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  • February 16, 2013
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*Don’t miss this video explaining Electromagnetic Field Radiation and why it affects us – an absorbing, must watch that was made in the UK with Doctors, Scientists and Professionals aplenty.
*Insider Offer Nu-Me Natty and a RadiSafe for only $79
*New product launch next week
*Special crystal with scalar waves
*You have got to be in to win – two Ki-bals to be won


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February 2013


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Don’t miss this video explaining Electromagnetic Field Radiation and why it affects us – an absorbing, must watch that was made in the UK with Doctors, Scientists and Professionals aplenty 



Insider Offer Nu-Me Natty and a RadiSafe for only $79

New product launch next week


Special crystal with scalar waves 


You have got to be in to win – two Ki-bals to be won  


emf protection


Electromagnetic field radiation is so prevalent and so serious a problem that educating people about it has become a major factor in what we do. More and more research is being done that makes direct links with EMF and cancer as well as a host of other disorders.

Whether you are new to this subject or you are a veteran EMF researcher, then you need to see this film. It is mind exploding with facts and joins the dots to make sense of why things are as they are and affect us us as they do. This film is well made, concise and scientific. It is an eye opener!

Without giving too much away it explains in layman’s terms what EMF is, why it is hurting us, and what some of the politics are behind the blinkered explosion of EMF sources in our environment without due care to our well-being.

Watch the video here http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/blog/resonance/ 



We want to protect you – so this is our offer – A Nu-Me Natty and a Radisafe for $79 


emf protection After watching Resonance – Beings of Frequency we were a little stunned. And over whelmed. Ten years ago we set out on a mission to help people in the only way we knew. Over the years as David said in his blog “our knowing” has grown with a lot of help and feedback from you.” Plus the efficiency of all the people that have tested our productsnatty proving they do what they do – EMF protection and energy balancing very effectively.


It has been a long road to where we are now. But there is still a lot to do and people to reach.  EMF is a bubbling volcano about to erupt – big time. We know that we need to step up.


This is offer in response to what we saw, and heard in this film.


A Nu-Me Natty and a RadiSafe $79 normal price $128


This at cost package will give you or your kids, not forgetting grandparents, relatives and friends, complete protection from all EMF radiation plus protection from the ionising radiation from mobile and cordless phones.

Order here ….  


 This offer is for a Nu-Me Natty with an extra case in red or blue, colour of your choice. Plus a RadiSafe phone shield to use on a mobile or cordless phone. The offer is until the end of February or until stocks last.

“As expected, my son loves his Nu Me Natty. To my surprise my daughter has taken the other Nu Me Natty and loves it. She has never shown any interest in the p.e.bal or Negater Shell!! It looks like I’ll have to buy my own! Thanks again” Karen Messenger, NZ

Note: Karen’s son is 8 years and daughter is 6 years.

 New product launch next week  


You will be the first to know. This is a completely new direction for us and we haven’t seen anything quite like it. It is a revolution. We will email you personally next week with the details.

Watch out .


Malay Jade and Swarkovski Crystal pendant, embedded with Solfeggio Frequencies, on a Stirling Silver chain. 


Eye catching but discreet this is a piece of jewellery that can be worn by any age at any time – with confidence. The pendant 1½cm( ¾”) x 1½cm ( ¾”) is Malay Jade (quartzite).

Embedded with scalar waves in Solfeggio frequesolfeggioncies that Malay Jade hold very, very well this piece of jewellery is not only exquisite it will also benefit the wearer by resonating with their energy field , physically, spiritually emotionally and mentally. Uplifting on even the dullest of days.

  It comes with a 17″ Stirling silver chain, gift wrapped in a velvet pouch.

To read about the properties of Malay Jade and to buy …only a few left so please don’t delay and be disappointed.

You have got to be in to win – Two ki-bals to be won


EMF Protection

The ki-bal is proving to be a favourite way of EMF protection and energy balancing.

Well it is so easy:

  • It is easy to put your keys on it and have it with you 24/7 for protection/balancing.
  • it is easy on the pocket cash-wise
  • it is easy on the pocket carry-wise because it’s size is very portable.
  • It is easy to protect yourself and anyone around because it’s protective field is …….. (You thought that I would slip up and give you the answer didn’t you?)  You will find the answer here to this easy question:

“How big is the protective field of the ki-bal”


 Answers to margie@life-energy.org



Wow – and there will be two lucky winners!!


You can also see this fr*ee prize draw on our Facebook page


Names will be picked out of the hat on 28th February.


Don’t miss our Captions Competitions on Facebook


It’s a bit of fun and you could win a  Turquoise Solfeggio Pendant this week.

on have a go, it’s not even judged on the wittiest, or the naughtiest – all the names go in a hat.

You have got to be in to win.



“I put my ki-bal (birthday present from David – well it was a new product!) in my pocket the other day because of pain in my hip from a fall when I had miss-judged the end of the path, and no to the question of my sobriety. The pain went within minutes. It is now a favourite present – but I am still waiting for the diamond!” Margie


Get in touch

We always love to hear from you, opinions, feedback, suggestions or just a chat email  to margie@life-energy.org without you we are not a team.

 “There are three words I like to repeat to myself, glass half full, just to remind myself to be grateful for everything I have.”  Goldie Hawn

With gratitude,

Margie and David.

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