Natural Pain Relief with EMF Devices

Natural Pain Relief can come in a surprising package.

Many People Get Natural Pain Relief with EMF Devices

My friend Anna had a splitting headache that wouldn’t go away she told me when I phoned for a chat. “It’s been going on for days and driving me mad”

Being a totally natural health freak, in the nicest possible way I knew that whatever she tried had to be a natural cure for a headache without drugs or painkillers of any sort.

She has always worn our Nu-Me EMF protection pendants and in fact uses all of our EMF protection devices and owns just about all of our EMF protection products . I have often joked that she is on EMF protection over-kill.

So I asked if she had tried her Nu-Me protective pendant on her head. She laughed and then gasped because laughing had increased the level of her head-ache “I wear it 24/7 so what’s the use of putting it on my head?” she didn’t sound at all convinced.

“Even better put a p.e.bal on your head.” I told her

“O great” she replied “Then I will look like a loon.”

“OK suffer” someone either wants to find a solution for pain – or suffer. And I wasn’t in the mood for persuasion. Experience has taught me that no amount of advice will be accepted unless it is welcomed.

“Can’t talk anymore my headache is stopping me from thinking. I’ll try your natural headache cure – and it’s only out of desperation.” Anna put the phone down and I got back to work.

A couple of hours later, it may have been less or a little more I was so absorbed that time became meaningless, the phone rang and it was Anna again.

“It’s gone”

“Your cat” she has an amorous full blown Tom-cat that goes on walk-abouts for days, for a split second I had forgotten our previous conversation.

“No. My headache, it’s gone completely. I put my p.e.bal on my head like you said, even though I thought you were barmy, and it’s gone. Thank you so much.” I could hear the genuine gratitude in her voice.

“You’re very welcome” I told her while smiling to myself.

So the moral to this story is; pain relief can come in many guises. Never make a judgement on a natural pain cure unless you have tried it. It may just be easier than you think!

PS the Nu-Me EMF protective pendant and p.e.bal do a great job of EMF protection, energy balancing, de-stressing and generally improving your wellbeing and health also.


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