Newsletter January 2018

  • January 26, 2018
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* Just a few Slight Seconds Nu-Me pendants now available,
* Is electro sensitivity fact or fiction,
* Ask us a question,
* QSB update,
* Win a silver Sinny Nu-Me pendant with a second prize of a P.e.bal

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We have a few energetically perfect and discounted slight second Nu-Me protective pendants for sale. They don’t quite make our exacting aesthetics standards. These will sell fast, and it is strictly first come first served, please don’t hesitate and be disappointed by missing out













Nu-Me Pendants









Is electro sensitivity fact or fiction.


You can’t see it. You can’t touch it. You can’t smell it. But you sure can feel it. The effects of Electromagnetic radiation, from something as every day as a hair dryer or power tool, can be disastrous. Electro sensitivity, the label given to the condition when electromagnetic exposure becomes extreme is rapidly…..
read more….




Ask us a question .




Q. I just brought a large Nu-Me Pendant and I’m loving the changes happening in my life already, only after 2 days of wearing!

I just have one question. I got the large copper Nu-Me but I’m only 65kg. Is the large one too powerful for my size?

As soon as I put it on I felt my body detoxing, which is good, but it is fairly intense. I’m assuming this detox is essentially part of the balancing process and the intensity of the pendant will reduce as we harmonize?

I’ll be recommending them to all my friends for sure, amazing innovation!


A. The size of the pendant will affect the strength and speed of a detox reaction and a smaller frame will also factor into this as well.
The main factor in detoxing, however, is a person’s willingness to let go and do some healing. This fact can mean that somebody with plenty of issues could wear the strongest of pendants and not start a detox.
You must be ready to clear some stuff and a detox reaction will keep happening until it is cleared – then it will stop until, perhaps, you get ready for round 2!!
If the pendant doesn’t feel too big and you are happy with some short-term pain for long term gain (this process would also happen with a smaller / less powerful pendant, but maybe slower), then I would say you are all good.
You can control the rate of detox by taking it off and putting it on again but ultimately your own body will control the process to a level it is comfortable with.
Postscript: My partner and I are loving the pendants. The initial detox appears to have passed and we’re both feeling a lot more balanced.


What is Happening with the QSB




The QSB community is growing and sharing, it is very exciting. People are sharing experience, advice and helping each other on their journeys to wholeness and wellness.


David is using a QSB to put the frequency 528 into a glass of water, which he then drinks. 528 is the frequency that repairs DNA. This has been scientifically proven by repairing DNA in a Petra dish using this frequency.


Now it early days – but – several people have told him how well and younger he looks…. I’ll keep you informed……






Win a silver Skinny Nu-Me pendant with a second prize of a P.e.bal.


Thinking of you,


Margie, David, Jo and Naomi

Newsletter January 2018

Newsletter January 2018

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