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Wendy Myers: Hello, my name is Wendy Myers. Welcome to the Live to 110 Podcast. You can find me on Liveto110.com. And you can also find my detox program and learn more about that at MineralPower.com.

Today, we have a fantastic show for you all about EMF, electromagnetic frequencies, and a lot of very simple solutions to protect your body from EMF. We’re going to be talking with David Slinger, and his wife, Margie, about a few different devices that you can use to deflect EMF from your body or deflect it in your home, in your room.

And this is one of their little devices called the PE Balancer that I use in my bedroom. It deflects EMF while I’m sleeping. I found it really, really helpful. I really like these devices because there’s a lot of people saying, “turn off your wireless router” or, “get your computer or your cell phone out of your room while you’re sleeping.” And while that’s great advice, the problem is that there are so many other very strong sources of EMF. You can’t hope to just simply remove this thing from your bedroom at night or remove the alarm clock or whatever tips some people give.

You have to take things a step further.

And David is going to be talking in this podcast about the dangers of EMF and how they affect your mood, your sleep, and your energy, and also how they’ve even saved marriages, because when people start balancing their energy, they’re in a much better mood and they’re not fighting as much. We have a couple funny stories like that, a couple of client testimonials.

And we’re also going to be talking about the technology and how they use crystals that have metal coils in them. And then they’ve added a global scalar wave technology to them to make them work even better, enhance the energy balancing properties of crystals.

So, all that today in this show.

But before we get into that, we have to do the disclaimer. Please keep in mind that this podcast is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or health condition and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please keep in mind this podcast is for entertainment purposes only, so please consult your healthcare practitioner before engaging in anything that we suggest today on this show.

Please go check out my book if you haven’t already. It’s called Limitless Energy on Amazon. It’s all about how to detox toxic metals to end exhaustion and chronic fatigue.

Today, we have so many metals in our body and chemicals. And in this book, Limitless Energy, I talk specifically about the toxic metals that poison enzymes that transport nutrients into your mitochondria.

Your mitochondria make your body’s energy. And if they don’t have the raw materials, those nutrients, to make energy, they’re not going to be able to produce the level of energy that your body is capable of.

I also, in the book, talk a little bit about EMFs and a solution to correcting some of the EMF damage. It’s our program called Bioenergetic Power with NES Health. And that’s definitely worth looking at. You can see that at UnblockingEnergy.com If you want to learn more about our bioenergetic program.

03:46 About David & Margie Slinger

Wendy Myers: Our guests today, David and Margie Slinger, started their journey of education and awareness about energy balancing and EMF protection in Kenya. While digging the foundations of their house south of Mombasa, they found human skeletons, human remains. They were living on a burial ground for slaves.

The place felt very bad. They had very negative energy. Creepydark and disturbed were words they both use to describe how the place felt. Margie would wake up with night terrors and wake up screaming. As they were financially committed, they couldn’t leave.

So, they started searching around for an answer. Online, they discovered the work of William Reich, a 1940s scientist who discovered a way to move life energy which is also called chi or prana.

After making devices and burying them not only on their plot, but in the caves where the slaves had been held before being shipped to the slave markets in Zanzibar, they found that they were able to shift the energy. They drop devices in the sea. They lived on the beach. The changes were apparent not only to the energy of the place, but also in their own health. Margie stopped having night terrors.

And so, their research and education on life energy and EMF continues today. They gave away devices. They monitor the results. They changed people’s lives.

When they moved to New Zealand, they started making and testing a range of devices. The first were handcrafted and worked wonderfully, but they were labor-intensive to make. This evolved the help of a local jeweler to their present devices that they sell today which are more powerful and have evolved from years of research.

You can learn more about solutions they provide at LifeEnergySolutions.com.

David and Margie Slinger, thank you so much for coming on the show.

David Slinger: Thank you very much. It’s nice to be invited.

Wendy Myers: Why don’t you tell us a little about your background and how you got into the health field?

David Slinger: Okay. Well, the story starts back in Kenya of all places. Margie and I were running a dolphin swim business, our own dolphin swim business. We were taking people out to swim with the dolphins in the local marine park. And that was happening in a place called—where was it?

Margie Slinger: Shimoni.

David Slinger: Shimoni, I’ve forgotten the name of the place. The shimoni is a Swahili word that means “the place of the caves.”

But the place had a very dark history. They used these caves to put the slaves in that were part of the slave trade before shipping them out to the market in Zanzibar. They left them in these caves for a week without food and water.

Obviously, some didn’t make it. The ones that did, they fed up and sent to the markets. The ones that didn’t, they actually buried on the plot that we built our house on.

