breed had been originally used hundreds of years ago to guard sheep from bears and other fierce animals. So he got a Natty Pet for him.*

Jackie’s dog grew – a placid family pet. He played happily with Jackie’s young son. When the dog developed a rash on his neck his collar had to be removed to treat it – so the Natty Pet that was attached to it also came off too


The dog changed. There was a complaint read more…



Natty Pet only$49 for 5 days only    

For those of you who have a pet and care about their health  and wellbeing:


A very special offer for five days only

Natty Pet @ only $49

To order put petnatty in the discount code box.

The Nu-Me Natty is for people and pets  read more …….

This offer is valid until the 21st July and cannot be processed with any other offers or discounts



What does “Healing” mean? 



energy-body Before we can look at what healing is we need to look at what it is that needs healing. We can only do that by looking at the fundamentals of whom and what we are – in simple terms.

Who are we?

According to quantum physics and metaphysics alike, we are components of a universe that consists only of energy – an unimaginably vast matrix pulsing with information in the form of vibration. This matrix has been called the ether, the source field, or more, recently, the zero-point field.

We are a “node” within this matrix…….read more



Win a Nu-Me Shell protective pendant and matching shell earings



shell pendant This is the first time that the Nu-Me Shell has been offered as a prize, it is our most prestigious product have a look at it here….


Answer this simple question which will go into the hat to be drawn on 15th August

Why have we used a Shell for the design of this pendant?”

Answer to:  margie@life-energy.org only – if you hit reply to this newsletter unfortunately your answer could be lost in the office maize.

“This is to congratulate you for this wonderful product. I bought the NU-ME Pendant for my Daughter’s 30th Birthday and when it arrived I thought I would wear it until her Birthday. Now it is impossible for me to give it back as it has changed my life. So I have to buy another one for my Daughter and also my Sister is quiet excited about it and is going to get one too. I will continue to share my experience as it has changed my life”. Lucy Clamp, London, UK


Frequently asked questions




This is a new section of our newsletter where we are sharing questions that we have been asked recently.

Q. Where on my laptop or PC is it best to put a RadiSafe protective shield?

A. The RadiSafe should be placed near the Wi-Fi transmitter as possible.

Q. How do I clean my Nu-Me protective pendant?

A. Using jewellers wipes is the easiest way. If you keep the wipes handy then you can give your Nu-Me protective pendant a polish regularly. Avoid harsh metal polishes as these cause damage.

“Thanks for the E-newsletter. I never take my Nu-Me pendant off except when getting into the shower. I’ve discovered what a wonderful device it is. It makes me very calm, thoughts and concentration are more focussed, and a general “feel good” energy all day and night. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!”
T Kristo, Australia 

News Flash:

Lapis Lazuli crystal pendants will soon be available.

“There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

This quote of Albert Einstein got me thinking “What is a miracle?”  The impossible made possible?  Water turned into wine?  But what about life itself isn’t that the greatest of all miracles?  From nothing comes something – Life!  In fact life is full of miracles – we just need to keep a look out for them.

May miracles surround you,

The life Energy Designs Team

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Newsletter July 2013

Newsletter July 2013

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