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  • February 5, 2019
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* BE QUICK – END OF LINE PENDANTS AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES, * A Nu-Me pendant will Make yoiu Stronger – Self-Test Instructions, * Ask us a question, * What is 5G technology and does it increase the need for protection?, * 5G LIVE WEBINAR, * Do you know exactly what the QSB does? – introducing the QSB and Solfeggio Healing, * Win a New POWER P.E.BAL – runner-up prize a Ki-bal.

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We have only a few of these two Nu-Me pendant designs, the Compact Copper and Shell. They are perfect, end of lines, so now is your chance to get a real bargain and something very special.
We are constantly asked the question “how do I know the Nu-Me pendant is working for me?” there is a very simple test you can do to prove it.
What is 5G technology and does it increase the need for Protection? This video will open your eyes to the danger you constantly live with.
Our QSB takes de-stress and healing to another level – see why. And the QSB offer is still available to newsletter readers only.
Win a new POWER P.E.BAL. – be in the draw to win!


6 Nu-Me Copper Compact pendants 
5 Nu-Me Shell pendants







These products are perfect but end of line clearance at greatly reduced prices. Further discounts/discount codes can not be applied. It is strictly first come first served.


“thanks for the quick reply.  I received the nu-me pendant today in the mail.  It seems to be starting to work already, making me feel more relaxed yet a bit stronger.  i can also breathe better. Thanks again for the excellent customer service, I will definitely buy again from your website soon.” Ken Schiavo USA



A Nu-Me Pendant will Make you Stronger – Self-Test Instructions
This simple test PROVES that a Nu-Me pendant has a profound effect.  Find it hard to believe what you see on this video?




Ask us a question.


My daughter is starting school this year and I’m really concerned with EMFs that she will be exposed to. I was wondering if you could recommend something she could wear with her school uniform that is the most effective for blocking out harmful radiation. Was also wondering if your products have been tested and have been proven to work.
A.  Thanks for the email. If your daughter is allowed to and would wear one,
the Natty is a good choice: 
If this is not a workable solution and she will be carrying around a school bag, then the
Ki-Bal or
Chi-Shell are great solutions to clip on or inside a school bag. This is a solution that has been used a lot in schools.
Take a look at our
testing page which was done on the Nu-Me – same technology as all our own protective products.
You can check out our testimonials
See how you can test the products yourself




What is 5G technology and does it increase the need for protection? 






There is growing concerns about whether we will be the next victims of the global 5G roll-out. EMF affects us all. We are suffering from new technology that has had no long-term testing. We are all guinea pigs for huge money-making businesses. We’re not consulted or even considered.
But that doesn’t mean we should be ignorant of the facts. Arm ourselves with information. To help with this we are doing a live seminar, which will be interactive, the details of which we will announce very soon – so





Do you know exactly what the QSB does? – introducing the QSB and Solfeggio Healing..


Our discount code QSBfifteen is still valid for Newsletter readers to get 15% off your QSB purchase.  You will also receive the $199 upgrade pack FR*EE
Win a New POWER P.E.BAL – runner-up prize a Ki-bal
Be lucky, there is a great prize of a new POWER P.E.BAL.  With a runner-up prize of a Ki-bal to win.



Thinking of you,
Margie, David, Jo and Naomi

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