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  • December 10, 2016
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* Helping Santa – Great Stocking Filler Ideas, * Where Does all the Radiation Go (Blog), * Christmas Package Offers, * Free Solfeggio-embedded Crystal Pendant with every order.

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> Helping Santa – Great Stocking Filler Ideas.
> Where Does all the Radiation Go (Blog)
> Free Solfeggio-embedded Crystal Pendant with every order.


Poor old Santa is having a hard time these days. So many people are wanting presents that protect them and help them stay healthy but his knowledge base is a bit out-of-date.
Always willing to help, we put together a list to help him choose gifts for any budget.
Stocking Fillers & Presents for Under $5

Stocking Fillers & Presents for under $19

(All solfeggio-boosted)

Stocking Fillers & Presents under $40

i love my solfeggio crystal pendant, wear it all the time, seems to have made me so much calmer since I first put it on. Wouldn’t be with out it now.” 

Free Prize Draw Winner 
Family Pack 3 worth $516.

Be sure to look out for next week’s newsletter as the winner will be announced.
“I have to say i have been sleeping with my pyramid and it had helped me to ease pain i have in my shoulder and neck. today my son came to sleep in my bed and he slept well for another hour. one day i will get him one of those too…

i really don’t know what would we do without your p.e. bal and the Nu-Me pendants. Thank you so much. you guys brought tears into my eyes this morning, and they are tears of happiness and hope that all will be ok again… love Jasmina “(earthquake victim). Jasmina, Christchurch, NZ

Where does all the radiation go
 (after it has fried us)?

This is a true story: 
Imagine you are sitting watching television in your living room in the Midland of England, when suddenly the program you are watching disappears from the screen and is replaced by a program originating from Houston Texas. This happens for the best part of an hour.
Later you find out that this was the experience of many households in the same area of the U.K.
The story then flips into the Twilight Zone when you discover that the program originated from a station in Texas that no longer exists. It was transmitted over three years ago!
Is this some sort of time-travelling glitch in the matrix or is there a feature of electromagnetic waves that we don’t know – something that might even be affecting the weather?   Read more…..

“I had the first headache I’ve had in ages a few days ago. It was on and off for two days. As I lay on the floor with my fingers on my temples I realised that the last two days were the first time I’d taken off my Nu-Me pendant. My 3 yr old son had broken the clasp and it was waiting to be fixed. I promptly fixed it, put it back on and the headaches have disappeared. Nice.” Kate, NZ

Our Christmas bundle offers are proving to be extra popular this year – not surprising as they represent some major savings. Here is one that is proving very popular. Click here or on the image to view this offer and more.

“…. The other thing I noticed was that my partner seemed to go to sleep a lot quicker and said he had a really solid nights sleep. After 4 years of doing night shift and finishing at anywhere between 2.00 am and 4.00 a.m, he thought it was going to be difficult to get back into a day time rhythm. The P.E Bal seemed to make this transition a lot easier. 

I on the other hand, it seems to have given me more energy which is great, but not when I am still awake late at night. So I have fixed that problem and put the P.E.Bal at the other end of the house away from the bedroom.” H KwockSun, Akl, NZ

Enjoy all your miracles!

David, Margie & Jo.

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