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Only 12 shopping days to Christmas 
we have some special deals  and a great QSB offer that give you big-time savings.
Did you know that induction stoves emit high levels of EMF? See our solution and read what Dr Magda Havas says about how safe they are.
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Our Christmas offers are available until Christmas 2019 or while stocks last. It can’t be used with any other offer or discount.


Having your say about us




I have recently purchased several Power P.e.bals, Ki-bal & Chi-Shell keyrings, Nu-Me pendants and Nu-Me Natty pendants from you.  The service, support and speed of postage was exceptional thank you.
My husband, as a kinesiologist, muscle tested each item. The range and positive effect of the products are incredibly powerful. We discovered that the range of the P.e.bals started to extend even further after several days. We also found that using a clockwise spinning motion with hands above each product, seems to activate the products even more quickly.
In terms of health changes, my family has noticed several things. Our young, adult son was going through a period of grief/stress and associated fatigue, muscle aches, broken sleep and over-sleeping, gastro-intestinal upsets, depression and un-explained anger. As soon as he put on the Nu-Me pendant, he reported to feel calmer and more at ease. I also placed a P.e.bal near his computer and gaming equipment. Over the past 2 weeks, all of his symptoms have subsided to a significant degree. He is happier, chattier and follows better sleep and diet routines. Plus, he how refuses to take the pendant off.
My husband and I have also experienced unusual fatigue and back muscle aches. I started wearing a pendant, my husband kept a Nu-Me Natty in his pocket and we placed the Power P.e.bals (pyramids) near the bed and around the house. The muscle pain started to dissipate and is nearly gone after 5 days now. Our energy levels also seem to be improving and sleep has been more restful.
Since wearing Natty pendants, our dogs seem to be more relaxed and less anxious even during a recent thunderstorm. One dog used to be terrified of one of our cats. Now she curls up in bed close to the “scary” cat and there is less growling and swiping from the cat as well.
The ‘feeling’ in our house and my workplace (where I also placed some pyramids) is calmer and more even. Even my co-workers seem friendlier and one commented how peaceful the week was (he was unaware of the P.e.bals).
All in all, the Life Energy Designs technology has a stabilising effect on our health and well-being. I already purchased some extras for our family and friends. Thank you again.
K.B, Tasmania
If you want to have your say email margie@life-energy.org



See the p.e.bal










This offer can’t be used with any other discount or offer and only while stocks last..
A QSB could be just what you need to ensure that you don’t get stressed or depressed this Christmas.
QSB is the best and quickest way to de-stress in just thirty minutes, as blood testing shows.
Christmas is often hyped-up to be something it often isn’t. Not everyone has a family. Many people spend Christmas on their own and need a little support with this. Family get-togethers are often not idealistic and patience is needed to cope with the mix of personalities.
This is the best QSB offer ever. Make yours a stress Fr*ee Christmas.


“Thank you for the very prompt delivery of our QSB!! We have already tried it out – fantastic. Our energy junkie cat soon found us and had to join in too.”
Audrey Hawks Bay, NZ



You can read other experiences with the QSB








Ask us a question -about induction stoves


I’m just after a bit of advice regarding protection from using an induction cooktop. I’ve only recently read a couple of articles about the potentially harmful effects of the EMFs from induction cooktops, which I’d never even considered before. Would the Power p.e.bal be suitable for this purpose and how close to the appliance would it need to be placed? I just bought one last week for my house which is 2 storey and covers approx. 280m2, so I may need more than just the Power p.e.bal to cover all areas. What do you think….is there something else you would recommend?
The induction stove is a high source of EMF but well within the capacity of the POWER P.e.bal to deal with. The POWER P.e.bal will cover your entire house and will very likely be sufficient.
But as EMF radiation is increasing in homes you might want to add more. Especially if there are digital/ microwave signals such as high amounts of wi-fi in the house, smart meters close to bedrooms/living spaces, or outside sources such as cell towers nearby.
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What Dr Magda Havas says about the safety of induction cooking



“The induction coil and the pan standing on the cooking zone form a capacitor. When the induction coil is switched on, the PAN is charged electrically. If the pan is touched by a person, a small current (leakage current) may flow through that person’s body. You might not get burned if the temperature is low, but you will absorb the radiation from the magnetic field directly from the pot and pan. Yikes.
Once again, this product has not been tested on humans so we don’t know the effect that it will have on our body. The public will be the human test subjects for this new method of cooking. One study could be found and it involved a 2 hour exposure showing it did not damage DNA.
Does that make you feel safe?  We have no idea what the stray currents will do to our body, let alone the 20 – 100 thousand frequency field effect will have on our food.

The Swiss government decided to do their own tests .

.read more 











Have a Go..


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Thinking of you,
Margie, David and the Life-Energy Team.




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