So, if you know anything about energy, you can imagine these poor souls. They died in a particularly unpleasant way.

And all that energy was attached to the place that we built the house. We actually dug up some of the bones when we were building the house.

So, there’s a kind of dark energy about the place although there’s beautiful sandy beaches. We’re right on the sea palm trees. But we’ve had some very weird and unpleasant things happen to us in terms of what I would call a “psychic attack.” And Margie experiences night terrors, didn’t you?

Margie Slinger: Hmmm… yeah.

David Slinger: At the middle of the night, Margie would sit up screaming her head off. Of course, I was straight away awake. Anybody that’s experienced night terrors knows what this is about.

So, we knew we had a problem. We kind of knew enough at that time to put two and two together and associate it with the disturbed energy of the setting.

So, that was the beginning of our journey into exploring the technology which we’re working with. I found an open source version of the technology which is called Orgonite. I found instructions how to make it and made some made some devices. I put those around the house in the ground. I went into the village and went into the water table—I dropped some into the water table—into the cave system. And everything stopped almost overnight. Just the whole energy lifted. The contrast was quite amazing. Everything felt lighter.

And then, when we decided to move on from Kenya and come here to New Zealand, the thought that was planted was that this technology was pretty useful and could do with getting out there. That started our journey.

09:07 EMFs or electromagnetic frequencies

Wendy Myers: I’m really getting more into energies and bioenergetics and EMF and protecting our bodies from EMF and negative energies. And that’s why I wanted to have you on the podcast, to explore these really important concepts that a lot of people aren’t really considering and its impact on their health.

So, we’re going to talk about some of the devices that you make in a second. But let’s lay a little bit of a foundation.

What exactly is electromagnetic radiation or what’s also called electromagnetic fields or electromagnetic frequencies?

David Slinger: Right, okay. Any time you pass electricity through a wire, it generates a field. And there in the States, you get 60 cycles per second. Here in New Zealand and other places in the world, it’s 50 cycles per second.

And it should be a smooth sine wave. And our bodies can assimilate that. It’s fairly inert to our bodies.

But the problem is that it becomes polluted. As soon as you pass it through a motor or a computer or a television, what-have-you, it picks up random spikes. And there’s no pattern to those spikes, but they are they are generating their own fields.

So, what’s happening to us—for most people, it’s on a subconscious level because we’re not conscious of it happening—is that, constantly, we’re detecting this noise.

So, if you can imagine, if you could hear it, that somebody was playing a drum or some loud punk music or whatever and just turning it on and off, and on and off, at random. That’s being detected by our body, and it’s putting it under stress. It’s destabilizing us.

That’s the most common form of EMF that we’re experiencing, the dirty electricity. But there’s also stuff that comes from microwave towers, our cellphone networks, we have WiFi transmitting in frequencies that can actually jam our bodies. And we’re just living in a soup with levels of about a hundred million times that our grandparents experienced.

So, two generations, hundred million times more, no long-term studies being done, and people are now really starting to feel it.

But what’s happening is that we’re getting sort of the canary in that coal mine syndrome where people with sensitivity are not able to live in the modern world anymore. That’s extreme.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I think it’s a huge reason why people are unwell today and are more susceptible to pathogens and infections and reduced immunity. There are so many health issues people are having today like low energy, they can’t sleep.

And for me, I moved from Malibu on the beach to Central Los Angeles, and I felt great. And within about six months, I was just dragging—dragging around, I would wake up in the morning exhausted, not sleeping well. My health took a downturn. And for whatever reason, I just wasn’t clueing into the fact that was EMF.

And that’s why I want to bring a lot more awareness to people about EMF and give them tools that they can use to help their body, protect their body, and improve their health as a result.

13:04 How EMFs affect our bodies

Wendy Myers: And so, also, EMFs can include the computers that we use. Our cell phones emit EMF. Our electric smart meters, that signal is 25 miles from our house to tell the electric company how much energy we’re using. And so, this EMF, how does it unbalance energy in our bodies? And how does that affect us? Why do we need protecting from it?

David Slinger: Well, the main problem with EMF is it represents chaos. And we are an ordered energetic system.

The eastern traditions are very familiar with our energetic systems, and we’re starting to wake up to that here in the West. We’re designed to have a balanced energetic system. And you’re basically throwing chaos at it.

So, what happens is that the immune system gets very busy trying to rebalance us. But that is putting our systems under stress. And the stress is the key to all the symptoms and the illnesses. Any system under stress is not working efficiently. The immune system is overloaded, and therefore it can’t deal with viruses and bacteria coming along and doing the things that it should be doing. It’s just overworked, just allowing us to just function basically.

