Mainstream EMF News!

Mainstream EMF News!

Wow, what’s happened? It seems like forever that we have been shouting out about the dangers of EMF to a small audience of people who are either sensitive and hurting or aware and educated about the dangers. Now the mainstream media seems to be doing this job for us. “hooray” is all I can say. Now we can focus on providing EMF protection solutions until everybody gets their acts together and rework our electric toys to be safe. When this happens I will retire and move to a villa in Tahiti!

The other week there was a bit about the dangers of cell phone towers and how they are affecting people nearby. Here is a short clip from this program courtesy of TVNZ

Tonight, less than 2 weeks on there is another show dedicated to the health dangers of EMF. Their promo reads:

Is Your Cell Phone Killing You?, Wednesday, June 22nd at 8:30pm.

We’re constantly surrounded by radiation – from cell and cordless phones, wi-fi internet, cell towers, powerlines, and even from our electric blankets. Could this invisible radiation cause a devastating public health crisis? Is our new technology the new tobacco or asbestos?

Every call you make on a cell or cordless phone is pumping radiation straight into your brain. Every hour your kids spend in a wi-fi enabled classroom is an hour spent immersed in a fog of electromagnetic forces. Our homes are bombarded by high-voltage power lines and from cell towers camouflaged as lamp-posts; even our hair-dryers and electric razors are exposing us to radiation.

Is Your Cell Phone Killing You? explores disturbing research suggesting our exposure to everyday electromagnetic fields could be hazardous to our health.

Electromagnetic radiation is now being linked to a host of serious health problems – ranging from depression and miscarriage to Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

Many scientists and health professionals are now warning that our long-term exposure at levels well below the existing safety standards could result in a massive global public health crisis – worse than crises caused by tobacco or asbestos because we are all exposed.

But how much truth is there to these claims? Find out when Inside New Zealand: Is Your Cell Phone Killing You? screens – Wednesday, June 22nd at 8:30pm.

UPDATE: It was a great show. Very informative and clearly highlighting the dangers of EMF. If you are in New Zealand you can view it on demand here: Inside New Zealand Is your cell phone killing you?

Keep on keeping on, that’s what I say. Maybe we are heading for a world where people are EMF free and healthy. I hear Tahiti calling (or similar tropical paradise, I’m not too fussy)


Pyramid (p.e.bal) and Nu-Me balances energy and protects against EMF/EMR -while accurate- doesn’t tell the full story

Slap strap saves the day

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