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  • April 3, 2014
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*BIG DISCOUNT for 5 days only on Nu-Me Natty Pendants
*Town bans Wi-Fi and electromagnetic sufferers are flocking there.
*How bullies steal your energy – video blog
*Your comments on the Panic Attack blog
*Be in to Win a Nu-Me Protective Pendant of your choice


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April 2014


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Save $$$$ on a Nu-Me Protective pendant





The Nu-Me Natty is the affordable protection for kids and adults alike.  This offer makes it easier to protect the whole family.

Beat EMF – be well.


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Don’t miss out as we can’t afford to repeat this offer.  Stocks are very limited.  The offer ends on 13/4/14. 

“I had the first headace I’ve had in ages a few days ago.  It was on and off for two days.  As I lay on the floor with my fingers on my temples I realised that the last two days were the first time I’d taken off my Nu-Me pendant.  My 3 yr. old son had broken the clasp and it was waiting to be fixed.  I promptly fixed it, put it back on and the headaches have disappeared.  Nice.”.  Kate, NZ

Town bans Wi-Fi and electromagnetic sufferers are flocking there.

A small town in West Virginia has banned wi-fi and is proving a popular with people suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity – a condition in which sufferers become physically ill with EMF exposure.

According to Britain’s Daily Mail, these “Wi-Fi refugees” are making the move to Green Bank, a tiny place located inside the U.S. National Radio Quiet Zone which was established by the FCC in 1958 to “minimize possible harmful interference to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory” located there.

Many of those heading to Green Bank are suffering painful symptoms when they are near cell phones or any Wi-Fi devices– complaining of burning skin, chest pains and bad headaches, amongst other symptoms.

Any way I had forgotten what it felt like to be in the throes of a panic attack. I am pretty laid back about most things. Well that’s a lie I cope without panic. That is until I did a very ordinary thing that I have done dozens of times –

How bullies steal your energy.


We meet bullies anywhere and everywhre.  This short video may help you deal with their enerery stealing tactics.  Have a look.  


Stealing Energy - Bullying


Your comments on the Panic Attack blog


Thanks to all of you that commented on my Panic Attack blog.  It resonated with many.  It was also great to get the feedback that those that used to get regular panic attacks have overcome it by wearing an Nu-Me protective pendant.


Hearing from you is always a pleasure and really spurs us on.  As I have said before we can be a bit isolated in our ivory tower which poses as a rather messy, crammed-bang-full offices that do have redeeming view over the sea to Auckland city centre.  Not that I have time to look out of the window – except when I am day-dreaming!


So comments, opinions or just a hello to any of our email addresses will be very welcome.  We will share them and not be competitive as to who is most popular – honest!


A recommendation, worth sharing, we received in relation to Panic Attacks was Magnesium.  Our doctor is a great fan of Magnesium Citrate powder, not capsules, and we have been taking it for ages.  But do a google search and always consult your chosen health care practitioner.  But even though my magnesium levels are good I still had a panic attack when I forgot to wear my Nu-Me protective pendant! So ……… never forgotten it since.  

Be in to Win a Nu-Me Protective Pendant of your choice 


This is your chance to win a Silver or Copper Nu-Me protective pendant – and you get to choose which one, even from the confidential range.  All you need to do is answer a very simple question and you will find the answer here : Nu-Me

“What can Nu-Me protective pendants do for you?” – There are several answers to this one so have a go.  If your name is not in the hat you can’t win!

Send your answers to margie @life-energy.org.  It is always a pleasure hearing from you.

This competition will be drawn at the end of April.

“I have lots of EMF and I wear the Nu-Me during the day, sometimes though I forget to upt it on and get really tired.  Putting it on then is too late but I put it on anyways.  Thanks for the product and the chance to win one or your great products!!”  P.R, New Zealand



So much is judged now-a-days by money.  Few are self-sufficient enough to live without it, but for those of us who can’t – should we allow it to rule our lives?  Holding on to it tightly as if there is not enough to go around.  Afraid of poverty.  Yet perversely it is this fear, by those that have money, which actually causes the poverty.

“Money is like love; it kills slowly and painfully the one who witholds it, and enlivens the other who turns it on his fellow man.”  – Kahil Gibran

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Margie, David and Jo

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