Wendy Myers: And so, by the energy systems, you mean like the meridians and the chakras?

Respondent: Yes, yes.

14:44 Life Energy Solutions

Wendy Myers: So, tell us about some of the products that you have and some of the technology that’s infused in them and that’s utilized in them.

David Slinger: Well, the root of our technology is with a guy called Wilhelm Reich. Wilhelm Reich was an Austrian scientist. He left the Nazis and ended up in the States. And he worked out that there was energy everywhere. And he called this energy, “orgone.”

And he worked out you could manipulate it by putting layers of metal and organic material together. And what would happen was you’d get an attract-release, attract-release, attract-release reaction going on. So that enabled him to focus this energy in one place.

And one of the things that he did is he made boxes outside in his garden with wooden metal plates, multiple layers.

You put people inside where they’ve got stages of cancer. And it cured them.

Now, people that know a little know that it’s quite politically sensitive to do stuff like that. There’s a lot of money being made in the cancer industry. And there’s a lot of factions that would want to stop him doing it.

And they did very effectively. They found an excuse to put him in prison, and they poisoned him. So that was the end of him. But fortunately, his technology lived on.

It really emerged in a format where people were mixing metal particles with resin and crystals. And that had the metal and the organic components within it which are bringing the energy in. And the crystal was working to balance it.

So, that was the root of the technology. Those are the devices that we made in Kenya to deal with our problem.

And we’ve taken it a little bit further from that. But that is the basic root. You’ve got Reich’s technology. You present life energy or “orgone” as Reich called it to a metal coil or a copper coil, it will follow that path and create a vortex.

And that accelerates everything.

So, you’ve got two components to the technology, one which moves energy. Any time you move energy from one place to another, you’re going to create a field. You’re going to hae a field around it. If you introduced crystals into that field, crystals will naturally balance any energy that’s out of balance. That’s why people have been using crystals for thousands of years, not just because they look pretty, but because they help balance our energies.

But if you put that in combination with something that’s moving energy wholesale, in a big way, then you’ve got something quite powerful.

So, it’s two very simple technologies, but combined, they have some very powerful effects. That will produce a round field if you were wearing it around your neck (like I have one of our pendants around my neck here). That’s putting a field over and above my own energy field. And that field, as I’ve said, is controlled by that crystal.

So, what happens then if I walk into an environment which has got any form of disturbed energy? And it works on other people’s bad hair days as well actually, which can be very useful. But any form of disturbed energy that’s coming in towards me is coming through this field. So if it’s chaotic, it’s starting to get smoothed out. So by the time it reaches me, it is no longer putting that stress on my system. It’s reducing it quite drastically.

So, that’s it in a nutshell. It’s very simple, but very potent.

Margie Slinger: But we also embed scalar waves into all our products, don’t we?

David Slinger: Yeah. That’s something that we’ve been doing over the last few years. We’ve been working with some Nicola Tesla technology which allows us to teach the crystals some frequencies.

If you vibrate a crystal with a certain form of energy with strong life energy, you can embed it with a frequency. And then, what happens is the crystals vibrate, continue to vibrate with those frequencies, and then become like a homeopathic resource.

So, it’s like having a homeopathic medicine cupboard hanging around your neck. And those frequencies are available to your consciousness, to your body when they’re useful to help heal a particular condition.

So, that’s something we’ve been doing as well recently.

19:55 The Pyramid Energy Balancer

Wendy Myers: So, I want to talk about one of the other products that you carry that I use. It’s the PE Balancer. And it’s this little pyramid for the viewers that are watching the video. It’s got a little pyramid. Can you talk a little bit about this product and how it works?

David Slinger: Well, it works using the same technology as I described in the pendant. It’s just a bit stronger.

So, our products fall into two main categories. There’s some overlap. But those are designed to protect a space.

They’re designed to be strong. And anybody that comes into that space—it could be a house, it could be an office—is then, within its energy field, receiving benefit from that.

So, the Pyramid Energy Balancer comes into that category. It has some fairly big coils. The more coils, the more winds that you have, the faster the energy moves, and the bigger the field—so the stronger the effect.

And it actually has a protective field of about 18 yards, roughly 18 meters. And that’s in radius. So, we’ve got 36 yards across. Most people live in houses smaller than that. So, if you put it in your house, basically, the whole house is covered.

Wendy Myers: Oh, fantastic, fantastic.

David Slinger: It creates a protected zone.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I was going to ask you if you maybe needed one for every room or something like that. But yeah, I really like this. And I have it actually next to my head where I sleep at night because I live, like I said, in Central Los Angeles, and there’s a tremendous amount of EMF stress that I was dealing with in the past before I got to these protective measures.

