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  • April 6, 2013
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*Great Ideas for Mother’s Day – Limited Edition Solfeggio Charged Crystal Pendants
*P.e.bal Prize Draw Winner
*Special Insider Offer – 2 fr*ee Radisafe with every P.e.bal.


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April 2013


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Great Ideas for Mother’s Day – Limited Edition Solfeggio Charged Crystal Pendants


P.e.bal Prize Draw Winner


Special Insider Offer – 2 fr*ee Radisafe with every P.e.bal.



Be Careful What You Ask For!


The Universe answers our requests all the time: “Put it out to the Universe” is a well-worn mantra when something is perceived as missing from our lives. Well it might pay to be very specific when doing this as Margie just found out.


“I need a break” was her cry in response to a long stretch of seemingly endless work, problem-solving, and responsibilities of every flavour.   

The break came in both her tibia and fibula after a night-time slip down the stairs not what she had in mind!


On the bright side she is getting to put her feet up and have some much-needed rest but at the price of pain, hospital visits, and lifestyle restrictions, which are not on anybody’s want list.


So, that is why you are getting to hear from me at the top of this newsletter instead of Margie. As you can imagine this has set back a few projects and delayed a few emails so please bear with us whilst we get through this patch.


I am now ready for my own break – but hear this Universe (I am very clearly visualising a Fiji beach with a cool drink in my hand!!).


Margie’s mishap hasn’t stopped us from introducing a 3 stunning new solfeggio crystal pendants this month and putting together another great insider offer. I hope this is what you were wishing for!!


Have a blessed day,





Great Ideas for Mothers Day –
Solfeggio Charged Crystals 





We have a Limited Edition of 3 new Crystal pendants, charged with solfeggio frequencies to suit all tastes. They would make ideal gifts for Mother’s day which is fast approaching.



Natural White Jade Dragon Crystal Pendant embedded with solfeggio frequencies.


solfeggio silver white jade dragon White or Cream Jade – is used to direct your energy and


assist in concentration by filtering out unwanted distractions



The dragon is a symbol of wisdom, ferocity, fortune and royalty, and any sculpture embodies these varied meanings as well.

Measuring 20x32x17mm











Silver Leaf Natural Picture Jasper Rectangle Pendant embedded with solfeggio frequencies


solfeggio picture jasper


Picture Jasper is a form of Brown Jasper. It is a grounding and harmonizing stone with a strong connection to the earth.  



Picture Jasper’s grounding energy can give you a strong sense of who you are, where you’ve been and where you are going. It is said to encourage creative visualization, creativity and business pursuits.


Measuring 20 x 26 x 6mm








Natural Amethyst Cross Pendant embedded with solfeggio frequencies



solfeggio amethyst silvercross

Amethyst is purple quartz, and is a meditative and calming stone. It benefits the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience, and peace.





Measuring 32 x 44 x 4.70mm













We know you will just love all of these stunning pendants, that is why we are offering them to you for just:  


$39 each or 2 for $69


So whether you are ordering as a gift for Mother’s Day, any other special occasion or just treating yourself why not take advantage whilst stocks last.


Order now before stocks run out to avoid disappointment.

Go here for more info. and to order.

“I love my solfeggio crystal pendant, wear it all the time, seems to have made me so much calmer since I first put it on. Wouldn’t be with out it now” …..Frances Simpson, NZ


P.e.bal Prize Draw Winner


Congratulations to Darlene Nicholls on being the name pulled out of the hat. Please email your postal address to jo@life-energy.org so that we can get your prize to you.



If you were not lucky this time don’t despair why not take advantage of our Special Offer below.



“Enjoying my pendant and pyramid. I have found that even on the second day of me having the pyramid at work people seemed to be more friendly to me, even a person who has been disapproving of me in the past. Laughing is happening! – E Alison, NZ



Special Insider Offer – 2 fr*ee Radisafe with every P.e.bal



If you were not lucky enough to win our P.e.bal prize draw why not take advantage of this Special Insider Offer.

With every P.e.bal ordered we will give you 2, yes 2 fr*ee Radisafe Phone Protector Chips till the end of April. That’s a saving of $58.

To get your fr*ee Radisafe just put “Free Radi” in the special instructions box when you place your order. Don’t forget to put it in or you may lose out!

Please do not use in conjunction with a discount code as your order will not be processed.

Offer closes 30thApril.
“For beautiful eyes look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone” – Audrey Hepburn.


Have an awesome day,

The Life Energy Team.


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