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  • January 17, 2013
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*Valentine’s Special crystal pendant embedded with Scalar waves – at a special for you price.
*”Best caption” competition on our Facebook page.
*Two ki-bals to be won.
*New product launch next month

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January 2013 (2)

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Valentine’s Special crystal pendant embedded with Scalar waves – at a special for you price.


“Best caption” competition on our Facebook page.


Two ki-bals to be won.


New product launch next month 





Did you know that our earth has a pulse?  Nikola Tesla first discovered that the space between the earth and the ionosphere created a resonant cavity kind of like a drum. If you strike a drum you get a sound of a frequency/note determined primarily by the size of the drum. In the same way the earth has its own note / frequency as a function of the earth’s size. Each time lightning strikes the earth (happening all the time somewhere or other – hopefully not near me!) the earth’s drum is struck and the note rings out.


Tesla worked out that this frequency was about 8 Hz (cycles per second) back in 1899. In the early 1950s a scientist by the name of Winfried Otto Schumann calculated the frequency to be 7. 83 Hz and he gave his name to this frequency, which is now known as the Schumann frequency.


To see how we resonate with this frequency and what stops us from doing so read more ………


“Every single person that I have introduced to the Nu-Me pendant wears it continually during each working day – many wear it to bed, such is the feeling of balance, calmness and protectiveness that they receive from it. Many have echoed my own experience that not wearing the pendant is an invitation to experience a “bad hair day”. .Michael Australia




Valentine’s day crystal special embedded with solfeggio frequencies



Do you still get cards on Valentine’s Day? I don’t. But then being fair our wedding anniversary is on the 18th of February and I always get a card for that. Anyway it got me thinking about how when the bloom and excitement of youth passes into the age of sensibility why we shouldn’t bring a little romance back into our lives – and treat ourselves. On the card of our main man, if we can get hold of it, or failing that pay for it ourselves out of the house-keeping.


So here it is:


Malay Jade and Swarovski crystal pendant on Stirling silver chain.


This is the ultimate gift for the discerning lady. The design is compact and very eye catching – with a touch of class. The pendant 1 ½ cm( ¾”) x 1 ½ cm ( ¾”) is Malay Jade (quartzite).


Embedded with scalar waves in  Solfeggio frequencies that Malay Jade hold very, very well this piece of jewellery is not only exquisite it will also benefit the wearer by resonating with their energy field , physically, spiritually emotionally and mentally. Uplifting on even the dullest of days.


It comes with a 17″ Stirling silver chain, gift wrapped in a velvet pouch.


To read about the properties of Malay Jade and to buy …stocks are limited so please don’t delay and be disappointed.


And to salve our consciences – don’t we deserve it!


” I love my solfeggio crystal pendant, wear it all the time, seems to have made me so much calmer since I first put it on. Wouldn’t be with out it now.”  Francy comment of Life Energy Solutions Facebook page


Frances Simpson, NZ 



Two ki-bals to be won


Our first fr*ee prize draw of 2013 is for 2 winners of a ki-bal key ring – you will find the answer here to this easy question:


“How big is the protective field of the ki-bal”


Wow – that big! That is some mighty baby.


Answers to margie@life-energy.org.


You can also see this fr*ee prize draw on our Facebook page 


Names will be picked out of the hat on 28th February.



New product launch next month 


 Watch this space for the launch of a new product next month  



Competitions on our Facebook page


As the quote goes “life is a temporary situation so don’t take it too seriously” and we all know that laughter is wonderful medicine so here at Life Energy we want to add fun and some smiles to your life. With this in mind we are running a weekly caption competition on our Life Energy Solutions Facebook page   


So come on join us in some light hearted nonsense that could win you a prize and brighten some-ones day, including ours.


This week the winner will win a Valentine Malay Crystal pendant.


Night terrors hit our family


We deal with night terrors every day, or rather the people that are having them themselves or painfully watching helplessly while their loved ones suffer them. So when we heard that a little family member had started having them I don’t know why it came a shock. Read more…….. 


“I received the pyramid about 6 days ago (approximately). The first night, I had 1 night terror (I was having between 4 and 5 on average for years)! After the first night I haven’t had any at all.”     Jason R – Israel, 


Already a great fan of Johnny Depp this quote endeared me to him even more.


“If there’s any message to my work, it is ultimately that it’s OK to be different, that it’s good to be different, that we should question ourselves before we pass judgment on someone who looks different, behaves different, talks different, is a different color.”  


Enjoy being you,



Margie and David  

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