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  • April 13, 2016
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* Mother’s Day flash sale, * Mother’s Day gifts for pocket money, * Mother’s Day memory and protection offer, * Win a protection package, * How old would you be if you didn’t know how old youe are?, * Frequently asked questions.

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> Frequently asked questions.


The 8th May is Mothers’ day in Anguilla, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, Bonaire, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Curacao, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Honduras, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Suriname, Switzerland, Taiwan, The Netherlands,
Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, Zimbabwe

Our special Mother’s day offers are to say – together with you -‘Thank You’ not only to our own Mums’ but to all the mums’, not only in these countries but everywhere around the world. We send love and hopes that they will receive all the blessings that life holds


Mother’s Day offer for 3 Days
Nu-Me Skinny Knot pendant 
With a FR*EE Rose quartz stone embedded with Scalar waves in an organza gift bag.
*Rose quartz is the stone of love!


This offer can’t be used with any other offer or discount and finishes on 21st April or whilst stocks last.


“What can the pendant do? It helps with my health. I notice I am more tired if I don’t wear it. I have seen it affect the babies I hold close to me when they hold it. Very calming.  I have worn one for nearly 10 years. Helps with immunity.  It helps keeps energy to myself when I need it. I love my pendant thanks.”  Karyn, NZ




Mother’s Day gifts for pocket money!
For 5 Days only
Lucky Dip crystal pendants
Embedded with Scalar waves
These crystal pendants are a lucky dip of any of the crystal pendants shown on our website at $29 – $39. This is a genuine sale, all the crystals are pre-wrapped and selected randomly by Jo.
All crystal pendants come gift wrapped in a gorgeous organza bag.


This offer can’t be used with any other offer or discount and finishes on 23rd April or whilst stocks last.


“I love my solfeggio crystal pendant, wear it all the time, seems to have made me so much calmer since I first put it on. Wouldn’t be without it now.
Life Energy Solutions Facebook page. Frances Simpson, NZ



Love and protection


Mother’s Day Discount
Chi-Shell with a Rose Quartz (love) crystal


Both embedded with Solfeggio frequencies


For 3 Days only, or whilst stocks last.


This offer can’t be used with any other offer or discount and finishes on 21st April or whilst stocks last.
The Chi-Shell is a beautiful reproduction of a real sea shell. It reminds of sunny, family days at the beach. Rock pools, sand between toes and jumping waves or wading in the shallows. And that is just the beginning………… its BIG protective field protects from EMF and all unbalanced energy. What more loving present can you give to your Mum?
And there is more……. The Rose Quartz stone – symbolising love and embedded with Scalar waves in the Solfeggio healing frequencies is a lovely reminder of you every time she holds it. When it is next to the Chi-Shell its properties are included in the energy field.
The Chi-Shell is designer art and doesn’t look like a functional EMF protective product at all. With enhanced technology that generates a protective field of 12 meters (approx. 12 yards) radius. Men, women and children will all love it. Keep keys on it, attach it to a belt, bag, computer bag, kids’ school bag, or even use it as a desk or table-top ornament. Take it to bed and put it under your pillow – it is great for insomniacs.
As ordered energetic beings (which Quantum physics has proved
) any energy that is unbalanced including EMF adversely affects us. Many holistic health-care professionals say that EMF radiation can be detected in nearly all people they treat. Research proves that EMF radiation can cause anything from tiredness to life threatening illnesses.


Win a protection package – a P.e.bal and RadiSafe phone shield
For April we have a great EMF protection package to win – a P.e.bal and RadiSafe phone shield. Just answer this very easy question – you can even find the
answer here.


“How many P.e.bals do you need in most homes or workplaces?”


You have got to be in to win!





We appreciate your attention to and education about healing energies, and love being able to supply our patients/clients with such quality products. My job sitting amidst computers and office machines all day is certainly easier since I keep my p.e.bal near me. My energy stays stronger longer since we brought it in, and patients notice the “goodness” emanating from the pyramids. We run a healing business, and do as much as we can to have our energetic environment match the quality of service we offer our patients. Thanks for helping make that possible.” Administrator for Thom Rogers, DC, USA



How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

My Mum, at ninety four, is a great inspiration. She suffered a minor stroke a couple of months ago which is putting an end to being able to live alone and fiercely independently. It has impaired her short term memory. Rather than getting her down and depressed it has given her another new incentive to grab this precious life by the horns. Her new mantra is “Mind over Matter”. She says that she still feels eighteen when despite the Second World War devastating so many lives she, like many other, worked in a munitions factory by day and danced at night behind black-out curtains or in an air-raid shelter.

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?
When I read this it made me think. Our hearts are eternally young – we all know this. Sadly our bodies are not!! But it is our mind that orchestrates everything we do and are. A powerful tool which can either enhance our life or bring us to our knees. Makes us feel young and vital or aged and decrepit. Age isn’t just about years then is it? It is about our attitude? 
Thoughts are…..
Read more……


Frequently asked questions
Can I wear my Nu-Me pendant with other crystals or crystal jewellery?


Absolutely. The properties of the crystals will be included in the energy field of the Nu-Me pendant. And don’t forget that the Nu-Me technology will cleanse your crystal – so it will benefit from being near your Nu-Me and so will you!


“I am loving my Nu-Me!!! Never felt so calm.” Linda Mandala, Canada





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