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  • April 10, 2017
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* Powerful protection, discounted P.e.bal plus 2 FREE RadiSafe, * Smart Meters causingwave of mysterious illnesses, * Smart Meter removal, * Prize draw winners, * Win a set of 3 Zen Stones, * Frequently asked question, * New Product – Solfeggio Music CD.

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“Any cupcake consumed before 9AM is, technically, a muffin.”
Brian P. Cleary

Are you smart? About Smart meters that is. As Smart meters become more common, so does the correspondence we get with concerns about them. A must watch is our Blog that highlights some of the health dangers that Smart meters create. We also share our own interesting, if long draw out, experience of having a Smart meter removed. Our Special offer today is the best solution for dealing with the radiation from a Smart meter plus the solution of ionising radiation being beamed directly into your head. Congratulations to our prize draw winners of a P.e.bal and Chi-Shell. Our big new prize draw to win a set of three Zen stones, there is a frequently asked question and something we hope will inspire. Enjoy.


Smart Meters
causing wave of mysterious illnesses.

Watch here
Or read here

Smart meter removal

It’s gone. It took a while but the power company took responsibility for this and compensated us by waving the fee. All is good again in paradise without a smart meter!

As many of you already know we bought a rural property in an Eco village awhile ago. A bit remote, reachable only by a long winding ironstone road where the cell phone signal is iffy at best, making all cell phone conversations uncertain as if they will get finished. Being cut off before signing off is a betting game there.

But – believe it or not, and we hardly could, we had a smart meter already installed in our new home.

The company already providing power to the property, read more……

Prize Draw Winners


To see if you are one of our prize draw winners click here

Life at Life Energy – Jo’s domain


Win a set of 3 Zen Stones
Enter our prize draw and be in with a chance to win!!!

Frequently asked question.

QI ordered the N-Me skinny a few days ago. I have the snappy right now it has really helped my anxiety. Can I wear both at the same time or just one at a time do you recommend?? Have you had other people with clinical anxiety get better from this as well??

I’ve read on the website but Does this product somehow reduce electrical activity in the body?

Truly thankful for your product.  How long do they last ?? cheers.

PS= If I keep getting better I might play golf again as I had a chance to play pro at the highest level before my anxiety set in.

A. We have helped many people with anxiety and even those who don’t consider themselves to have anxiety feel calmer with our Nu-Me pendants. 
You probably won’t find additional benefit with wearing your Snappy alongside your Skinny – although you will likely feel some improvement with the Skinny over the Snappy as it will be sitting on your central meridian, which offers some benefits. The Skinny is a stronger device as well. There is no harm in you trying them both together. Worst case scenario – you might feel a little dizzy for a short while with no other benefits. Best case – maybe a slight improvement, although we don’t really know for sure (as each individual responds slightly differently) and would welcome your feedback if you do try it.

The Nu-Me will protect against EMF but will not affect the electrical activity in your body.

It will last indefinitely (assuming you take care of it – although it will keep working even if it no longer looks its best).

It would do my heart good to read that you feel well enough to play golf again. Please share if you do.

New product – just arrived
Just arrived – a new Solfeggio CD “Wave of Light” by Jonathan Goldman.
this isn’t just music, it benefits your whole being.! Numbers are limited
Listen   here

Caring about you,

Margie David and Jo

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Newsletter April 2017

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