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  • February 28, 2017
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“I have bought quite a few different EMF protection products from you over the past year and have also recommended them to friends who have also purchased protective items from Life Energy Designs.






One person asked me ‘how do you know if it is working’ my response was…I have regular Bicom sessions for health related challenges and I used to get checked regularly for radiation and need to be treated for this; sometime after using your products I realised I hadn’t been checked for this for a while, when we did the last check there wasn’t any radiation to treat…’that is how I know they are working’ 🙂 Suzi Campbell, Nelson, NZ




What is Rapid Aging Syndrome (RAS)?



Dr Havas is considered to be one of the world’s experts on EMR.  She is scientist, a professor at Trent University and an environmental toxicologist
She started getting interested in EMF when she heard about childhood leukemia and how children that lived near powerlines had a greater risk of developing this form of cancer.  She wanted to introduce it into her course at the University as it already included looking at DDRs, PCBs, arsenic, acid rain and many other chemical contaminates.  She wanted to reduce EMR fields and to learn as much as she could so she could teach it efficiently to her students
She noticed that some people having been exposed to large amounts of EMF had developed a sensitivity to it in their environment or they had other conditions that predisposed them to the sensitivity.
Looking at the symptoms, a very large percentage of them are the symptoms we develop as we are aging.  They included chronic pain, chronic fatigue, difficulty….. read more…
Karollina wrote: “Shared your page and….BIG shout out for Life Energy Solutions… Excellent products, Highly recommended. I have the P.e.bal and Ki-Bal (key ring version of the P.e.bal). I have placed the radiation shield blocker on the portable landline phone. I wear the Nu-Me pendant often with a clear quartz enhanced with scalar and solfeggio frequencies and the bracelet, the one just posted. Great prices also. Fast prompt service. 🙂 ~*~” Karollina Marfell posted on Lifeenergysolutions face book page.

Being Electrosensitive.
One such electro sensitivity sufferer is U.K sculptor Margaret Lovell. The BBC did a 10-minute segment on her for a local television show and we found her through the associated web site. Margaret accepted our offer to trial both a Nu-Me pendant and a P.e.bal to see how they could help with her condition. The following video summarizes her experience.


If you are also electro sensitive let us know what helps you to cope with living in this modern world where it is difficult to escape from EMF radiation. Email margie@life-energy.org


“I really love your products. I am extremely EMF sensitive and your Nu-Me Skinny pendant, Negater shell and P.e.bal allow me to live a more normal life. Thank you so much.” Emily Wickerham, USA

See the Negater shell here…..




Win a P.e.bal or runner-up prize of a Chi-Shell
Answer this simple question and win a p.e.bal or runner-up prize of a chi-shell – and we will give you a little help here.
“How high (tall) is the p.e.bal?”
This competition will be drawn at the end of March – so watch this space.


“I have the p.e.bal purchased through David about February 2016 and love it!!! I know it covers 18 yards but I actually take it where ever I go in the house and in the car.  It has been a great aid in reducing the amount of EMFs around me (and there are a lot I assure you).” C.R., USA








Thinking of you,



David, Margie and Jo
Life Energy Designs NZ Ltd.  +64 (0)9 4166959 info@life-energy.org www.life-energy.org

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