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  • February 13, 2019
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  *Newsletter Reader Exclusive – QSB offer, * Having your say about the QSB, * Our seconds save you money, * Because our heart and nervous system run on electricity exposure to EMF is dangerous, * Ask us a question, * 5G Live Webinar, Win a POWER P.E.BAL – runner-up prize of a Ki-bal.

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We have a special relationship with our newsletter readers and so we always give them preferential treatment with offers and discounts. Our
QSB offer is for you only. Our
blood testing shows how it completely destresses the body.


We never have many seconds products, but you are the only ones we offer them to at great savings.
We want to keep you informed too. Our video, ‘EMF exposure is causing insomnia, depression, anxiety, illness and memory loss,’ explains why EMF interference is so dangerous to our body which runs on its own electromagnetic signals.


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Having your say about the QSB.


February 2019 will mark our first year with our QSB! I am so pleased to itemize our experiences with it!
My husband requests a double session as soon as he gets home from work. He settles back in his chair and immediately starts snoring! The QSB takes away all of his aches and pains from his very physical career!
My list is much longer, so here we go:


The first thing that happened was that I have been able to reduce my insulin intake by a full third, and it has held all year! I am a trauma-onset diabetic, and I am so pleased with this result. It means my pancreas is working better!


Next, I am so happy to say that the tiny little body spasms that I was experiencing all over in very random order have totally disappeared. I am very relieved because I was a little concerned that something was developing neurologically.
Next, I notice that I am stronger, steadier, calmer, even my hand writing has improved, and I find it very easy to stay in my optimistic frame of mind without drifting into worry and concern!
My eyesight, and the eyesight of a client, has improved noticeably. We are both on a homeopathic for slight cataracts, and neither of us want eye surgery which does not even prevent them from coming back, so we are delighted.
My clients love the QSB, and several of them have purchased one. They have given me raving reviews about their experiences, including the fact that their pets love to be around when the QSB is running!
One of my clients has had a permanent unblocking of the nerves in her left arm! It happened with her very first experience with the QSB right here in our living room!
Another client, a new widow, has been able to work through her grief so much more easily now that she has her USB, and her new little puppy loves it as well.
I will be 75 in February! I neither look nor feel that old! I give great deal of credit to the QSB and your other amazing products, which we do have and use, like the beautiful shell negator and the Aventurine infinity loop.
I forgot to mention that a very troublesome scar-tissue issue which carried an emotional load with it from 54 years ago, is totally resolved!  No more pain on any level!  I even forgot to mention it, the relief is that complete!  Wow! Scar-tissue issues are very common I have found, and so often, there seems to be no relief that works.
Sheila Van Houten, DD, PhD Expert Career-and-Life Coaching Since 1979
Sheila lives in Minnesota so if you would like to talk to her about the QSB send me an email
margie@life-energy.org and I will forward it on to her.




Our Seconds Save you Money.





We never have many seconds products which we greatly reduce. These are only available to our newsletter readers only, and their friends if they pass over the information to them. They may have slight imperfection on the outside but the technology on the inside is first class. They will protect and balance you at a fraction of the cost of perfect products.


They are not accessible from any links on our website so be sure to keep this link so that you have access to them.






Because our heart and nervous system run on electricity exposure to EMF is dangerous 



Ask us a question.


Q. M
y  house is on the corner of two streets – year 2016 our TWP (hydro) changed  the street light. Those light has so HIGH LED EMF ELECTRO MAGNETIC FREQUENCY – one of the worst in Ontario – the way my house is located I have 7 LED EMF light beaming in every part of my house. Due to my energy I have problems with those light.
A. Thanks for the email. I hear you. We get a lot of similar stories from electrosensitive people around the world and it is only getting worse, I know.


What I would suggest is the POWER P.e.bal. This will put a powerful balancing field around your home and give you a good level of protection. If you have the budget for it then a Nu-Me Skinny pendant will supplement the P.e.bal and give you protection when you are out and about.
See the

If you have any questions email margie@life-energy.org







There is growing concerns about whether we will be the next victims of the global 5G roll-out. EMF affects us all. We are suffering from new technology that has had no long-term testing. We are all guinea pigs for huge money-making businesses. We’re not consulted or even considered.
But that doesn’t mean we should be ignorant of the facts. Arm ourselves with information. To help with this we are doing a live seminar, which will be interactive, the details of which we will announce very soon – so



Win a New POWER P.E.BAL – runner-up prize a Ki-bal
Be lucky, there is a great prize of a new POWER P.E.BAL.  With a runner-up prize of a Ki-bal to win.



Thinking of you,


Margie, David, Jo and Naomi

February News

February News (3)

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