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  • April 10, 2019
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  *ENDS TONIGHT – 25% off Snappy/Natty’s with FREE band, * How EMFs could be spoiling your good night’s sleep, *Missed our live Webinar which included an interview with Freddie Kimmel? * The QSB and sleep, * In my opinion, * Having your say, *Product seconds that are now available, * Win a set of Zen Stones with two runner-up prizes of Hope stones.

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Schools abound with EMF. Sitting in a classroom all day means that pupils are sitting targets from injurious levels of radiation. This is the LAST DAY to get our Snappy/Natty deal. They are robust enough to take the hard knocks and trendy enough to want-to-wear and will provide enough EMF protection to keep your kids safe in school and everywhere.



Are you struggling to sleep at night, and you can’t understand why? The answer might be closer than you think. Read our articleto find out.




Don’t be disappointed if you missed our recent interview with Freddie Kimmel as part of his Beautifully Broken Podcast, you can watch it here.
Stack our Zen Stones and create a very large protective energy field. Enter our competitionto win a set.















This offer ENDS TONIGHT. The FR*EE band colours vary, and we are unable to fulfill requests for colours – sorry. This offer can’t be used with any other offer.


Received my Natty on 7 Jan. I had a bad headache coming home from work and I immediately put it around my neck. Low and behold, my headache went away within 5 minutes. Can this be so? I felt so at ease as if I was in a bubble. Everything was clear and calm. I have slept with it and I can feel the difference when I wake up. Very energetic. Thank You so much! It will always be a part of my life. It will be worn EVERY DAY!!!!!Regina Spence, UK





How EMFs could be spoiling your good night’s sleep.






Missed our live Webinar which included an interview with Freddie Kimmel?




Did you miss our recent interview with Freddie Kimmel as part of his Beautifully Broken Podcast? It was a great interview with Freddie is an experienced and interesting host.
We talk about how Life Energy Designs had its origins in a remote Kenyan fishing village and how we got to where we are now. We also talk about our technology, the dangers of 5G and our QSB. Afterwards we answered the questions from our audience.




The QSB and sleep
The QSB uses the basics facts of life to do its job. It understands us and works with us to right the wrongs in our lives. Insomnia is definitely wrong for our health and wellbeing. Below is some of the feedback we have received about the QSB and insomnia.


If you don’t have a QSB yet our Newsletter exclusive offer is still available to you.


“Loving the QSB I purchased from you recently. My insomnia of the last 5 years has completely disappeared since the first night I started using it, as has my digestive issue. Quite miraculous and instant!!!!” Lisa S, Lower Hutt.

“I mainly purchased a QSB for my insomnia, as I have major problems with sleeping. Has been a major issue in my life for many years. I have tried everything imaginable. Under recommendation, I have the QSB on a timer for when I go to bed for 70 minutes and again in the morning before I rise. The results happened on the first night. I now look forward to bedtime instead of dreading each evening. Had forgotten how a good nights sleep felt. I am a different person already and its only been a week.

Debbie, Waipu, New Zealand.





Get 15% off your QSB purchase PLUS a FR*EE upgrade pack.
Use the discount code QSBfifteen




In my opinion
Guilt: the fact of having committed a specified or implied offense or crime
Quite a severe dictionary explanation of guilt. For most of us guilt is the uncomfortable feeling that we have done something wrong or haven’t done something we should. That we are lacking in our ‘duty’ somehow. For a lot of people, it is an unexplained presence that is there most of the time.


Now – in my opinion – I think that it is an unconscious pattern created in us as youngsters. All those guilt trips adults created when they chastised our ‘naughty behavior’. All the impossible standards imposed upon us. The never-ending criticism society in general makes about us, and everything.


Whatever causes it – it is a plague. And causes discomfort and misery throughout our lives. It invades and takes away our happiness. It is impossible to rationalise. Probably because it has absolutely no foundation. We mostly learn to just put up with it – in my opinion.


Yet we know that it doesn’t serve us. It is futile and stops us living life to the full. But we continue because how do we actually stop – feeling guilty.


Emotions, feelings, are energy. When these emotions are deep seated, they are very difficult to release. As we now know that there isn’t anything else, but energy, consciousness and information. So, using this knowledge to overcome our feelings of guilt is the only sure way to be successful.


The Solfeggio frequency 396 provides the information and is the frequency for liberating fear and guilt. The
QSB produces these as
Scalar Waves , alternatively known as life energy or Zero-point energy. The consciousness is provided by the higher self and these combined are the perfect remedy for stopping all the irrational guilt we feel. The emotion (energy) of guilt is rooted out and flushed away.
If you have an opinion about this or on any related subject email
Having your say.


I have just picked up my new pendant and it is now dangling round my neck. The package arrived surprisingly fast. You guys don’t mess around! I am really pleased with the workmanship, it looks as good as the Web photos. Two thumbs up to the craftsman/woman and designer.


I’m glad I stumbled upon your company. Money well spent. Thanks Alex


Want to have your say? Email
Product seconds that are now available



From time to time we get a few products that are not quite up to our high standards, but aesthetically are still pleasing. Energetically they are perfect. These we offer to our newsletter readers only at a greatly reduced price.


Win a set of Zen Stones with two runner-up prizes of Hope stones


The Zen stones are not just beautiful and trendy – they are very powerful EMF protective/energy balancing devices that carry special messages. You can own a full set by entering our FR*EE prize draw.


Its simple!



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