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  • April 17, 2019
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Everyone’s talking about 5G. And so they should. We have been given a positive spin on all the benefits – but – there is lot we haven’t been told. The New Zealand government have stopped the 5G rollout by Chinese contractors. They suspect it is planned to be used as a spying system by the Chinese government. It isn’t just about EMF radiation, although we mustn’t underestimate the devastation that will cause, the video 5G – It’s a weapon systemis a must watch if you want to know what 5G is really all about.




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Did you miss our interview with Freddie Kimmelas part of his Beautifully Broken Podcast?


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5G – It’s a weapon system.


We are going to share a video with you which might be hard for some of you to watch. If you take on board what is being relayed here, then you might find your world view being challenged – particularly if you are of a mind that “the system” we are living in is basically benign and there to serve our best interests.
There are many who are reading this who have already “taken the red pill” (a Matrix movie reference meaning to have gone eyes wide open to what is happening in the world). For others it might be a doorway to going down the rabbit hole with Alice.
If you are still reading then I would recommend that you take the time to watch this video on the basis that knowledge is power and that the more power we have as a collective means the more power we have to stop this destructive technology from being rolled out to the detriment of everybody’s health and well-being.
5G has already been banned in Brussels – the first major city to do so.
The question now is why isn’t my government / council blocking this in my country/city?
STOP PRESS; State of the Nation is reporting that a one trillion class action lawsuit is being filed in the U.S to stop the roll out of 5G 
Click the image below or HERE







Missed our live Webinar which included an interview with Freddie Kimmel?




Did you miss our recent interview with Freddie Kimmel as part of his Beautifully Broken Podcast? It was a great interview with Freddie is an experienced and interesting host.

We talk about how Life Energy Designs had its origins in a remote Kenyan fishing village and how we got to where we are now. We also talk about our technology, the dangers of 5G and our QSB. Afterwards we answered the questions from our audience




Healing With The QSB
One thing that the QSB does very well is to help remove stress from the body, the mind, and the emotions. It’s kind of like a very deep massage and just like a massage it has the potential to release those tense knots that hurt while it’s happening but feel great afterwards. When these tense knots are energetic in nature -possibly due to past trauma, negative beliefs about ourselves, or energy blockages in the body-they can be anchor points for illness. When combined with other factors such as ongoing stress, food toxins, and EMF pollution we can become very sick with a whole range of illness.


Whilst we should all be looking at cleaning up our diets, managing stress, and protecting ourselves from EMF, an effective and often key approach is to “massage” and release these anchoring knots within our energetic system. This is where the QSB comes into its own. Regular sessions will “massage” us at all levels with the very powerful healing Solfeggio frequencies. When the knots are getting released it can be painful for a while -particularly if we have carried them for a long time. This is called a detox reaction and it represents a healing release. It is a very positive thing.


A detox reaction can be a sharp pain at the site of an old injury or a deep sadness or emotional outpouring. It is short term pain for long term gain, but it can be a bit scary if you don’t know what is happening.


If you are ready to massage and release some deep-seated knots as part of furthering your healing journey, then our 15% offer and f.r.e.e upgrade* offer is still available to our newsletter readers to purchase your own QSB.*The upgrade kit provides access to a forum where you will get help and support for your healing journey.


“By the way loving the QSB:-) Both my husband and had quite full on effects to begin with -headaches and strange aches and pains. We knew it was working its magic. I love it -, especially for my mediations. I can’t wait to have the time to explore different frequencies tailored to our own needs. Haven’t introduced it to my psych-k clients yet -want to play around with muscle testing for individual use etc first. Thanks to you and your team for creating such beautiful products :-)”Hester, NZ




Get 15% off your QSB purchase PLUS a FR*EE upgrade pack.
Use the discount code QSBfifteen




Ask us a question.


Q. I was wondering if you can help me with a question with regards to the Power P.E Bal that I purchased. How does one differentiate between the New Power P.E Bal and the original P.E. Bal? I don’t see “Power P.E Bal” anywhere on the pyramid I received. The engraving on the pyramid which I received I only see “the P.E Bal” and at the bottom on the sticker I also only see “the P.E Bal”.
So, I’m just wondering if there is a way for me to identify which model of the P.E Bal I received? Because the Power P.E Bal with a radius of 36 meters will be wide enough to protect the whole house but the original model with a smaller radius probably won’t.
Also, I just thought of another question with regards to both the P.E Bal and Nu-Me Natty, Does the EMF protection/ energies last forever? Or does it only last for X number of years then it needs to be changed? Thank you.
A. We only produce the new POWER P.E.BALS now. They have the same label on the bottom, but the engraving has been refined so looks slightly different. Probably most noticeable if the original p.e.bal and POWER P.E.BAL are side by side. The case of the POWER P.E.BAL is stainless steel so looks very different from the original P.e.bal.
We have not changed the basic design or labelling of the p.e.bal because that is its registered brand which is well known and used around the world.
If taken care of all our products will last forever as there is nothing technically to ‘wear out’. Our technology in all Life Energy Designs products does not produce anything – it moves energy, thus creating a harmonious energy field that protects against any unbalanced, negative energy which includes EMF protection. See how our products work here…


Want to have your say? Email
In my opinion


Just around the corner from home I hit temporary traffic lights in the form of high visibility vested, hard hatted men with stop/go signs. More road works I muttered to myself. But I was wrong. The major traffic disturbance was because a new cell phone tower was being erected on a lamp post right opposite very nice properties that were obviously some-one’s pride and joy.

Now when they had bought, they probably had given thought about the location. EMF radiation was likely also a big consideration and here they are now, without consultation or forewarning, with their property price just plummeting, and so to, and more importantly, has their health.

Cell phone towers appear on public buildings, schools, hospitals, libraries, medical centres leaving me open mouthed in wonder – and disgust. Now we all know that big fat rents are paid to private individuals for housing these towers but – in my opinion – shouldn’t we have some say in it? Shouldn’t there be some system in place so that we can object. After all it is our health, and maybe wealth, at stake here.

What is most frightening – in my opinion – is that this is just the tip pf the iceberg. When 5G starts being rolled out there will have to be cell towers on EVERY lamp post because 5G is a completely different animal from our existing 4G. People are falling over and becoming very ill now, with 5G it will be genocide.

In my opinion we all need to wake up to the reality of the situation before it is here en-mass when it is too late to undo what has been done.

Did you watch the video
5G – Its a weapon system? You ought to – for – in my opinion – your own good.

If you have an opinion on this or anything related email
margie@life-energy.org so that we can all share.


Win a set of Zen Stones with two runner-up prizes of Hope stones


The Zen stones are not just beautiful and trendy – they are very powerful EMF protective/energy balancing devices that carry special messages. You can own a full set by entering our FR*EE prize draw.


Its simple!



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