Pyramid (p.e.bal) and Nu-Me balances energy and protects against EMF/EMR -while accurate- doesn’t tell the full story

Pyramid (p.e.bal) and Nu-Me balances energy and protects against EMF/EMR -while accurate- doesn't tell the full story

Every single person that I have introduced to the Nu-Me pendant wears it continually during each working day – many wear it to bed, such is the feeling of balance, calmness and protectiveness that they receive from it. With tongue-in-cheek I have suggested that they might think of taking it off “lest they wear it out” only to be firmly put in my place – many have echoed my own experience that not wearing the pendant is an invitation to experience a “bad hair day”. As one who accesses life energy to help others transform their current reality, I would not ever think of working with another person if I was not wearing my Nu-Me. I value beyond words its support and protection. To me, it is far more than an attractive item of jewellery – in accessing the energy of life itself, it enables me to subconsciously communicate with that energy, receiving guidance and support. No-one else touches my Nu-Me!!

The P.e.bal has to be experienced in order to understand what it does. Describing the pyramid as a device that “balances energy” and “protects against EMF and EMR” – while accurate – certainly does not tell the full story of the pyramid’s capabilities. I describe the pyramid as a “serenity tool” for the house or workplace, in that it simply removes from the environment those negative energies which contribute so much to the daily stresses and angst we normally experience. How the pyramid works at an intellectual level has been described in the literature that David and Margie supply. How the device works at a consciousness level is another story – suffice to say that it powerfully connects each being within its radius to the universal consciousness that surrounds us all and – having got rid of negative energies – allows us to access the loving energy of creation. The proof? – take the pyramid out of the workplace or home for a few days and see what happens! If you prefer to be bathed 24/7 in an atmosphere of calmness, happiness and creative focus you’ll quickly return the pyramid to its place within the home or office and regard it with love and even reverence. It is a magical device!

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