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  • April 23, 2018
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* Mother’s Day – Every day, Nu-Me Skinny Tri-curl offer – discount and fr*ee gift,
* Doctors Warning,
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* Ta-Ra-Ra – The Zen stone winners are:,
* Win a P.e.bal with a runner-up prize of a Ki-bal,

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When nothing goes right – go left.
We have missed Mother’s Day in some countries but here in New Zealand it is on 13th May, but we figure that Mothers are so precious that every day is really Mother’s Day. Every day we give them a loving thought, a hug, a text, a helping hand. We have this special mum’s offer so that you can give them something to keep them safe – and let them know how much you love them as well. 
Nu-Me Skinny Tri-Curl


Special offer







Doctors warning









“I had been working with this Cocker Spaniel for 2 weeks. When he came to me he was biting everybody and completely out of control. I had gotten him to the point where he had stopped biting but was still very agitated and barking at everyone non-stop. I gave him three sessions with the QSB and he is now completely placid and even-tempered – Amazing!!”  Deb – Animal Communicator Australia.



We are still coming down from our QSB event in Waipu. We had a fantastic group of people attend who asked some great questions.

Talking to people and providing context for the QSB, followed by a live demonstration proved to be the ideal way to introduce the technology and get the QSBs to the people who needed them the most.

For those who wanted a longer QSB experience or ongoing sessions, there are now 2 resellers / session providers in the Northland region. If you want to trial the QSB and live in reach of Auckland, Kaiwaka, or Waipu, then you can get in touch with either Maggie or Philippa.



Maggie – Kaiwaka, Mangawhai, and down to North Shore Auckland: maggie.kays@gmail.com or 0212573119
Philippa – Waipu, Whangerei : info@philippaross.com or 0212437474

We filmed the event and will be providing copies to our resellers so that they can provide mini QSB events in living rooms/ small venues anywhere. If you are excited about the possibilities of the QSB, and would like to join the team, help us get this technology to where it is needed in your area / country, please get in touch with me directly: david@life-energy.org

We will also be doing live QSB webinars so watch this space!

If you are already convinced of the value of the QSB to your and your family’s wellbeing, you can take advantage of our newsletter-only offer of 15% off+ a f.r.e.e upgrade kit by using the code QSBfifteen


Ask us a question




Q.I have a Solfeggio-embedded crystal pendant. Does this give me personal EMF protection?
A.  The short answer to your question is “not really”. It will help with your immune system and offers a range of healing frequencies but for EMF protection you really need a technology to move energy combined with a crystal – a Nu-Me, Ki-Bal…..


If you have a question email margie@life-energy.org




Ta-Ra-Ra – the Zen stone winners are:






Click here to see if you are a winner of a Zen Stone or one of our unclaimed prizes.





Win a P.e.bal with a runner-up prize of a Ki-bal











Thinking of you,


Margie, David, Jo and Naomi

Newsletter April 2018

Newsletter April 2018

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