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  • February 9, 2014
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*2 FR*EE RadiSafe with every family pack
*Making EMF protection for Kids fun – FR*EE Watches
*Phone provider makes settlement for ear cancer
*2 ki-bals to be won


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Life Energy Designs Newsletter


February 2014


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2 FR*EE RadiSafe with every family pack

Making EMF protection for Kids fun – FR*EE Watches

Phone provider makes settlement for ear cancer

2 ki-bals to be won


Let’s get protected!

With every RadiSafe family pack

Get 2 fr*ee RadiSafe (worth $58!)


that is any good is going to be copied. We all know that. But when a
copy is merely a copy without the function then we have something quite
different. In my book that’s fraud.

RadiSafe are the best and most tested phone shields on the market
and they have been copied. But only cosmetically because when inspected
and dissected they are but lumps of plastic with a metal adhesive
backing, which was not even sticky enough to stick on my phone.

The public have been duped again. But buying a fake handbag or watch is one thing,
buying a fake EMF protective shield for your cell or cordless phone is
……………………. unethical and downright dangerous
. After all we are talking about protecting health, wellbeing and even lives.

So watch out.

To read more and see comparative pictures ………

also feel really good knowing that the RadiSafe phone chips are
protecting anyone who uses any of our phones and have noticed that my
ear doesn’t get so hot now when I am having a good chinwag on the
phone!…..Thank you for your fantastic products!” Louise, NZ 


Get 2 RadiSafe fr*ee!

radisafe 4 pk We want everyone to have the opportunity of the best EMF protection possible so we are giving you this great offer:

Until 28th February

With every $99 family pack of 4 RadiSafe get 2 fr*ee (worth $58)


To get your FR*EE RadiSafe put Radi
in the special instructions box when you order. Please pass this offer
to your family and friends so that we can make sure that everyone is
protected with PROPER protection



This offer is available until 28th February or while stocks last, and sorry won’t process with any other offer or discount.

To see or order……..

“I am enjoying the RadiSafe
device I purchased recently to put on my phone.  I can truly feel the
difference it makes and purchased another RadiSafe to put on the smart
meter under our stairs.” Maria, Australia



Making protection from Electro Magnetic Radiation rewarding for kids.


Teaching our kids about EMF, avoidance
and protection, is the only way we can make any changes with the
idiotic and dangerous exposure to radiation that we all face, which is
increasing at a dramatic rate.

The future is in their hands and it is our responsibility to prepare them. This we can only do by educating them to the dangers of EMF exposure and showing them how to deal with it responsibly.


be honest though, they have better things that they want to do than
learn about boring EMF.  So let’s jazz it up a bit and show them that EMF protection can have its rewards – besides health and wellbeing.


Every product bought for a Child (even RadiSafe)

Gets a FR*EE Snappy Watch (worth $9.99)


Just put what product you are buying for a child in the special instructions box when you order.




Phone provider makes an out of court settlement for cancer.

An Israeli mobile phone provider by the name of Orange, the operating name for Partner Communications, agreed to pay more than $110,000 to one of its clients who developed Ear Cancer.

This near-unprecedented case could well open the door for a f
lood of similar settlements worldwide as well as class action suits.

The claimant is 50 years of age and developed cancer in the left ear due to prolonged use of his Orange mobile phone.

Orange agreed to settle for 400,000 New Israel Shekel (which is about $US110, 000) in an out-of-court settlement.

Read more………………..





Win a ki-bal

We are giving away two  ki-bal key rings – just answer this easy question:

“How big is the protective field of the ki-bal”

You can find a little help with the answer here: ki-bal

Answers to margie@life-energy.org, love to hear from you.


absolutely thrilled to have won the ki-bal.  I have just started a new
job and around computers for a large part of my day – which is normally
not a problem at home as we already have the P.E.Bal and love it.  Now I
feel that I also have my protective ki-bal at work – the timing could
not have been better for me.

Thank you again for the opportunity
to win this we love your products and also use the RadiSafe on all our
mobile phones.  Next will be the block-it -pocket for all of us.

must add that I always enjoy finding the newsletter in my ‘inbox’.
It’s always nice to read what other people enjoy about the products.
I’m always passing on how great your products are, and have also
successfully encouraged many of my family and friends to the the P.E.Bal
and RadiSafe.”  Karina Keyes, NZ

This competition will be drawn on 28th February – you need to be in to win. Go on have a go.


get to an age when they think that their parents, let alone their
grandparents, are dinosaurs and don’t know anything – and they of course
know everything. Try telling them otherwise! Charles Wadsworth’s quote
puts it in a nut-shell

“By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong.”

Be well,

Margie, David and Jo

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