David Slinger: And has that helped you?

Wendy Myers: It has! It has, mm-hmmm…

David Slinger: Yeah? It feels different?

Wendy Myers: Yeah, mm-hmmm…

22:03 Other Life Energy Solutions EMF protectors

Wendy Myers: And so, tell us about some of the other kind of products that you have available for people to protect their bodies from EMF.

David Slinger: Well, the pyramid obviously is designed for a zone. We also have a new range of products which we’re calling Zen Stones. We’ll put them the right way up. And they come in three different sizes.

One’s got Love on it. That’s the biggest one. And then, we’ve got a smaller one with Peace and another one here called Hope. And these have different ranges and different functions. The small one, that Hope stone, you can put in your handbag and carry it around with you or put it on your desk while you’re working with your computer. It has a fairly local effect. Then you start getting bigger. The range increases and you start getting into more of a zone protection.

And you could even stack them all together. The ranges add up, so you get a very strong device.

So, if you’re dealing with some—let’s say you’re un fortunate enough to have a cell phone tower outside your house.

You might want to beef up the strength of the technology available. So then you could stack these together and increase the amount of protection that you have.

We also have little things that you can put your keys on, key rings. This is called the Ki-Bal. It’s a smaller version of the pyramid with a key ring on it. Put your keys on it, carry it around in your handbag or your pocket. It’s putting out that field, that energy field, around you.

And there’s another version of that. This is the Chi-Shell. Again, it’s got a key ring on. Put it in your pocket or handbag. They’re strong enough to protect the people around you as well.

We sell a lot of those to parents. Parents are getting quite concerned particularly here in New Zealand. We get quite a bit of feedback from the States as well. The schools are putting WiFi in. Everything is WiFi, cable-free. And the kids are generally more sensitive than adults to this stuff.

So, they can’t pay attention in class. They’re getting physical symptoms. And parents are obviously getting concerned. But the official line is that it’s not a problem, so that puts them at odds with the schools.

But what they do often is they buy these and clip them to the schoolbag. And then, that will give the child some good protection and also protect their schoolmates because the field is strong enough.

Margie Slinger: And these are great for the babies’ pram as well because the shape is quite tactile. Babies obviously can’t wear anything. But one of these clipped onto the pram or cot gives them all the protection that they need.

Wendy Myers: And I think it’s so important because we are so bombarded every single day with just very large amounts of electromagnetic radiation. There are so many studies coming out that are showing that EMF and cell phones are related to cancers and all kinds of different health issues. So, there is a lot of research that’s surfacing that’s outside of what any manufacturer of these kinds of products are doing. The proof is in the pudding. We have to protect ourselves.

David Slinger: Yeah. Well, even the cell phone manufacturers are putting in a small print in the instructions now that you should not carry a phone any closer than 10 cm—what’s that about, two inches—any closer than about two inches to your body for health reasons. So, that is there in the small print. They know that it’s coming. They know that people are waking up.

It’s a bit like the tobacco cigarettes. You went through a phase when it’s like three out of four doctors prefer Camel.

And then, you go through a little bit of denial. People are enjoying smoking and they say, “Oh, I don’t believe any of that nonsense.” And of course there’s a lot of industry pressure to keep everything quiet because they want to sell cigarettes.

Now, everybody knows that smoking is bad for you. And if anybody still wants to smoke, then it’s their choice.

The same process is happening with EMF. People are waking up. People are feeling the effects and putting two and two together. The research is being done. It’s slow, but it’s happening. The connections are being made with the EMF and the illnesses. But the thing is, unlike smoking, people don’t have an option other than to go and live in the cabin in the woods to get away from it. They’re bathed in it even if they switch everything off in the home. The neighbor’s WiFi is affecting them. The smart meter, they’ve got no control over it. It’s affecting them. The cell phone towers are affecting them. So there’s no off-switch.

Wendy Myers: There’s no off-switch. And I know people that are under so much stress, people that think that they feel stressed emotionally because of maybe their job or their work or finance or something like that, I think people don’t realize that they’re being hijacked. Their physiology and their mental capabilities and moods and things are being hijacked and affected by these EMFs.

And I think that’s why we have increasing rates of depression—it’s one of the reasons—and other mental and physical health issues that we’re seeing in increasing rates today.

28:48 Scalar waves

Wendy Myers: So, let’s talk a little bit about the scalar waves and exactly how you embed these into your products. I just want to elaborate a little bit more about that.

