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  • August 14, 2019
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POWER P.e.bal Offer

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This week’s offer is to provide you with the level of protection that is needed in todays world of increasing EMF radiation. Plus, our NEW Stainless-steel Nu-Me pendants are available in four meaningful designs that will give you maximum protection on the go.
Facing 5G when struggling to live with the existing 4G can be daunting, but should we become so fearful that we give up? Or should we fight it? The video ‘Wireless wake-up call’ by Jeromy Johnson is a must watch even though our readers are already awake to the dangers.



If you are fed-up with being less than you could be because of health issues, stress, insomnia, anxiety or depression have a look at our  QSB offer that’s especially for our readers
Have you entered our  competition to win a Nu-Me protective pendant yet?














This offer is for 7days only and can’t be used with any other discount code or offer.
The POWER P.E.BAL with advanced technology provides a continuous EMF protective field for 36 meters protecting all the people and animals within it.
The RadiSafe phone shield eliminates 80+% of the ionising radiation being beamed into the head and body when taking or receiving calls on cell and cordless phones.














Stopping 5G
 and how to live with 4G



People are running scared. The world is fuelled on fear because it is reliable control mechanism. We can buy into it, or not. The choice is ours.


Every day we get emails from frightened people that are looking over their shoulders at shadows. They are swallowing all the reverberating fear mongering and running scared. Now I’m not saying that there isn’t a lot to be concerned about, but concern is not fear.
5G is a monster that is being foisted on us by the very people that are trying to frighten us to death. This time their tune is somewhat different to suit their agenda. They are extolling all the virtues of having 5G and keeping silent about the dangers. It suits them. They are still controlling us. But it will only work if we let them. When in fear mode we can easily forget that we do have a choice.
Do we have a choice about 5G?
All of us have an inbuilt safety system, …read more…













‘Wireless wake-up call’  Jeromy Johnson 

















Nu-Me Pendants 







Special price for limited period only.
Four meaningful designs, in hard wearing stainless steel.  These NEW Nu-Me Skinny pendants take EMF protective jewellery to a whole different level. Stainless steel works exceptionally well with our unique technology which means these are some of the most powerful Nu-Me pendants we have yet produced. A greater protective field is especially important when dealing with the higher levels of EMF that most of us are now experiencing.



Just a note to say that I am finding the Power p.e.bal and Nu-Skinny necklace great.  I am sleeping much better and have more energy. I work in an office from 8am to 6pm so the necklace is great for there also. I am not as tired as I used to be I have recommended them to my family.” D. Dennison, NZ










Special QSB price for newsletter readers only






Because we have built up a relationship with you, our newsletter reader, we want to make sure that, because you are on the journey to improve your health and wellbeing, you have the opportunity to invest, at





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August News (3)

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