Newsletter December 2015

  • December 21, 2015
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* Rose Quartz scalar pendant with FR*EE earrngs $19, * Present buying made easy and affordable, * Could Christmas send you bananas, * Win a P.e.bal, * Gift ideas from under $10

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> Win a P.e.bal
> Gift ideas from under $10
Rose Quartz is the stone of love so when giving it you are making a declaration – what could be better than that?  And don’t ignore the significance of that even if you are buying it as a self gift.
What a great present to show you care
At a special price
Only $19
Plus FR*EE Rose Quartz and Tibetan silver earrings.
Could Christmas send you bananas?
It is always good to meet customers old and new, especially as we are mostly ensconced in our not so ivory tower most of the time. At Organics Out West, in Auckland, on Saturday we were able to do just that.
We met customers that have been with us for twelve years and still have our original Negaters alongside P.e.bals they tell us. Old alongside the new. We met new people who didn’t even know that we existed but were looking for solutions. We met old friends who wanted to catch – up. We met customers who wanted to see and touch our new products.
Amongst everyone there was a common thread however – Christmas. Again different strokes for different folks but almost unanimously with hesitation about family dynamics and coping.
Most people that are aware of electromagnetic radiation and in fact energy of all sorts – negative and positive, find dealing with people can be very draining. Have a look at our video about how people steal energy at Christmas.
Dare I say that there was a little bit of dread expressed about “family Christmases”? We know we should be excited about Christmas – well we were when we were kids weren’t we? But! Now it isn’t about our joy only – we are pandering to everyone else’s agendas that seem sometimes to get in the way of the pure, unadulterated joy that the season is supposed to be.
My advice while facing my own family get-togethers is – make sure that if you own a
Nu-Me wear it. If you don’t – stuff every
Negater Shell,
Ki-bal and
Chi-shell you can find into your pockets. Keep your own energy balanced – and well – sweet. Don’t take on the traumas, dramas and tantrums of others because – they are just that – THEIRS.
” I am loving my Nu-Me!!! Never felt so calm.” Linda Mandala, Canada
Gifts that show you care
Special Christmas packages
That make buying presents easy and affordable.
Choose one of our powerfully protective key-ring products – either the Chi-Shell or Ki-Bal to go with our stunning new Nu-Me Skinny Knot or Yin-Yang Shadow pendants, all embedded with scalar waves – and get a free silver snake chain.
Small gift ideas that show you care but won’t break the bank.



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“i love my solfeggio crystal pendant, wear it all the time, seems to have made me so much calmer since I first put it on. Wouldn’t be without it now”. Life Energy Solutions Facebook page. Frances Simpson, NZ





Newsletter December 2015

Newsletter December 2015

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