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  • August 7, 2019
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Stainless is the latest fashion buzz word and because stainless works so well with our technology we knew that our new stainless Nu-Me pendants would be popular – but – we could never have imagined just how much. Our initial stock is nearly gone, and we are impatiently waiting for more stock to be made.
we have more information about 5G in the article Concerns grow ahead of 5G
if you are serious about being who you were truly meant to be our QSB offer is for our newsletter readers only.
Want to win a Nu-Me pendant? Here your chance – enter here…



















Don’t delay as our limited initial stock for the launch of our new Stainless-steel Skinny pendants is now almost gone.

There are four fabulous designs to suit all tastes, in hard wearing stainless steel. These NEW Nu-Me Skinny pendants take protective jewellery to a whole different level. Stainless steel works exceptionally well with our unique technology which means these are some of the most powerful Nu-Me pendants we have produced.


“I have just picked up my new pendant and it is now dangling round my neck. The package arrived surprisingly fast. You guys don’t mess around! I am really pleased with the workmanship, it looks as good as the Web photos. Two thumbs up to the craftsman/woman and designer. I’m glad I stumbled upon your company. Money well spent.”Alex, Australia














Concerns ahead of 5G


5g Protection
The roll-out of the 5G network is set to be one of the biggest developments to impact our everyday lives. This is the fifth generation of mobile networks and promises to be faster and more reliable than anything we’ve experienced before. More and more mobile networks are preparing deals ready for the 5G switch-on, and Smartphone manufacturers are all busy making sure that their latest models are ready to give consumers first and best access.


However, a growing number of people are concerned about what 5G could mean for us and they want answers. Voices that question the health ramifications of 5G have been shouted down; until very recently.
What are the Corporations Promising with 5G?
Since it was first announced, 5G has been touted as a super high-speed network capable of…… read more…








Ask us a question





Q Hi, I have several questions regarding your products. First off, I’d like to know where your products are made. I’d also like to know if the classic Nu-Me pendants and the Nu-Me Skinny pendants must be worn around the neck to be effective. I’d like to put them in my pocket or maybe put them with my keys, can this reduce their emf protection effectiveness? Also, is there a difference in effectiveness between the different Nu-Me pendant and the Ki-Bal.
A. All the products that we have designed and developed are made in New Zealand. These are the POWER P.E.BAL. Nu-Me pendants which include the Skinny, Snappy and Natty, Zen stones, Ki-Bal, Chi-Shell, and Negator shell. And of course, the QSB.
There are advantages in terms of personal energy balancing to wearing a Nu-Me pendant around your neck, but it makes no difference for EMF protection to have it in your pocket.
The Ki-Bal is a fair bit stronger than the Nu-Me pendant, so it is a good solution for the pocket/bag/car….












Sleep Secrets






“I used to be afraid of the dark and always kept a light on at night. I always slept badly and thought that it was my fear of the dark that kept me awake. We moved to the country where there were very little lights at night, no streetlights and only the stars and moon to light the way. I got used to the dark and my fear went away. I stopped having a light on at night and my bedroom is very dark and I sleep soundly now.
When I go and stay with friends in the city where the bedroom is lit by an outside streetlight my insomnia returns.
I would say that darkness is a must to sleep well and have since read that darkness is necessary to make melatonin which is essential for sleep. That said I suppose my sleep secret isn’t really a secret after all!” Jackie, U.K.


EMF fools the pineal gland into believing we live in eternal light and so stops the production of melatonin which as Jackie reminded us is essential for sleep. Read more about this here…



Thanks, Debbie, for sharing your secret. If  you have a sleep secret to share email margie@life-energy.org













Special QSB price for newsletter readers only






Because we have built up a relationship with you, our newsletter reader, we want to make sure that, because you are on the journey to improve your health and wellbeing, you have the opportunity to invest, at





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