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  • December 6, 2014
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*One day silly sale – Labradorite Angel $9.
*Free RadiSafe to give to Santa when you buy a family pack of 4
*Stocking fillers for less than $25
*New stock just in – Solfeggio CDs

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November 2014

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Nu-Me and Ki-bal offer with a fr*ee fashion watch.

EMF radiation protection package.

Is electricity making us fat?

Are you suffering from stress?  Get a Fr*ee e-book “Dealing with Stress Naturally” and a chance to win a de-stress package.

Save money and get gifts with our Combos.


Talk about time speeding up – only six weeks and two days to Christmas. I haven’t got over the last one yet have you?

Christmas is such an energetically challenging time. There are the family dynamics which are not always in perfect sync. Kids want to do their own thing. Parents are trying to keep the peace and take care of family obligations. Every one over indulges – after all the festive season is supposed to be about enjoying ourselves – isn’t it? Often we put everyone and their needs first but that certainly doesn’t help us or our equilibrium. It is all a recipe for stress.  

Stress is now common – it seems to be on everyone’s lips and on every advertising billboard. It is a growing problem with multiple causes so we shouldn’t overlook it, underestimate it – or even belittle it! How many people do you know that are “stressed”? Do you get stressed yourself? Prolonged stress can lead to serious health problems. And of course it stops you enjoying your life.

Christmas stresses are obvious – they are about other people’s energies and agendas. Not to mention the Christmas shopping and fighting for parking spots. See – it’s all about other people. Their negative energy needn’t be yours though, so protect yourself from it. Nor do their agendas, so make a plan that encompasses everyone’s needs without sacrifice and the inevitable resentment that follows.

EMF is a stressor we all know about, so give yourself a break from that too. And watch the kids – they will be getting lots of new “toys” at Christmas that will get them wired – and their bodies stressed. Teenagers seem to have an inbuilt irritable gene. We know that hormones play a big part in this, and thinking that they know better than parents and all adults in general, but EMF is a serious contributing factor so take it into account. Help them out by educating them about what their *cell phones are doing to their brains and that there is an off button on computers and Wi-Fi networks. They may turn a deaf ear but persist, even by stealth, their health and your sanity may depend on it!

*RadiSafe make an excellent stocking filler.

“I am loving my Nu-Me!!! Never felt so calm.”  Linda Mandala, Canada

Take away some of the stress with our Christmas Combos.

Nu-Me Copper and Ki-bal offer with a free high-fashion leather wrist watch.

Pick either a full-size (3.5cm, 1 1/2″)  or a compact (2.5cm, 1″) Copper Nu-Me and get a Ki-Bal as part of this bargain-priced combo deal. If this wasn’t enough of a bargain we are including a free fashion leather watch in black or brown (worth $29).

Package Value $317

To see or order ………………

There are Christmas packages to suit every need and every pocket. Shopping online saves your feet and alleviates stress!

See all our Christmas combos here………..

“I want to thank you i just receive the ki-bal I feel a different energy around me thank you. It’s small, but its stability is effective around my energy field.” Junior A, USA

Is electricity making us fat?

Figures show that more than 60% of the U.S. population is overweight, with 25% to 33% of adults classed as obese. The primary suspects have been lack of exercise and a poor diet according to most experts.  

But what if the cause of this epidemic was something else entirely – something closer to a principle subject on our website? Could dirty electricity / electro-smog / EMF be a primary cause of the obesity epidemic?

The answer to these questions is yes -at least according to Samuel Milham, MD, MPH, author of a new study on the link between obesity and exposure to dirty electricity (a form of electromagnetic field pollution).

According to Dr. Milham’s study just published in Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, EMFs (in the form of dirty electricity), are contributing not only to obesity, but to a myriad of …. read more……

“Thank you for the Nu Me pendant. We have 3 cell phone towers within 100m, 10 Wi-Fi networks running through our house from neighbours, 7 computers of our own, and over 100 mains powered appliances…We are suffering from stress and fatigue

After wearing my pendant for 6 days I find I’m sleeping better and feeling less stressed. I am able to let go of things and forget about them. After borrowing my pendant yesterday my partner wants one herself (but a bit smaller)

We have been testing the pendant using muscle testing and getting good results.”I. Gregson, NZ

The Ultimate EMF package at a BIG discount.

This Christmas Combo package was designed to make EMF protection as affordable as possible. Also ideal to give as gifts which have a meaning and not something that ends up in a cupboard until it resurfaces in a charity shop or repackaged as a gift for some-one else!

Pyramids are the name of the game with this offer – one full-size – a p.e.bal to protect a whole home or workplace and another mini-sized – the ki-bal to protect whoever has their keys attached to it (and who remembered their keys!). Comes with a free RadiSafe to stop the head cooking on those cell or cordless calls.

Package Value $267

See or buy here…….

Are you suffering from stress? Find out with our Quiz and get a fr*ee e-book “Dealing With Stress Naturally” also be in to win a Nu-Me protective pendant and Solfeggio music CD.

“thank you again for your amazing products, my daughter and i are able to move through a devastating family situation with a much greater sense of calm…..we got them just before it all happened, nice to know the universe was setting us up before the big upheaval.” J.W., New Zealand

Talk to us.

Our newsletters are for you. If we don’t hear from you it is as if they go into some big black cyber void. We would love to know that they are doing their job well – providing a two way relationship between us.  

Please tell us what you would like us to provide – information, special offers, quizzes, chit-chat?  

Sometimes we feel as if we are in some ivory tower – and all alone. Not that our offices are very ivory, a good clean wouldn’t go amiss. So email margie@life-energy.org and have your say. It will make our day I assure you.  

“Stress is the trash of modern life – we all generate it but if you don’t dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life.” Terri Guillemets

Thinking of you,

Margie, David, Jo.

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