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  • February 13, 2012
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*Wow – Snappy helps painful arthritis*
*Extra band with Snappy’s – choose from ten colours!*
*Insomnia and cats*
*Win a p.e.bal*

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*Wow – Snappy helps painful arthritis*   


*Extra band with Snappy’s – choose from ten colours!*


*Insomnia and cats*


*Win a p.e.bal*



It’s not always easy to be open to what life presents us with is it? But clinging to our or preconceived ideas and beliefs can limit us – even stop us experiencing new and exciting possibilities.

We designed and made the Snappy for kids. And adults that refuse to grow up – like me. So when we get a call from a dear customer who says that wearing a Snappy helped her with, reducing the pain and making it possible to do things that she hadn’t done for years we were delighted. Life was showing us yet again that there is more – to learn – and experience.

So what started out as a solution for one thing has unexpectedly proved to be a solution for something entirely different. Life offers possibilities that we can’t even imagine. All we have to do is be open – and gratefully receive.


“I have osteoporosis and arthritis which causes me to suffer from painful wrists which limit a lot of my activities. I have tried magnets and they don’t work for me. I purchased a Nu-Me Snappy and after putting it on decided to give it a real test by doing all kinds of activities which would normally cause me pain. Well I could do everything without any pain at all! I was even able to hold the fuel pump nozzle whilst refuelling my car – something I was not able to do previously. I am so happy with my Snappy that I am going to try some of your other products!” S. Martin, New Zealand.

Get In Touch   

Your feedback is invaluable to us. Share with us and others ideas and tips on how to get the maximum benefit from our products. Email margie@life-energy.org


An extra band of your choice with every snappy.   


Snappy’s not only do a great job at EMF protection, energy balancing – and pain relief, they are fun to wear too so until the end of March we are giving you an extra Snappy band of your colour choice for fr*ee.

Just put the colour you want in the comments box. See the colours here  http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/snappy/

This offer is available until the end of March and you can still use your special customer discount voucher with it if you have one too.


Insomnia and cats   


“So very excited to find such a great company. Loving my p.e.bal. Sleeping like a baby. I even think my three cats are sleeping more sound and less crazy in the middle of the night.  Waiting for my newest order. Very excited Thanks so much” Debs Nulman, USA

Thanks Debs. A little reminder to us all also that in these challenging times which can be very stressful, when insomnia is running rampant, we all need a little help. And cats which are energetically very sensitive are having a hard time too.


Win a P.e.bal 

Pyramid Protection

Answer this simple question and you are in the draw to win a p.e.bal.

“What hormone is depleted by EMF and is necessary for sleep?”

Find a little help here http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/insomnia/  if you need it.


Answers to margie@life-energy.org

The competition will be drawn at the end of March.




And remember that “By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before” Edwin Elliot


Enjoy being your unique self,

Margie and David.




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