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  • January 16, 2017
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* Don’t miss Massive savings on second p.e.bals, * What is causing your pain, * Win a family pack of 4 RadiSafe and make the whole family safe.

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>What is causing your pain?
>Win a family pack of 4 RadiSafe and make the whole family safe.

Slightly second p.e.bals
or buy Two
Only $169
Stocks are very limited so don’t delay – first come first served.

We are starting 2017 with a massive clear-out starting with slightly second P.e.bals . These favourites are energetically perfect with only slight blemishes on the outer casing – they don’t meet our exacting standards – so – we are giving you big bargains to make sure that you and yours are well protected in 2017 and forever.
As with all our second’s sales we are unable to give our usual money back guarantee, and you can’t use this offer with any other discount or other offer. It is strictly first come first served with no limit on orders but stocks are limited so please don’t hesitate and miss out.
Whether you want EMF protection or energy balancing the P.e.bal is the best on the market. Its huge protective field of 18 meters (9 yards) radius will protect a whole household or workplace, from electromagnetic field radiation, Geopathic stress or in fact any unbalanced energy. And it will sort out your insomnia too.

Portable, maintenance free, no wires so can be used anywhere with a one-off cost that makes the p.e.bal affordable solution to electromagnetic radiation and causes of all unbalanced energy. It has proven technology which has been extensively tested. And p.e.bals are now embedded with scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies.

“I’m pleased with my purchase as I am very concerned about the amount of emr we are being subjected to now and my son’s school has introduced school-wide Wi-Fi, so the key ring version is next on my wish list!  None of us are noticeably sensitive to emf but I have noticed some positive differences in everyone’s sleep since I’ve had it (and the rest of the family are unaware I have it, so its not psychological!)”. Jenni, New Zealand. 

Are you in pain? Recent study provides concrete evidence that EMF signals from cell phone towers can cause pain.

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When a veteran, who, whilst in Iraq, became disabled with the loss of his limbs, told his doctors that his sense of pain increased dramatically when his cell phone was in roaming mode, a study was launched, using lab rats, to test this theory.

Dr Mario Romero-Ortega, Senior Author of the study and an associate professor at Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science said:
“Our study provides evidence, for the first time, that subjects exposed to cellphone towers at low, regular levels can actually perceive pain….. Read more……
Shame that the study had to be done on lab-rats. I hate the thought of animal testing, even on rats, which I detest, and even try to eradicate from my living near me! At least their suffering will alleviate the suffering of others so will not be in vain. And serves a purpose that traps and poison don’t!

“When I was having severe muscle spasms in my knee and thigh before surgery (and even after), I put the p.e.bal directly on the area and in about 30 or so minutes, it diminished the spasms to a very tolerable degree of which I did not expect and stopped a trip to my local E/R.  

I have also been feeling out of sorts you might say from time to time, and I just hold the p.e.bal in my hand and within a short time, I always feel much better than before.  

And also one time, my younger brother (who has to sleep sitting up in a recliner due to health problems) didn’t know it but I placed my p.e.bal in our living room where he was located and I have never heard him snore so loudly in my life and he even commented that he had never slept better!  HONEST, and I didn’t tell him either!  

Don’t know what is in this thing you invented but it DOES WORK FOR ME!  (I have also purchased the natty necklace and us it when I leave the house.)  I affirm by both they do the job and do it well for me and my family.
I’m a p.e.bal believer.” Connie Reise, USA

Win A Family Pack of RadiSafe.

Make all the family safe with RadiSafe phone shield by answering this simple question:

what emits high levels of EMF radiation and can be even more dangerous than cell phones?

Don’t have a clue? You can find a little help  here:  

Answers please to margie@life-energy.org

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“Just to let you know, I was changing phones and had not moved the protector disc (RadiSafe phone shield) over to my new phone. I wondered when I used it for the first time to try it out why my hand got hot and I felt tingling all the way up my arm until I realized I had not put the disc on it. As soon as I did, no problem what-so-ever!! Awesome products!” Carolyn Wilfred

Have a good one,

Margie, David and Jo

Life Energy Designs NZ Ltd.  +64 (0)9 4166959 info@life-energy.org www.life-energy.org

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Newsletter January 2017

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