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  • July 12, 2015
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*Mid-year clear out, 22 seconds pebals at $99,
*Study prove that living within 500 metres of a cell phone tower increases the risk of cancer,
*Special price on RadiSafe so you can take care of the whole family,
*Win a Nu-Me Zing protective pendant,
*Frequently asked questions.




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Mid-year clear out

22 Seconds P.e.bals




These P.e.bals are slight seconds but energetically perfect and embedded with  scalar waves. We are offering them to those that know our technology as we are unable to offer our usual return guarantee with them.
Sorry this offer can’t be used with any other offer or discount code. It is strictly first come first served with no restrictions on quantity ordered.
“I’m pleased with my p.e.bal purchase as I am very concerned about the amount of emr we are being subjected to now and my son’s school has introduced school-wide Wi-Fi, so the key ring version is next on my wish list! None of us are noticeably sensitive to emf but I have noticed some positive differences in everyone’s sleep since I’ve had it (and the rest of the family are unaware I have it, so it’s not psychological!).” Jenni, New Zealand

Study proves that living within 500 metres of a cell phone tower increases the risk of cancer.

The following study was done nearly ten years ago. Over this time more towers placed indiscriminately near homes, hospitals and even on the roofs of schools have increased our risks considerably.

The Brazilian Society for Progress Science (Sociedad Brasile?a para el Progreso de la Ciencia.) looked at all incidences of cancer deaths that they knew could be related to EMF exposure * in the town of Belo Horizonte in Brazil.

The researchers looked at the period between 1996 and 2006 and mapped cancer deaths to the locations of victims’ homes relative to 300 cell towers in the city. What they discovered was startling to say the least:

81 percent of people who died in the city from the known EMF-related cancers within the 10 year period lived within 500 metres of a cell tower.

4924 deaths were of people living within 500 metres and a total of 7191 within 1000 meters.

Researcher and engineer Adilza Condessa Dode, PhD, said


“These levels are already high and dangerous to human health.  The closer you live to an Antenna,the greater the contact with the electromagnetic field'” ……. Read more

How long will it take before things change – for the better? In the meantime we can only take our safety and protection into our own hands;

* Try to live and work away from cell phone towers. This is sometimes not so easy to do as they pop up overnight without any warning. Businesses also often see having a cell phone tower on the roof as an income earner! So industrial areas and shopping parades and centres are often bristling with towers.

* Use your cell phone with caution and respect. Switch off at night or put onto flight mode. Switch off Wi-Fi when not in use. Or better still use internet over power. See Alternative to Wi-Fi

* Be aware of how much radiation you are really being exposed to at home, work and out and about – take steps to reduce it as much as possible.

* Until EMF radiation is taken seriously by companies to reduce it, use EMF protection. See EMF.

Special price so you can take care of the whole family.

Special RadiSafe phone shield offer for 5 days

Single RadiSafe



Family pack of 4 RadiSafe



This offer is for 5 days until 18th July and can’t be used with any other discount or offers – but you can tell your friends.

Be aware of fake Chinese RadiSafe copies. Read about it here. All RadiSafe from Life Energy Designs are embedded with  scalar waves.

“I also feel really good knowing that the RadiSafe phone chips are protecting anyone who uses any of our phones and have noticed that my ear doesn’t get so hot now when I am having a good chinwag on the phone! ….. Thank you for your fantastic products!” Louise, NZ

Win a Nu-Me Zing protective pendant.

Want a protective pendant that is also a gorgeous piece of jewellery?

Well just answer this simple question (we will even give you a little help) and win a Nu-Me Zing.

“What can you do with the Nu-Me Zing that you can’t do with other Nu-Me pendants?

You can find a little help with the answer here.  Email your answer to margie@life-energy.org

“i have the Nu Me Zing, and every one i meet is always interested about my new pendant and i do not need to explain what it is unless i wish to, i would love to win this pendent for my sister who is very spiritual and she loves my pendent so feel it would be a lovely surprise for her. (Entry for our free prize draw)

i wear mine every day and noticed the benefits straight away, i work as a nurse with cancer patients and that can be drawing my energies so i find i go home not so exhausted and i find i am not so drawn into the environment politics as much as before which is a massive bonus!! love your products.” J, New Zealand


Frequently asked questions.


Q. what is the best EMF protection?
A. The best EMF protection is whatever fulfils all your needs. If you have done a Google/internet search you will see that there are a lot of products available and we can’t give opinions on other company’s products – that wouldn’t be fair. But we can honestly say, hand on heart, that all
our products have been made here in New Zealand with the utmost integrity and have been tried and
extensively tested for over ten years. We give a 30 days no-questions, no-quibbles, money back guarantee so you can try them for yourself without financial risk.

Not only is the technology of our products unique to us but we also embed them with
scalar waves which improve their efficacy.

Picasso’s paintings now fetch a fortune.  This wisdom of his is priceless too!
“The world today doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?.” Pablo Picasso
Thinking of you,
Margie, David and Jo

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