David Slinger: This is a technology we’ve been working with the last six or seven years. And as I’ve said, it’s a Nikola Tesla technology.

A scalar wave, as far as I’m concerned—people have slightly different definitions of this—is a life energy wave that’s being created. It’s generally being converted from electricity.

So, the way that our technology works is we turn an electrical pulse, an electrical frequency, into a life energy frequency. And that is the scalar wave. We have some special coils to do that.

Now, if you present this information to anything with the crystal in—the information being the frequencies—then the frequency will embed in the crystal. And the crystal will to continue to vibrate for a significantly useful period of time—not indefinitely, but it’ll certainly outlive us.

And as I’ve said, those frequencies then become a resource. So if you could get it hanging around your neck or in one of our space devices nearby, those frequencies are available for the body to heal.

Now, we don’t make any claims, any medical claims. Any healing that goes on is basically initiated by the self. That is the way that healing happens as far as I’m concerned. It is the self that does the healing. We can provide tools and information to help that process. And those frequencies, that information, is there as a resource.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. I mean, I 100% agree with you. Our bodies do all the healing. We just have to remove the impediments to our bodies’ functioning properly and our bodies’ energy flow and ability to communicate.

And so, the premise of all of this is, essentially, that our bodies have an energetic field. Our bodies work by energy.

We are an energetic body. We have mass. Obviously, our bodies physically exist. But our bodies communicate in our energetic sphere, in our bodies.

And that’s why EMFs affect us so dramatically. Our cells work by electromagnetism like Omega 3s getting into our cells. It’s worked by electromagnetism. And if that charge is thrown off by EMFs or other energetic issues, our cells are not going to work properly. Our bodies are not going to work properly.

David Slinger: Yeah, yeah. There’s more and more research going on to show these connections. And some research has been done here in New Zealand. What’s the name of the doctor that did the…

Margie Slinger: Neil Cherry.

David Slinger: Dr. Neil Cherry, yes. He discovered a connection between EMF and melatonin production. And of course, melatonin is crucial for our body’s repair cycle that happens while we sleep.

What he discovered is that the pineal gland detects darkness. So the lights go out, the pineal gland detects that, and it starts to produce melatonin for that night time repair cycle—and obviously, it’s involved in the sleep cycle as well.

If there’s a source of EMF nearby, the body cannot discriminate between the EMF and light. So, as far as the pineal gland is concerned, the lights are still on. There’s no reason for it to get busy.

So that is a very clear causal relationship between EMF and the workings of the body and illness. If your body doesn’t have enough melatonin to fulfill that that repair cycle at night, then you’re basically not getting fixed. Whatever’s going on, our body doesn’t have that opportunity to repair it. So it becomes a cumulative thing.

Margie Slinger: As we all know, melatonin is crucial for sleep and also for the T cells to prevent cancer. So this is why EMF is so disastrous and there is this increase in cancer and insomnia.

I mean, we’re finding that it’s an epidemic. People are not sleeping. And it’s all down to EMF really.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. And I did a little experiment where I actually started taking melatonin. And I could not believe how much better I slept. I realized it was because the EMF was impacting my body so much, I wasn’t producing melatonin or I wasn’t producing enough.

And melatonin is so important for detoxification as well. If you’re not sleeping, you’re not able to detox properly, and then toxins build up. Years and years and years of that add up to diagnoses and cancers and autoimmune system malfunction.

So, that’s why I want to bring awareness to this really, really important topic.

35:09 Metals and their properties

Wendy Myers: And another thing I wanted to talk about was—so, the pendants you’re wearing, it’s a crystal, and it’s got metals inside of it. Have you found that certain metals have better conductivity than other metals in providing more protection like say brass versus silver versus gold?

David Slinger: The pendants are actually cast with pewter which is almost a hundred percent tin which is very, very good at conducting energy. But it’s not particularly good to have next to your skin, so they’re then plated with sterling silver (and we still do some with copper).

But with the technology that we’re using, any metal would work with that technology. But the metal we’re using is very effective.

Wendy Myers: Okay, fantastically. And it certainly brings down the cost as well. I know there are some manufacturers, they’re using gold and silver and things like that that dramatically increases the cost. Do you think there’s any benefit to that?

David Slinger: Marginally. I mean, every metal has its own properties. Everything has its own vibration. And people will tell you that gold has as beneficial vibration to it as the silver and a lot of metals.

But compared with the strength of the technology we’re using, it is very subtle to the point of insignificance. We have toyed with the idea of making them solid gold. It would be for us a fairly certain fairly small market, people that would be willing to spend that kind of money to have this technology around their neck.

