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  • April 3, 2019
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  * THIS WEEK – 25% OFF SNAPPY/NATTY’S PLUS FREE SNAPPY BAND, Webinar TODAY with Freddie Kimmel in New York, * What are the types of EMFs and how they could be affecting your health, * In my opinion, * Win a set of Zen Stones with two runner-up prizes of HOPE stones.

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It has been an exciting time at LED, but then it is always exciting and full-on here. We have our very special
25% discount offer on Snappy/Natty’s this week, so we are preparing to be extra busy as they are not only the ideal
EMF protection for school kids but the young at heart love them too.




The Webinar which includes our interview with Freddy Kimmel with webinar offers is TODAY. Places are limited so be sure to book your seatearly.
Our article What are the types of EMFs and how they could be affecting your health?Gives you more information to help you to deal in todays world of extreme exposure to EMF radiation.
Have you entered our competitionto win a set of Zen stones? There are also two runner prizes of HOPE stones.


















This offer is for one week or whilst stocks last for a Snappy set or a Snappy Natty set. The FR*EE band colours vary, and we are unable to fulfil requests for colours – sorry. This offer can’t be used with any other offer.



Webinar TODAY



Wednesday 3rd of April

at 2PM



with Freddie Kimmel in New York as part of his Beautifully Broken Podcast.




We recently did an interview with Freddie Kimmel as part of his Beautifully Broken Podcast. It was a great interview with Freddie being an expert and interesting host.
We talk about how Life Energy Designs had its origins in a remote Kenyan fishing village and how we got to where we are now. We also talk about our technology, the dangers of 5G and our QSB.
We are making it available as a live webinar so if you have your own questions then you can ask them during the event which we will be introducing and be available throughout.
We will also be giving a custom discount available as our thank-you for joining us – it will be valid for all our products.
Webinar will play at 2PM TODAY Wednesday 3rd of April.
See here for your local time.




What are the types of EMFs and how they could be affecting your health.




Do you know about the different types of EMF? What exactly is this radiation and is it harmful to us? If so, is there any way we can protect ourselves? Read this article here, to answer all these questions and more……





QSB news
We have just received our 4th order of QSB’s from the manufacturer in Christchurch where our thoughts lie with the people who are still reeling from the shooting on 15th March.  There is already a waiting list for the new stock.


Practitioners are not only using the QSB with their clients they are also selling them. The QSB family is ever growing.


Also QBS owners are getting friends over and having sessions – de-stress, healing and some fun is happening in the comfort of people’s homes. If you want to do this and make an income you can become an affiliate-
join here….
If you don’t have a QSB yet our Newsletter exclusive offer is still available to you.




Get 15% off your QSB purchase PLUS a FR*EE upgrade pack.
Use the discount code QSBfifteen




In my opinion


Everyone seems to be looking over their shoulder these days. Trust seems to be a thing of the past. Suspicion’s critical eye is caste over everything – in my opinion.
Of course, we are encouraged in this by the media with their endless negativity and fear mongering. Now I’m not saying that there isn’t some nasty stuff going on in the world. Some so horrible that it is mind blowing. Evil is undoubtedly out there, and sometimes disguised as good and even holy. This is concerning but if we focus on it, we overlook the good, the honest and the majority – in my opinion.
From time to time we get questioned about the symbols on our
POWER P.E.BALWhen we first designed it fifteen years ago, we wanted the engraving on it to be meaningful and attractive. We wanted to create something that wasn’t only serviceable but beautiful. A lot of time and thought was put into it. Most importantly we wanted whatever symbols we used to reflect what the POWER P.E.BAL stood for and our intent – healing, protection, the life force and infinite love.
Occasionally, and sadly increasingly, these symbols and therefore our intent have been challenged. All a sign of the suspicious, mistrusting life style that is being encouraged – in my opinion. Now I am not so naive that I don’t know that symbols have been bastardised and are now represent things that they were never intended for. That some religions teach that symbols are sinful. But to those that have doubts about the symbols we use on our
POWER P.E.BAL I say that they have the highest and purest intent – ours – behind them.
Oh, suspicious doubters please put away your fears, and if you find our products work for you enjoy them and look at their design without questioning them any more than you would a glorious, innocent bunch of roses.
And be assured that we have your best interests at heart and are here for you.
If you have an opinion about this or on any related subject email
Win a set of Zen Stones with two runner-up prizes of Hope stones


The Zen stones are not just beautiful and trendy – they are very powerful EMF protective/energy balancing devices that carry special messages. You can own a full set by entering our FR*EE prize draw.


Its simple!





Thinking of you,

Margie, David, Jo and Naomi

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