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  • August 4, 2016
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* Sale of Negater crystals, * Fr*ee credit card blockers, * Protect your passport from identity theft, * What is RFID and AIDC and how does it affect you? * Last chance to enter our draw to win a Nu-Me confidential protective pendant, * FR*EE Scalar embedded crystal pendant with ALL orders.

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> What is RFID and AIDC and how does it affect you?
> Last change to enter our draw to win a Nu-Me confidential protective pendant.
> FR*EE Scalar embedded crystal pendant with ALL orders.

Crystal Bonanza

Assorted crystal stones

All embedded with scalar waves

one 100-gram bag


Two 100-gram bags



See and buy here…….

These crystals are from our Negater days. Do you remember them? They are of various sizes from chunks to chips, each bag has a good mix, and are of the highest quality. We have embedded them with scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies so that they are not only beautiful with their own frequencies but they are buzzing with the added healing, protective frequencies also.

Obviously stocks are very limited so this offer is only for one week or until we are sold out. Bags are mixed so we are unable to fulfil any requests for specific crystals – sorry. They weigh approx. 100grams, each bag hand weighed by Jo or Margie.

This offer can’t be used with any other discount or offer.

“Thank you for the red agate crystal with its musical imprints. I am so pleased with it. 
At first I was a bit challenged by wearing it – almost like having a homeopathic aggravation.

After 5 or 6 hours I felt much supported by it, and a badly sprained ankle I had sustained a few days earlier really seemed to heal up.” Marion Pawson, NZ” 

Some suggestions on how to use our Embedded crystals
  • Put them with your P.e.bal or Negater Shell which will include their properties in their energy field.
  • Use them for healing.
  • Make stunning jewellery with them.
  • Use them in craft work.
  • Put them in bowls, dishes or on plates to make attractive displays.
  • Use them to nurture plants.
You probably have your own innovative ideas – let us know about them and we can share them in our next newsletter. But however they are used they will be working their bit of magic. Wonderful. 
“Well – we got the p.e.bal and the Negater shell from you last week. I discover I have a new husband. He is really happy, peaceful and never gets irritable – quite different from the person I have been living with for years. I think as the amount of technology that he was dealing with each day increased, he got more and more irritable. Recently he had been wearing a headset for the phone… the nightmare never ended. Until now.

So I am still amazed and every day I go home wondering if this new person is still there.. (he works from home).

My daughter has the shell in her room, and is a more peaceful person generally.

So you have yet another happy customer and now I may well ask this question in every consultation and sell a load more. Well done guys – a stunning product”. Kate Fitness BSc, Dip. Hom, Natural Medical Centre, Orewa, New Zealand 

What is RFID and AIDC and how does it affect you?

RFID is short for Radio-frequency identification. It is now being used by millions of people in all kinds of ways. It is used for Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC)

Using electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects their use is becoming….
Read more
New stock just arrived
Passport RFID blocking sleeve which f
its most biometric passports. You can carry your passport in busy places without fear because this will protect you from identity theft. There is no busier place than airports where identity theft is rife!

For the next 3 days
A FR*EE credit card blocker
With every Passport RFID sleeve
Last chance to enter our draw to win a Nu-Me confidential protective pendant.
This is the biggest value FR*EE prize draw we have ever had. So don’t miss out. 3 Nu-Me confidential pendant winners and you can choose which pendant you prefer – A Zing, Elan or Pizazz. The draw will be mid August.
Answer this simple question – you will find some help here….
“What does the Nu-Me pendant protect you from?”
And email your answer to margie@life-energy.org
There will be 3 winners – yes – 3!

Watch this space to see if you are one of them.

“Have just been tested on a bio meridian machine for the first time since I have been wearing Nu Me Élan pendant and there is a great improvement, especially with my immune system Thought you would like to know” Mary Pepper, USA


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Newsletter August 2016

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