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  • July 2, 2015
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* How safe are you in your car?,
*Ki-bal offer repeated by request,
*Low price on RadiSafe phone shields,
*All orders in July get a FR*EE credit card blocker.




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June 2015


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How safe are you in your car?

Ki-bal offer repeated by request.

Low price on RadiSafe phone shields

All orders in July get a FR*EE credit card blocker



Some time ago we wrote an article about
dangerous levels of EMFs in some hybrid cars. A little more research shows that modern petrol / diesel vehicles can be even worse in some cases.

The problems are:

1. You are in a metal box, which traps electrical fields within it.

2. The alternator is the equivalent of a sizeable motor generating significant EMFs

3. Petrol-driven cars..
Read more………..

Ideal EMF protection in motorised vehicles

Below cost ki-bal offer extended for another three days by popular request




We had so many requests to repeat the very special ki-bal offer that we are giving you a second chance to get this low price. It is available until 3rd July or while stocks last and can’t be used with any other discount or offer – sorry.

The ki-bal is the ideal Electromagnetic protection product for cars because it is a key ring that will be attached to your car keys so you won’t start your journey without it. OK so some car keys are no longer keys now, but house keys still need a key ring so you will have your ki-bal in your pocket or bag where it will still be doing an efficient job of protecting you.

Cell phone signal increased in cars.

When you use a cell phone in a car and it has to boost its signal strength to get through the metal chassis, which means that you are being subjected to higher levels of EMF. So to protect you we are giving you this special discount on RadiSafe phone shields to reduce the ionising radiation being beamed into your head.

Special RadiSafe phone shield offer for 5 days

Single RadiSafe



Family pack of 4 RadiSafe



This offer is for 5 days until  5th July and can’t be used with any other discount or offers – but you can tell your friends.


BEWARE – Be aware of fake Chinese RadiSafe copies. Read about it here.  All RadiSafe from Life Energy Designs are embedded with  scalar waves.

“I am enjoying the RadiSafe device I purchased recently to put on my phone. I can truly feel the difference it makes and purchased another RadiSafe to put on the smart meter under our stairs….” Maria, Australia

How reliable are Electromagnetic radiation protective products?

As we become more aware of the dangers of EMF/EMR, as we educate ourselves about the havoc exposure to EMF/EMR causes, we look for answers – we look at EMF protection. 

But what of all the gidgets, gadgets, and devices currently being offered to us – can we trust them to do the job – properly? How do we know that they can really protect us from Electromagnetic fields also known as electromagnetic radiation? Our lives depend on it………..

So where do we go? Who do we trust? What can we rely on when we are looking at EMF protection for ourselves and our loved ones? Are there any rules? 

The three T’s are the rule of thumb when looking at all the EMF protective devices. Read more……….

“I have received the pendant and shell!  I’m noticing remarkable differences in my energy levels at work, coming home feeling a lot more relaxed!  It used to take me the whole weekend just to revitalize myself from all the radiation from computers and electricity! I’m so grateful to have received the shell, the pendant is a pretty good preventative in itself, but having the shell blasts the remaining EMF stress out of my energy field.  A few of my colleagues have also held the shell and it almost instantly puts them into a trance like state of amazement and awe and they don’t want to let go of it.” Laura, QLD, Australia





The winner of the Nu-Me copper pendant is:




Congratulations Pip Harker you have won a copper Nu-Me pendant. Email
margie@life-energy.org to let us know which size you would like and the address that you want it mailing to.
Please don’t feel down hearted if you didn’t win have a go at this month’s competition – you could be lucky one next time.
“I have found since I have been wearing my pendant and sleeping with it under my pillow that I am so much more calm and centred!!! It is really amazing. I have been commenting to everyone that I feel so much less stressed, and more grounded. I love it. Thank you so much,” Linda M, Canada

Win a Nu-Me Zing protective pendant.

Answer this very simple question (we will even give you a little help) and win a Nu-Me Zing which isn’t just a protective pendant it really is a gorgeous piece of jewellery.  Email your answer to margie@life-energy.org

“What can you do with the Nu-Me Zing that you can’t do with other Nu-Me pendants?”

Don’t scratch your head you can find the answer here

“i have the Nu Me Zing, and every one i meet is always interested about my new pendant and i do not need to explain what it is unless i wish to, i would love to win this pendent for my sister who is very spiritual and she loves my pendent so feel it would be a lovely surprise for her. (Entry for our free prize draw)

i wear mine every day and noticed the benefits straight away, i work as a nurse with cancer patients and that can be drawing my energies so i find i go home not so exhausted and i find i am not so drawn into the environment politics as much as before which is a massive bonus!! love your products.” J, New Zealand


Frequently asked question.


Q.   I have dropped my p.e.bal will it have stopped working?
A.  No if the technology in it is still intact.  It may be dinged or damaged on the outside but as long as its innards are all there it will be serving you well.

“I NEVER travel to any hotel or anywhere without my p.e.bal these days. I used to be so sensitive to weird energies in hotels and now I feel confident and sleep peacefully every time. I even took it to my freelance gig at a highly competitive, hostile & stressful workplace and the two day freelance gig went without stress or previous workplace hostility! (experienced the last several times there!) If only they knew!!.” Lindy, Manhattan, USA


Not heard from you lately.


We LOVE to hear from you  . It makes our day and relieves the tension  that can build up when three people are sharing the same cramped  quarters and bickering over who has pinched who’s scissors or turn it  is to clean the sink. Making the coffee can also be a mission in  avoidance until one of us become so caffeine starved that they get  on with it. Luckily we haven’t got to the petty point of making our  own yet!
So please let us know you are listening or rather looking and send us an email that lets us know what is happening in your corner. Emails to
margie@life-energy.org and
jo@life-energy.org this also gives us an ego boost as to who gets most emails and is there-for most popular! No – we are not a kindergarten but you can be excused for thinking it may be – we often think that we work in one too!
Jo, a great Terry Pratchett fan, wonders what on earth she can read now that Terry has passed. This quote is dedicated to her and all T.P. fans.
“It is said that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. That is true, it’s called Life.” Terry Pratchett
Thinking of you,
Margie, David and Jo

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