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  • August 1, 2013
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*NEW Snappy watches only $5.99
*Only $29 – Sodalite dragons that bring Joy to the wearer!
*Join us on — for our weorkshop with a difference incorporating QTB sessions
*Two winners of a 4 pack of Radisafe phone shields
*How safe are x-ray machines?
*Frequently asked questions

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August 2013

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NEW Snappy watches only $5.99


Only $29 – Sodalite dragons that bring Joy to the wearer!


Join us on — for our weorkshop with a difference incorporating QTB sessions


Two winners of a 4 pack of Radisafe phone shields


How safe are x-ray machines?


Frequently asked questions    



x ray X-rays are an accepted part of life and we probably don’t give them too much thought until we need to have one. This of course happened to me when I broke my ankle and it got me thinking…


Breaking an ankle, or any broken bone, sure does expose you to more x-rays than are good for you. And probably more than necessary. But in the agony of pain and the quest to get it over and back to normal functioning it is easy to overlook the harm it is doing.


My falling down the stairs was such a silly accident, well aren’t most? Read more…..


Having an x-ray for medical reasons is one thing, but being exposed to ionising radiation by x-rays machines by airport security is quite another.   


Travellers beware. X-ray body scanners used in airports that use  “backscatter” technology were banned from 14th November 2011 by the European Commission so why are they still in use in the United States? Read more…..

New Snappy watches only $5.99 for our newsletter readers 



Funky and fun our new Snappy watches promise to bring a smile


At only $5.99+pp for our newsletter readers they are an ideal gift.


snappywatch With five great colours to choose from these Snappy watches are great for presents, to make sure your kids know the time, or even to accessorise with your own wardrobe. The watch mechanism will fit into your Snappy bands.*   


Put the code “watch” in the discount code box when ordering.


You can pass this offer to friends and family but be sure to give them the discount code.


Sorry this offer will not process with any other discount or code. This offer closes on 31st August.


*Nu-Me Snappy inserts will not fit into the watch strap bands.


An Energy Healing Workshop with a difference


We have been asked, and asked about doing a workshop that incorporates our Quantum TrailBlazer (affectionately known as the QTB) into a hands on healing workshop. At last we have got it together and organised a weekend that will be relaxed, fun and HEALING. And will of course include scalar wave sessions with our QTB machine.


The work shop is on the at find out more here ……. 



If you can’t make this workshop because  of distance please let us know by emailing david@life-energy.org We intend to take this workshop on the road!  

Sodalite Dragon $29 for Newsletter readers only for 2 weeks only

For our Newsletter readers with an eye for style and romaticism we are offering our
Sodalite dragon pendants embedded with scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies for only $29


sodalite dragon A crystal pendant whose beautiful dark blue Sodalite encased in a silver dragon brings peace and joy to the wearer.


Sodalite is said to be an excellent stone for bringing mental clarity and encouraging rational thought. It is also said to calm the mind allowing new information to be processed and taken in.


Sodalite is said to bring joy to a heavy heart and to encourage self-esteem, self-trust and self-acceptance.


To get this special price put “dragon” in the discount code box when ordering. You can of course pass this offer to your friends and family but make sure that you give them the discount code.


Sorry this offer will not process with any other offers or discounts.


The offer ends on 31st August or until stocks last.


My red agate pendant arrived today and I LOVE it!  Put it on straight away.  I’ve also been playing Solfeggio music for days so feeling totally blissed out.  Thanks Guys!  You are amazing!”  Caitlin Van Essen on Life Energy Solutions Facebook page


Win a family pack of 4 RadiSafe Phone Shields


radisafe 4pk This month we have two family packs of 4 RadiSafe phone shields to give away. Enter our ridiculously easy question and go into our draw.


“What do we embed in our RadiSafe phone shields?”


You can find the answer here: Radisafe this probably makes them the most powerful and protective product of its kind.

Answers to margie@life-energy.org Please don’t hit the reply button as your answer may get lost in the maize.


“I purchased some RadiSafe chips from you for Christmas presents for my family, who are blown away with how they can now talk on their cell phones without the redness and heat emitted from them. Anyway, I now have chips on my computer and laptop at home. All I need now is a couple of p.e.bals”.  M. Boyle, NZ


Frequently asked questions



Q.  As a practitioner how can I use my p.e.bal/Negater Shell?


A. Let your client hold the p.e.bal/Negater Shell or put it underneath your treatment table or chair. This will allow the energy to reach its highest healing potential. It will of course help you, the practitioner, to stay balanced and not be adversely affected by any negative energy associated with the healing practice or client/patient. You may have a technique or practice to protect yourself from negativity, most practitioners do, but your p.e.bal or Negater Shell will do this automatically.  


If you would like to recommend or sell our products to your customers/clients/patients email david@life-energy.org 


“We appreciate your attention to and education about healing energies, and love being able to supply our patients/clients with such quality products. My job sitting amidst computers and office machines all day is certainly easier since I keep my p.e.bal near me. My energy stays stronger longer since we brought it in, and patients notice the “goodness” emanating from the pyramids. We run a healing business, and do as much as we can to have our energetic environment match the quality of service we offer our patients. thanks for helping make that possible”.  Mary Londos, administrator for Thom Rogers, DC

How often do you experience opposition? It is so easy to lose enthusiasm when your ideas, thoughts, or beliefs are challenged. Being “put down” can put us off. Don’t let it. Keep your fervour and go for it – whatever it is. Listen and stay true to what your heart is telling you – it’s on your side. Also let the Einstein’s words give you courage.    


“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”  Albert Einstein

Stay true to you,

The life Energy Designs Team

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