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  • December 8, 2013
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*Stealing Energy – Moods
*Christmas shopping getting too much
*Win a Bumper prize
*Sold out of Pandora Style bracelets – more coming soon


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December 2013


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Stealing Energy – Moods   



Teenagers are brilliant at this. So too are some partners. Even parents. Silences and monosyllabic answers that make you want to tear your hair out or give you knots in the pit of your stomach. It is all part of the energy game of stealing your energy.


Being around moody people is never easy. Their moody silences suck the very life out of you . And let’s be honest you aren’t going to win them round because then you would have effectively switched off their energy source – which is coming straight from you.

There seems to be two approaches to moody people. One is to try and bring them round by talking them out of their silence. Filling the tangible, dark silence by asking them what’s wrong. Alternatively there’s attempting to engage them with cheerful chit chat. All trying desperately to fill the silence with words. But all you’re doing is wearing yourself out by pouring energy into their moody sink hole.

Read more………….


To see our solution for keeping your energy intact………..

I have to say that since buying my Nu-Me pendant, I am a *huge* fan of your products (and Organite). As someone with scientific training I have no idea how or why it works… but as a sensitive and an empath I know that it does.

When I wear the pendant in bed (or put it under my pillow) I sleep more deeply, and when I wear it during the day I am calmer, more energised and less prone to the negative effects of being an empath – particularly in busy, crowded spaces.  


I continue to recommend your products to others. Karen Williams, NZ


Christmas shopping getting too much?


xmas packages Have you come to the point with your Christmas shopping that not only are you running out of money you are running out of ideas too?  To help you out we have some Christmas packages that will help you out with both.

With prices to suit all pockets our Christmas packages offer great discounts and wonderful gift ideas so have a look here ……..

“My Nu Me Natty Xmas combo arrived yesterday.  I thought I’d share it with my son who loves the p.e.bal and Negater Shell.  As expected, my son loves his Nu Me Natty.  To my surprise my daughter has taken the other Nu Me Natty and loves it.  She has never shown any interest in the p.e.bal or Negater Shell!!! It looks like I’ll have to buy my own!  Thanks again, Karen Messenger, NZ

Note: Karen’s son is 8 yers and daughter is 6 years.



Win a big prize of a Nu-Me protective pendant, silver snake chain and a p.e.bal.  Runner up wins a ki-bal



xmasnume If you haven’t already entered this fr*ee draw don’t delay because it is one special prize with a runner up prize too!


A BUMPER PRIZE of a Nu-Me Protective Pendant of your choice, a silver snake chain and P.e.bal package

2nd prize – a super ki-bal key ring

“What is fr*ee with this BUMPER PRIZE Christmas package?”



Have a look here to get a little help with the answer http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/xmas2013/


Answers to margie@life-energy.org always lovely to hear from you.


This competition will be drawn at the end of December 2013.  What a lovely present for 2014!


“I would like to say thank you for my Nu-Me pendant and P.e.bal.  As soon as i put it on i felt this great warmth come over me and the negative energy that was around me totally disappeared instantly.

People around me can feel the energy and when they come close to me they feel at ease with themselves.  I came across this by accident and i am very glad i did .

I’m a very spiritual person and i used to meditate for hours just to bring myself to balance with all that was going on with negativity and EMR but now my meditation has become much easier and much deeper than before.

I would like to thank you once again for your products and the P.e.bal that i purchased from you i have in my bedroom and my room is now the most peaceful room in the house.

I’m considering about buying one of your products for my mobile phone as i carry it with me everywhere i go.  S Prichard, Australia




Sorry we have sold out of Pandora style bracelets



We knew they would be popular but didn’t realise just how much.  We are hoping to get new stock in time for Christmas so watch this space …….

If you want to be notified when they arrive email jo@life-energy.org

“I just had to write and say thank you for your very quick service.  I placed my order yesterday mid-afternoon and received it at 9.10am this morning.  Great service.”

I would also like to say I am so thrilled with the bracelet, a gift my granddaughter will just love.  Great quality and so pretty, not to mention the hidden benefits.  Thank you. M, NZ


Frequently asked questions



Q. What is the best way to clean my crystal jewellery?

A. Crystals, including crystals in jewellery need to be energetically cleaned as unlike the crystals in our Products they absorb negative energy. If they are not energetically cleaned they will stop “working”. There are many ways to energetically clean crystals but by far the easiest is to put them near your p.e.bal, ki-bal or Nu-Me overnight or for several hours or more – you can’t over clean them.

Note: be careful if you use water or other methods of energetically cleaning your jewellery as this may adversely affect the setting.

Q. Why don’t the crystals in our products need energetically cleaning?

A. The technology in them is moving energy and flushing them out so no negative energy is retained. If you put crystals beside a Life Energy Designs product it will be included in its energy field which means that it properties are covering a HUGE area.


It must be synchronicity that everyone has the same idea for the same Christmas presents at the same time. Socks and books are always a favourite. It just depends on personal preferences as to whether they are well received or not!



“One can never have enough socks,” said Dumbledore.  “Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn’t get a single pair.  People will insist on giving me books.”  – J. K Rowling


Happy shopping, 


Margie, David and Jo


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