But the top technology, as it is, it’s very affordable and still very, very effective.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. I’ve seen some necklaces that are protecting from EMF, they’re solid gold. They’re $8000.

That’s a pretty hefty price. I’m just curious if that works any better.

David Slinger: Yeah, you might be able to sell some of those in LA. Yeah, we can talk about making some custom one for you and your market then.

Wendy Myers: We’ll talk about selling it in LA. There’s another company out there that makes them. And I just thought that that was special at all in any way.

David Slinger: We’ll leave them to that section of the market I think.

38:04 How effective are Life Energy Solution products

Wendy Myers: So, is there anything else that we’ve left out of the conversation that you’d like to add about EMF or your life energy products?

Margie Slinger: Well, I think it’s quite important because, obviously, this is an emerging market and people are becoming aware of it.

But one of the things that we continuously get from people is comparing one product against another. And we’ve found that, through this, people are asking what the technology is of the products. And we have been unable to find out what the technology is. So, people are left saying, “Well, are we being conned here? Do they work? Is this all a big con job?”

So, we have had our products tested. And we have got all our testing on the website, so that people can actually say that we’re not asking anybody to believe us. It’s been quite a journey for us.

As David said, we started off when we didn’t really know much. We had a problem, we wanted a solution for that problem. And from that, we got lots and lots of feedback from people—the main one being sleeping. People are saying, “Wow! I’m sleeping better.”

Our initial products that we made when we first came to New Zealand were handcrafted by us. And we used to go around the markets selling them. So, we actually were interfacing with people.

Now, a bit sadly, really, our market is worldwide, and we don’t get to meet people. So our only feedback is actually e-mails or phone calls. And our biggest market is the States which far outruns New Zealand or anywhere else. So, perhaps you guys are more aware of EMFs or perhaps you have more EMF or whatever—or more switched on, probably more switched on.

But first, it was people that started educating us. And then, we got to the stage where we’ve got to test these things to know exactly what is going on and what they’re doing. Although we give a guarantee, we don’t want anybody to have anything that is no use to them. Really, it’s more than a business to us. We want to change people’s lives. It changed our lives when it changed other people’s lives.

But the testing actually means that we can say, yes, we’re not asking you to believe that these work, we’re showing you that they do work. And we’re asking you to test them for yourself. If they don’t work for you, and you’re not happy, then that’s fine.

David Slinger: There’s some very simple biofeedback testing that you can to show that it instantly makes your body stronger. We’ve got a little test on our website. Anybody who contacts us, I’ll point them to it. But it just takes one other person that you can show.

One of the things that this technology does is as it extends your field out, it connects you to the earth. And that is very empowering and very strengthening. So, as soon as you put a pendant on, you’ve got that protection from EMF, which means that it strengthens you, but it also roots you into the earth’s energy which is very, very strengthening.

So, there’s a little test you can, a very simple test you can do to illustrate that.

Wendy Myers: And where can people find that test? What is your site name?

David Slinger: It’s LifeEnergySolutions.com. I’m just trying to remember the name of the page of the site. I’ll give it to you later, and you can put it in your information.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. So we’ll put that in the shownotes for anyone who’s interested in doing that biofeedback test.

42:49 Testing the Life Energy Solutions products

Wendy Myers: And so, let’s talk about the tests that you did. What kind of measurements did you use before and after your products were implemented or in use?

David Slinger: Well, unfortunately, there aren’t many instruments that will measure the energy directly that our pendants use. But the way that you can test it is through the body. There are plenty of instruments that will measure what’s happening in the body, stress in the body.

So, what we did (or what the testers did) is they took a baseline, and then they put somebody under stress with some EMF. And that could have just simply been handing them a cell phone. They could then see what that was doing to their bodies, to their energy, to show that it was destabilizing it. And then, they introduced the solution in the form of one of our pendants. They could then watch that counter the effects of the EMF.

So, biofeedback is key. And of course, that’s something we can do ourselves. We’re dealing with a lot of people that are completely aware of EMF. For most people, it’s just below the radar. But they’re aware that, at the end of the day, they’ve been using their computer, they’ve got a headache, they perhaps feel irritable, and perhaps not sleeping so well. Those are kind of like the early symptoms of EMF.

And then, what happens is, over prolonged exposure, the weakest links in the chain start to break. And that depends on your personal genealogy as to weaknesses in your system.

But there are people out there that’s very, very conscious of it. They will walk into a room, and they will know that the WiFi is on. They will know that somebody has got a cell phone in their pocket. And we deal with a lot of people like this.

And of course, they give us feedback. They put a pendant on. Those symptoms go right down.

