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  • February 27, 2019
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* Last Day to get Fantastic offer – 40% off Compact Silver Nu-Me pendants, * Having your say, * Top 5 EMF Protection Products, Our seconds save you money, * Coming Soon – LIVE WEBINAR with all the facts about 5G, * Ask us a Question, * Newsletter Reader Exclusive – 15% off QSB plus free Upgrade pack, * In my opinion, * Win a New POWER P.E.BAL – runner-up prize a Ki-Bal.

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This is the last day to get 40% discount off the lovely
Nu-Me Classic Compact pendants.

Is there a magic – cure – all cure?
Last chance to enter our
prize draw to win a POWER P.E.BAL.
special QSB price and offer of







This is the LAST DAY of this offer. It is strictly first come first served and can’t be used with any other discount or offer.





Having your say.


Hi. I wanted to talk about the Nu-Me pendant I bought from you while living in NZ (about 8 years ago).

Today, I realized how much it benefits me on a day-to-day basis. For the first time I remember I forgot to put it on.

I am a high school teacher, and, as you can imagine feeling centred and strong in your own energy is a must in this job. Without the pendant my energy felt more scattered and I felt more vulnerable to discordant energies around me – from students and from colleagues! For energy integrity and keeping you feeling calm and energised I find the Nu-Me essential.

Please feel free to use the above as a review. John Ramsay (Edinburgh).

If you want to have your say email margie@life-energy.org.





Top 5 EMF Protection Products 



Our Seconds Save you Money.




We never have many seconds products. These are only available to our newsletter readers, at a greatly reduced price, and their friends, if they pass over the information to them. They may have slight imperfection on the outside but the technology on the inside is first class. They will protect and balance you at a fraction of the cost of perfect products.
They are not accessible from any links on our website so be sure to keep this link so that you have access to them.





Coming soon – LIVE WEBINAR with all the facts about 5G



With no long-term testing how much of a threat is 5G? There is growing concerns about whether we will be the next victims of the global 5G roll-out. EMF affects us all. We are all guinea pigs for huge money-making businesses. We’re not consulted or even considered.


But that doesn’t mean we should be ignorant of the facts. Arm ourselves with information. To help with this we are doing a live seminar, which will be interactive, the details of which we will announce very soon






Ask us a question.


Q.  I am curious about the actual physics involved in the protection offered by your products. Exactly HOW do they protect us in an EMF-saturated field?
A. Thanks for the email. Margie passed this on my way.
The physics is pretty simple actually. If you move energy you get an energy field and if this energy is passing through a crystal then this field has harmonising effects or a neutralising effect on disharmonious energies such as EMF. You can see how the energy is moved here.
As far as how crystals balance energy – this is beyond my understanding, but I suspect it has something to do with the lattice structure of the crystal. The fact that crystals balance energy is why they have been revered for their healing properties throughout history until today, that I do know.
If you have question email margie@life-energy.org








Get 15% off your QSB purchase plus a FR*EE upgrade pack.
Use the discount code QSBfifteen





“my comments on the QSB I received just 7 days ago. I have used it 6 times now and have found it very relaxing, even to the point of improved sleep at night. I am fairly highly strung in temperament, and I think this explains the results.” I.J. Australia





In my opinion.



There is no quick fix in this life. There isn’t even a one thing fix-it. In my opinion – life is a jig-saw puzzle where we have to fit all the pieces together to make a whole picture. Leave a piece out and we may see what the picture is meant to be, but it’s not complete.


Life doesn’t give us short cuts or compromises – in my opinion – so we might as well get down to it and do it right. This is especially important when it comes to our health. How often do we know a certain food or drink doesn’t suit us but we want it anyway, and indulge? Then suffer?


When we do this, we kick our immune system into action. It tries to right the invasion of something our bodies can’t tolerate, in the same way as it does bugs, bacteria and EMF. Our immune army is limited of course, so while sorting out a food or drink intolerance, or EMF, it hasn’t got enough white blood cells to attack anything else. We get sick.


Now – in my opinion – we take our vitamin supplements, we have EMF protective products, we do all the ‘right’ things – but – we undermine it all to some degree, when for instance, we eat a delicious cheese and pickle sandwich on wholegrain freshly baked bread, that looks and tastes heavenly in spite of our body saying “No, no, no”. Or that divine glass of wine, or two, that complements our meal perfectly, but our body isn’t agreeing. Most of us do it. Most of us have some intolerances. Most of us ignore them sometimes.


Of course, food is only some of the jig-saw, many things we do, or don’t do in our lives, interfere with the perfect ‘picture’ of our life. Life style choices affect us and there is nothing we can take, buy, or do, if we don’t change the things that aren’t serving us well, or are working against us. If w



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