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  • August 3, 2017
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* First time ever 13 only Chi-shell seconds, * The Quantum Scalar Box, * How can you help your family cope with EMF?, * Ask a question, * Lots of RadiSafe phone shields to win, * Congratulations Two Nu-Me Natty winners, * Life at L.E.D
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Wealthy people are little more than janitors of their possessions.


Lloyd Wright 1865-1959



What is the QSB? Why is it revolutionary and will it change people’s lives? Watch David’s video and find out.
These are the first slight second Chi-shell key rings we have ever had. It was the result of the extreme cold weather which caused a slight marbling on the resin backs when they were being made. Energetically perfect they are still very beautiful. There are only 13, and we know they won’t last long at this low price – and – there may never be any more!
Helping your family to stay healthy, despite the huge amounts of EMF we all have to cope with in this technological age, is a challenge – get a few tips from our video to help.
Did you enter our competition to win a Nu-Me Natty pendant? Check to see if you were one of the two winners. There is also a new competition with four prizes which greatly increases your chances of winning, so go on have a go. We even help you with the answer.
When we find something good here at L.E.D. we like to share it so we have let you into the secret of our latest tipple which isn’t alcoholic – but I supposed anything can be doctored – if you have a go, and like it, let us know. 





The Quantum Scalar Box.






Interested in our QSB frequency generator? Email david@life-energy.org
Watch here


How can you help your family cope with EMF?.






Watch  here
Or read here

Ask a question




Q. Will your protection products be effective for 5G?
A. Yes, they will offer protection but until we get 5G and can test it we can’t say if you will need more product to give adequate protection or we will have to increase the processing speed/capacity of our existing products.
5G is not good news and we will be subjected to it without thought for our health or the health of all things on the planet. Progress? I doubt it. But as we don’t have a say in it we have got to cope with it!

Have you any thoughts or questions on this topic? Email margie@life-energy.org


Lots of RadiSafe phone shields to win

Congratulations Two Nu-Me Natty winners




Click here to see if you are a winner……

We have some unclaimed prizes to see if you have won one of those



Life at L.E.D




We have discovered a nectar of the Gods’ that not only takes us to realms of pleasure that is usually reserved for Gods’ and the like, it has health benefits too. We discovered it in a tucked-away café where after big plates, of not so healthy, fish and chips we couldn’t face caffeine – or even ice cream desserts.
Turmeric and ginger latte. 
In a largish cup/mug put:
  • ½ teaspoon powdered turmeric
  • ½ teaspoon powdered ginger
  • ¾ fill a mug with boiling water
  • sweeten with honey, stevia or sugar according to taste.
  • Gently heat almond, oat or milk of preference. Do not boil.
  • Whisk milk. Alternatively use a milk frother and skip #5
  • Pour into the mug
  • If you like it shake on some cinnamon for extra benefits and taste.       (NO, chocolate isn’t an alternative here! If you do try it though, and     like it then – why not – it’s YOUR taste of heaven.)



Thinking of you,


Margie, David, & Jo.

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