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  • April 15, 2012
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15% off all Copper Nu-Me pendants
*Win a silver Nu-Me Pendant
*Links between EMF and cancer – research report.
*Need cancer be a killer?

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April 2012

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15% off all Copper Nu-Me pendants


Win a silver Nu-Me Pendant


Links between EMF and cancer – research report.


Need cancer be a killer?




Cancer is THE word that is uttered in hushed tones. It’s a death sentence? Isn’t it? Those that suffer it could have it tattooed on their foreheads because it is how they become identified “Poor Joe with cancer”. Just the word terrifies the begeezers out of most people. But why? Is it because of their ignorance and their own mortality staring them in the face? But then we are all going to die sooner or later – that’s the way we are made.

 To read more ……..


 Evidence that EMF and cancer is linked


Our late Dr Neil Cherry who did extensive and conclusive research on EMF said it all:    

Low frequency electromagnetic fields, whose frequencies, harmonics and sub-harmonics coincide with the range of frequencies used by our brains, hearts and cells. Subtly and  at extremely low intensities, they strongly interact, through resonant absorption, with primary functions of our bodies with significant elevations in depression, sickness and death.
Click on this link to read the whole report: Evidence that Electromagnetic fields from high voltage power lines and in buildings, are hazardous to human health, especially to young children.


The p.e.bal winner is..

Congratulations Sally Beautista in the U.K on winning the competition to win a p.e.bal please send us your mailing address. The correct answer to the question “What hormone is depleted by EMF and is necessary for sleep?” was Melatonin


If you didn’t win the last competition have a go this time. You know what they say “you have got to be in to win”

 Win a silver Nu-Me personal protective pendant.  


Answer this easy question and your name will go in the hat to win a silver Nu-Me pendant the size of which you can choose.


“the technology in the Nu-Me Pendant is the same as which other Life – Energy product?”


You can get a little help here http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/nu-me/ 


Answers to  margie@life-energy.org  


I must say that i am very impressed with the quality of it. and after i put it on i felt as though i was in a ‘bubble’.” Rayesh Peswani, India


This competition will be drawn at the end of May.



 15% off copper Nu-Me pendants  


Only until the end of the month we are giving a big discount on copper Nu-Me pendants of 15%.


Energetically there is no difference between the copper and silver Nu-Me – both are stunning and do a brilliant job of protection from all forms of EMF radiation. So if you have been debating about getting one please don’t delay as this offer is only until the end of April or while stocks last.


When ordering use the discount code aprilcopper


Every single person that I have introduced to the Nu-Me pendant wears it continually during each working day – many wear it to bed, such is the feeling of balance, calmness and protectiveness that they receive from it. Many have echoed my own experience that not wearing the pendant is an invitation to experience a “bad hair day”. Michael Australia  


Have your say  


Email: margie@life-energy.org 


As Mum always says “If you don’t use it you’ll lose it”


With smiles,


Margie and David.


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