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  • July 31, 2019
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Our NEW Stainless-Steel Skinny Nu-Me protective pendantsare now available – and at a special Launch Price which includes Multi-buys.
Are wireless headphones dangerous?Maybe it’s wise to get the information before using them?













Nu-Me skinny pendants
At a 





We have limited initial stock for the launch of our new Stainless steel Skinny pendants in  four fabulous designs to suit all tastes, in hard wearing stainless steel. These NEW Nu-Me Skinny pendants take protective jewellery to a whole different level. Stainless steel works exceptionally well with our unique technology which means these are some of the most powerful Nu-Me pendants we have produced. Their greater protective field is especially important when dealing with the higher levels of EMF that most of us are now experiencing.
Our special launch price is for a limited period only.
“I received my pendent today. It’s more beautiful than I had anticipated. I will enjoy wearing it for a long time to come. My sincere appreciation to you and your colleagues.” Robert, USA












Having your say about electrosensitivity
“I really love your products. I am extremely EMF sensitive and your Nu-Me Skinny pendant, Negater shell and P.e.bal allow me to live a more normal life. Thank you so much.”Emily Wickerham, USA




If you want to have a say email margie@life-energy.org











Wireless headphones are all the rage at the moment. A huge number of different brands are releasing wireless options to the mass market, which are being swept up by consumers. People from all walks of life love the convenience of these products and are generally happy to have invested their money…  read more….












Sleep Secrets





“I find keeping well hydrated is most important for me to get a good night’s sleep. If I don’t get enough water during the day I have a terrible night. I have passed this tip on to my friends and they have all found it really helps them too.”  Debbie.
Thanks, Debbie, for sharing your secret. If  you have a sleep secret to share email margie@life-energy.org













Special QSB price for newsletter readers only






Because we have built up a relationship with you, our newsletter reader, we want to make sure that, because you are on the journey to improve your health and wellbeing, you have the opportunity to invest, at an reduced price, in the ultimate Scalar  healing device, designed by David and developed over several years.


“Loving the QSB I purchased from you recently. My insomnia of the last 5 years has completely disappeared since the first night I started using it, as has my digestive issue. Quite miraculous and instant!!!!” Lisa S, Lower Hutt.


You can read other experiences with the QSB here…













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