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  • December 5, 2018
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* Combo gift ideas that save money and say you care,
* Having your say,
* Electro-sensitivity – is it all in the mind?,
* QSB update,
* QSB Christmas Combo,
* Ask us a question,
* Does Reiki have any Scientific basis?,
* Bumper Prize Draw.

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As the countdown to Christmas begins all that is connected to it gets revved up a gear. We hope that our Christmas Combos give you some inspiration and help your bank balance. The POWER P.E.BAL fights your corner against 5g. Electrosensitivity

is a real medical condition – are you a sufferer? Do you practice
Reiki, and does it have any basis in Science?
The Quantum Scalar Box is making peoples lives worth living. Don’t forget to enter our
FR*EE draw to win a Super Sized prize

lt’ll blow your socks off!




Combo gift ideas that save money and say you care.



Having your say



I retrieved the Power P.e.bal from the mailbox, and without realizing it, felt a 25% decrease in my symptoms,
when I was about 108 feet from the mailbox, walking. I did not realize this until after the fact. The thing is so damn powerful, I have to keep it in my car, in the cardboard box it came in. I’m so excited to put the Power P.e.bal on the QSB, once I get used to it! ….I can tell the Nu-Me Skinny pendant has helped a lot, once I got used to it, & that every time I get another Ki-bal, it’s like getting a hug from a higher power. I can’t say that any of these devices have helped directly w/ the EHS, but they’ve helped me maintain a will to live, through very difficult circumstances, & I’m eternally grateful that you guys came up w/ this technology! Also, even though NZ doesn’t share anything resembling this aspect of American history: Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂 -Elysia




Elecro-sensitivity – is it all in the mind?
Any of these Symptoms can be caused by Electrosensitivity; mild to severe headaches, nausea, insomnia, eye irritations, dizziness, skin rashes, facial swelling, fatigue, joint pains, buzzing/ringing in the ears, abdominal pain, breathing difficulties, irregular heartbeat, depression, balance problems, paralysis, poor memory/concentration, seizures.
Yet the medical profession, in most countries, still don’t recognise it is a medical condition,  sending patients away with prescriptions for antidepressants. Their symptoms are classed as psychosomatic.

Electrosensitivity is not psychological, it is very real. Read about it here…

See our blogs:




QSB Update.


Whether you are going to have a hectic social Christmas, or take it easy to recharge your batteries ready for 2019, don’t forget that your QSB will help you with whatever you choose to do in the holiday season.
However much we love our family and friends it can be a time for drama because of heightened excitement and emotions. Old family discords can resurface. Youngsters become hyper or difficult – usually depending on their age and hormone levels. Oldies, out of their routines, grumpy and demanding. If you’re not careful you are the one who is running around trying to keep the Christmas spirit going with everyone happy and everything functioning. While running around in circles you could be the only one not having a ‘good time’! Take some time out to quietly sit with your QSB and de-stress.
On the other hand, if it was a quiet Christmas that you chose, or having because of your circumstances, it is easy to feel deprived, depressed or lonely, imagining others are having a “fun” time while you’re alone and missing out. Sit with your QSB and be reminded that the joy of life is not external, and you have it whether in a crowd or alone.
The other side of the fence is always greener and this never more evident than at Christmas with all the hype that is now around it. Acceptance that all is exactly as it is meant to be will help when you want to scream at the rellies or cry by yourself. It is only a day or so, mostly, and if you do have QSB make use of it to assist you to cope with whatever is happening in your life.

And don’t forget those that find Christmas a difficult or lonely time and don’t have a QSB. A session with your QSB could make all the difference for them.

“Thanks!! I receive my order and find the QSB -simply amazing!! I use it every morning for 1 – 2 cycles during meditation -it is powerful and uplifting. Later in the day, I may I use it again to combat a depressive mood – the QSB eases these unconscious traumas which sometimes surface. For this alone, it’s invaluable.”Lavonne V., Canada.
If you don’t already have a QSB and would like one there are BIG SAVINGS with:









Ask us a question.
Q. I was looking at which devices you have for insomnia and EMF protection, I’m from Canada where we have so many cell towers going up very close to our home, my mom has had a lot of brain fog and my husband started having bad insomnia. Quick question do the shell and the POWER P.E.BAL have orgonite in them as well? or are these mainly frequency tools. Doing some quick research.


A. Thanks for the email. I hear you about the cell towers. If 5G rolls out there will be many more towers. This is impacting people’s health big time.
The Power P.e.bal would be the product I would recommend. It is our most powerful product, the technology of which has been recently upgraded to cope with the increased levels of radiation we are being subjected to. Its technology includes orgonite, but the addition of new specially designed coils has made the POWER P.E.BAL much stronger.
The Shell is great and includes Organite but doesn’t have the strength/range to do the job you need with cell towers around.

See the POWER P.E.BAL here…



Does Reiki have any Scientific basis?
The answer is – it depends. If you ask a lot of “scientifically-minded” people they will tell you no. This is mostly because they are still relating to Newtonian physics – relating to lumps of things interacting with other lumps and is pretty limited at explaining the world we live in.
Most people don’t understand quantum physics but if you start to understand the fundamental principle that everything is energy and that the Universe is a pretty strange place (check out quantum entanglement!) then the principles of Reiki will … read more…
Bumper Prize Draw – Win a Christmas Combo of a POWER P.E.BAL, a Skinny Nu-Me pendant and two RadiSafe with 2 runner up prizes of a family pack of 4 RadiSafe 


Thinking of you,


Margie, David, Jo and Naomi

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