Newsletter February 2018

  • February 14, 2018
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* Availability of slight seconds Ki-bals – ENDS TODAY,
* Having your say,
* Wi-Fi in Schools – a precautionary approach,
* Being proactive about Wi-Fi in schools,
* What’s happening with the QSB,
* Win a Zen stone – 2 PRIZE WINNERS.

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These Ki-bals are energetically perfect – the perfect protection where ever you go. There are only 5 left – they won’t last the day at this big discount. It is strictly first come first served with no restrictions on quantity, so please don’t be disappointed by hesitating and missing out.








Having your say .






Ki-bal is by far the most powerful portable shield in this universe. It protects us from EMF on the go even at the most destructive environment i.e. factory, hospitals, schools. Given its size, my son finds it so cute to carry it everywhere. Small yet powerful and the best part about it is it doesn’t require grounding or charging. I use blue tag to stick 1 on my steering wheel, I attached 1 piece to my daughter’s bag, 1 in my son’s bag, 1 with my banking device in my bag and I still want more of these babies! Brenda Pang, Singapore.


We love hearing from you – email
margie@life-energy.org with your comments, views, questions and anything interesting that you want to share.


Wi-Fi in Schools – a precautionary approach.





If you have your own children or family members in school with installed Wi-Fi, you really need to watch this video.

Basically, there are two ways to go about the subject of providing Wi-Fi in schools.


1) Expose our children to Wi-Fi and hope that there are no long term negative effects. In New Zealand they call this approach the “She’ll be right mate” approach.
2) Take note of the research that has been done already to show Wi-Fi is harmful to the human body, assume that children are going to be more vulnerable and so ….read more….



Being proactive about Wi-Fi in schools.





As you know this is a subject near to our hearts at LED. On a daily basis we get emails and phone calls from mums, dads and grandparents who have children that are unwell, or disturbed in other ways, from electromagnetic radiation. Wi-Fi is particularly disturbing to young bodies and minds as the frequency it uses is very close to the frequency that the human energy system uses to maintain life. It jams our bodies frequency. That speaks for itself.
It saddens us that youngsters are suffering through the ignorance and indifference of those that should be nurturing and caring for them.
Are your kids being radiated unnecessarily at school? Or – dare I say – home? Be proactive before your young- loved-ones become irreversibly affected. Once becoming electrosensitive there is no cure, only the ability to cope with the sensitivity by using care, life style changes and making sure that protective measures are in place.


Talk to teachers, principals, and other parents to try to get change and safety. They may have their heads in the sand right now, but educate them. Harass them if you must. And at home turn off the Wi-Fi when not in use. Although better still get internet over power. See our article
A Healthy alternative to Wi-Fi





What is Happening with the QSB





We are going on the road with the QSB. David is doing talks and people can have live experiences. Watch this space to see when we are near you.


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Win a Zen stone – 3 PRIZE WINNERS
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Thinking of you,


Margie, David, Jo and Naomi

Newsletter February 2018

Newsletter February 2018

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