So, we’ve got more testimonials than we really know what to do with, feedback from people that are completely aware of the problem. And as a result of that, they’re completely aware of the solution when it’s presented.

45:34 Success stories

Wendy Myers: So, why don’t you tell us about some of the success stories, some stories that you’ve heard of people improving their health after they started using your products.

David Slinger: We’ve got lots of those. Any of those stuck in your mind that you can think of…?

Margie Slinger: Yeah, I don’t know where to start really. I wish we got the testimonials in front of us or whatever. I mean, lots of them are on our website.

One that really sticks in my mind was a young girl that became electrosensitive because of the lighting at school. It really, really affected her. I think we don’t think about lighting. We think, “Well, it’s lighting,” or we think, “Well, yeah. It’s not so good. These energy saving bulbs, they’re not so good,” but we don’t really realize that something that’s almost as insignificant as that can make people electrosensitive.

She was 14. We met her almost in the beginning really, early days. Her mother was beside herself because this girl couldn’t lead an ordinary life. She was only 14. She got the whole of her life ahead of her.

She bought one of our products. And the girl could start doing normal things.

Unfortunately, with electrosensitivity, people can never go back to zero. They can never be cured. All they can hope for is that they can have their lives made easier, and they can live out a fairly normal life.

She was able to do things. She was able to go
to school. She was able to sort of go
in—she couldn’t even go in a [inaudible 47:53]. She couldn’t even ride in a car. And that for me was—my god, 14, that’s terrible. This is really awful.

We’ve got on our site, Margaret Lovell. She’s a famous UK sculptor. And she contacted us. She’s electrosensitive. And she’s been using our products for years now. Obviously, because of what she does, she was flying all over the world.

And she used to have to cover herself with this—not fabric…

David Slinger: Yeah, metallic fabric.

Margie Slinger: Yeah, to just be able to fly. Horrendous for her! We were able to help her in that she can live a reasonably normal life. She can do things. She can get on with what she does which is sculpting and travelling.

So, that’s two that come to mind.

One of the one of the big things—and David mentioned this earlier—was night terrors. We’ve got a 99% success rate with night terror. Now, we don’t know how it works. We don’t know. Nobody really knows what night terrors are.

And usually, they affect children. Horrific! It was very distressing for the parents because they can’t help the children. The children don’t know what’s happening. And usually, it’s young children.

So, this has been one of our most satisfying things, is that we can help these people, isn’t it?

David Slinger: Yeah. And it works almost instantly. One day, the night terrors are there; the next day, they’re gone. People are ecstatic. The amount of feedback we get, that’s really what we live for.

But another thing, one thing that sprang to my mind, is we’ve been credited with saving some marriages. And that is because people get stressed out. Stressed out people are not generally happy and joyful.

We’ve heard one or two women that contacted us and say we saved their marriages. They bought a pendant for the husband who is obviously working in a high stress, EMF-stressed environment, coming home very irritable, and just basically putting too much strain on their relationship. It just changed the dynamics completely.

Wendy Myers: Ladies, you heard it here. You should get a necklace for your husband, and you make him wear it.

David Slinger: Yeah. You ladies seem to be the ones that are more aware—on the whole. I mean, I’m not running down all the male population on the planet. But women are our best customers simply because they tend to be a bit more switched on.

The trouble with EMF is you can’t see it, you can’t smell it. And it’s a problem. If I can’t see it, I can’t smell it, I don’t want to have to deal with it.

Wendy Myers: And I think people can feel it if they’re really paying attention. So, for instance, sometimes I’ll watch on my cellphone. I’ll watch a movie or something on my cellphone when I’m going to sleep. I know I’m not supposed to, but I do. And so, I’ll be holding my phone, and my hand will start to bother me. I have a little Hedron little protector. I got it on Amazon. It’s supposed to help reduce the EWF emission from the phone. But I’ll still feel it kind of bothering my hand.

So, if you’re kind of paying attention, you can tune into these frequencies, and they’re bothering you.
For instance, I used to put my laptop on my lap, on the top of my legs. And it got to the point where it would just bother my legs so much, I couldn’t do it anymore. I just had this sensitivity.

David Slinger: Yeah.

Wendy Myers: So, you can feel it if you’re paying attention.

Margie Slinger: Yeah. Well, if your cellphone protection isn’t working, you need one of these then which is our answer. And this is probably the most tested. Again, on our website, “cellphone protector.”

David Slinger: This work particularly well if you use a phone against your head. If you’re using a phone against your head, you’re effectively microwaving your brain.

Wendy Myers: Yes.

David Slinger: Your brain actually does heat up. And these have been tested to reduce that by about 80%. These aren’t our products, but we’re the agents for them here in New Zealand. We sell them worldwide.

