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  • July 10, 2017
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* This week, an extra RadiSafe FR*EE and money off every Family Pack, * First 20 orders received for our RadiSafe offer get a lucky dip crystal, * What 15 minutes on a cell phone acutally does to your brain, * Having your say, * Two prizes of a Nu-Me Natty to be won, * Ask us a question
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Anger is a short madness.


Horace (65-8 BC)



It’s been one of those days in our office today, making the above quote quite apt, except that the madness became more prolonged with each new glitch and blip. Technically it’s been a nightmare. Tempers have been so frayed they were thread bare. And the coffee machine took the hammering of its life. So, if this newsletter doesn’t make complete sense please be kind by sending a bequest, along with ours, that the great keeper of all things sorts out our computers, printers, websites – and us before madness sets in.
We have had many requests for another RadiSafe offer – so here it is – for one week an extra RadiSafe with every family pack and save money. We want your whole family covered and if you have any spare you can give a friend a protective treat. Of course, if you don’t have a family that needs protecting you can get together with other family members or friends and save money.
Jo says that in rebellion against today’s trials she is going to put a surprise crystal pendant embedded with scalar waves in the first twenty orders of the RadiSafe offer she receives . We dare not disagree in her present state – so first twenty orders get a surprise crystal pendant embedded with scalar waves. These are available on our website.
Seeing what fifteen minutes on a cell phone does to your brain will really make you think about safety. You have had your say and Asked a Question and there are still two Nu-Me Natty’s to be won.





First 20 orders get a surprise crystal pendant, embedded with scalar waves.


What 15 minutes on a cell phone actually does to your brain.






Watch  here
Or read here

Having your say




I am satisfied beyond words with the workings of Life-Energy-Products. I did not watch the video from this Swiss Doc you sent with the email yet ….. but the statement written, which he gives for children is comprehensible to me, even as a sensitive *grown-up* I experienced the same dullness and dumbness before so far until not being able to recognize myself anymore emotionally under electromagnetic influences. So thanks using the p.e.bal and the chi-shell from December last year on forward I am happy to reach states of clarity more frequently again. I would go so far and say these devices are saving my life, energetically spoken. Thank You

Reference to Swiss doctor video can be seen here…..

Want to have your say? Email margie@life-energy.org.


Two prizes of a Nu-Me Natty to be won

Ask us a question




Q. What are the differences between the items you wear and the items you don’t? Is there any reason why the Chi-Shell or Negator Shell couldn’t or shouldn’t be worn on the skin in alignment with the chakras? Would they be less effective than the Nu-Me Skinny?

A.  All our products use the same basic technology so there is some wriggle room with how you use each device. The Chi-Shell is pretty strong and for most people they would find the experience overwhelming – getting dizzy or spacey. Also, it is nickel silver so might cause a rash if worn next to the skin.  The Negater Shell is not so strong but is pewter, too heavy to be worn, and has no attachment point for a cord. Both these products lack a component to help them interact with the body as well so this reduces their effectiveness as a personal device compared to a pendant.


Thinking of you,
Margie, David, & Jo.

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Newsletter July 2017

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