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  • April 11, 2018
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* Slight seconds now available,
* Last day of launch offer,
* Press are now reporting the dangers of cell phones,
* QSB Event in Waipu,
* Ask us a question
* We messed up.

Read now for news, tips, and insider special offers for life energy products, healing, protection, and well-being. New mobile-friendly format.

We never have enough seconds to fulfill the requests because they are an inexpensive way to buy the protection needed in this EMF intensive world we live in. But we don’t make seconds! They are the result of our strict standards. As every one of our products are hand crafted here in New Zealand there are sometimes flaws that wouldn’t even be noticed by an untrained eye. With the demand for our products growing Nationally and Internationally we are producing more which increases the opportunities to buy. But our jewellers are good – very good, so we still can’t promise a supply of seconds. We still have a few remaining from the last order inspection. They are energetically perfect and do their job just fine.
It is strictly first come first served.




We are introducing the new versatile ways of the Nu-Me Natty/Snappy
With this offer.


Designed for children – worn by adults.


 Press are now reporting the dangers of cell phones.






Read the article


Thanks Adriana in Massachusetts, USA for sending us this information.
We always welcome your news, views, feedback and information – email


QSB Event in Waipu




Today we are a little bit bleary-eyed after a great weekend QSB event in Waipu, Northland, New Zealand.


If we had any doubts that the world is ready for the QSB and the business of getting down to some serious healing, then this went away during this event.


People travelled from as far away as Auckland (2 1/2 hour drive) and included wholistic healers, doctors, and interested people from the region.


We have already had some great feedback and there are a few more people benefitting from the QSB’s healing frequencies.


One thing that we have realised is that we will never be able to reach everybody who are interested to learn about the QSB by doing events this way…


So we will be doing live webinars where you can view the presentation and ask questions directly. We can’t give the QSB experience over the internet but our 30 day money-back guarantee means that you will be able to trial the QSB risk-free. As more and more centres open up around the world offering QSB sessions, we will be able to point people to a local agent to trial the QSB prior to purchase. Watch this space!!


Latest testimonial:


“I sprained my ankle quite badly coming down the stairs the other week. This sort of injury can take quite a while to heal, I know. As a woman in my seventies, they can take a little longer. Anyway, I had the presence of mind to start using the QSB right away. Well, I could feel some serious tingling going on in my ankle during treatment. After 2 days, yes 2 days, it was completely healed – Amazing!” Jenny, South Island New Zealand.
To start benefitting from the QSB right away, we still have an active offer for our newsletter readers.
Use the code QSBfifteen to get 15% off and the inclusion of a f.r.e.e upgrade kit.




Ask us a question




Q. I am suffering from severe post-partum anxiety and insomnia. Do any of your products help with this? If so what product would you recommend?
A. I sincerely believe that this technology will help you to a great degree and we have had much feed-back to support this.
The product I would recommend is a Nu-Me. We have multiple designs to choose from but our strongest and most compact is the Nu-me Skinny (3 designs) :


If you have a question email margie@life-energy.org if we share this with our newsletter readers, as some may need the same answer, we will not share your name.




We messed up






Sorry to all of you that were awaiting the results of the great draw prize to win Zen Stones. It should have been drawn at the end of March – we missed it. Watch this space for the winner in our next newsletter and the next prize draw. Any wants as to what the prize should be- email margie@life-energy.org






Thinking of you,


Margie, David, Jo and Naomi

Newsletter April 2018

Newsletter April 2018

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