Margie Slinger: And we do put scalar waves in them, don’t we?

David Slinger: Yes, we use our technology to actually boost them because they those crystals in them.

Wendy Myers: Can you hold it up and tell us the name of the product.

David Slinger: It’s called the RadiSafe. Those are available internationally. We’re the New Zealand distributor for them. But we do sell them internationally as well.

Margie Slinger: Yeah, but we’re the only people that put scalar waves on them.

David Slinger: Yes, we’re the only people that are doing that.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, we have those in our store. If you go to Store.Liveto110.com, there is a link to the RadiSafe cellphone protectors. That’s really, really important.

And I know there are so many people suffering from EMF sensitivity. And there are people that are house-bound.

There are people that are unable to work any longer. They’ve probably been to doctor after doctor. Not a chance that any conventional doctor is going to be tuned into EMF. I’ve never heard of any medical doctor mentioning EMF as a probable cause, the underlying root cause of someone’s health issues. Maybe some functional medical doctors might mention this.

And I know Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt who we’ve had on the podcast before, he makes it mandatory. He wants his patients, before he sees them, he wants them to tend to EMF in their environment prior to seeing them because he knows that’s a big part of the problem.

David Slinger: Yeah. Also, people that want to find out more about EMF from a very reputable source, there’s a doctor, Magda Havas, she’s done extensive research. She’s actually discovered that there’s a form of diabetes directly related to EMF exposure.

Wendy Myers: Really, really interesting.

David Slinger: Yes. She’s got lots of great information on her website.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic!

54:01 EMF exposure disabling detoxification functions

Wendy Myers: And one thing that’s also interesting is that when people have heavy metals in their body, they become even more of an antenna and attract EMFs to them. I focus on detoxification and toxic metals in my practice.

And it’s a big problem.

We have more and more heavy metals in our environment. I think people are accumulating them and have less ability to detox them because their energy levels and their energy reserves are just being dramatically assaulted. All of our energy is going to trying to balance our bodies from being bombarded by EMF.

David Slinger: Yeah, yeah. I mean, there’s definitely a strong link. In fact, people that contact us with electrosensitivity, we do suggest that they go and see somebody about detoxing metals.

It just makes sense that if you’ve got metal in your body, it’s going to be re-radiating these signals. I mean, it might be more complicated than that. But there is a definite correlation between heavy metal toxicity and EMF sensitivity.

There’s definitely a correlation.

56:44 Special offers

Wendy Myers: Do you have any special offers for the listeners that are interested in trying out some of your products?

David Slinger: Yes! We’ll put together some special offers. And we’ll let you have those to put on your website.

Wendy Myers: Great! So anyone, if you’re interested in trying some LifeEnergySolutions.com products, we’ll have some special offers or coupons in the shownotes.

57:11 The most pressing health issue in the world today

Wendy Myers: I have a question I like to ask all of my guests. What do you think is the most pressing health issue in the world today?

David Slinger: Well, I would say definitely EMF is one of the most pressing health—I mean, is part of the gamut of toxins. We’re being overloaded with toxins. And whether one is more significant than the others, I don’t know. I just know that EMF, the levels are now a hundred million times more than two generations ago. I don’t know what the lead levels are. I don’t know what the mercury levels are. I don’t know. But I do know that figure. It’s just part of the gamut of exposure.

Our food is toxic. These GMOs that they’re putting in our foods, they know. The research is there. Animals get sick when they eat it. And what’s happening to us? And all the pesticides, that’s all getting into our system.

So, if we’re managing to stay healthy, we’re in the minority. But you look at the number of people that are dosed up on pharmaceuticals because of this symptom, because of that symptom, because of that condition, we must be one of the most unhealthy generations ever.

Apparently, one of the most healthy generations were people that lived through the Second World War. And that was because they were eating organic vegetables. Traffic islands, they were digging up traffic islands and growing vegetables. Everybody was eating. And they didn’t have any processed foods. Obviously, they didn’t have cell phones to bombard them with EMF. Things are just going downhill.

They’re talking about 5G now. They’re talking about getting rid of the copper wire telephones system. We’re going into 5G. And there are people that aren’t coping with 3G and are screaming at 4G. We’re going to reach a point when nobody can cope anymore and everybody’s health will just fall down.

59:58 Moving to 5G

Wendy Myers: Tell us about that. Tell us about that the US is on 3G. And I know in other countries—I think it’s Japan or some other place—they’re on 4G. I know in Europe, they’re on 4G, correct.

David Slinger: Yeah, we’ve got 4G here. I think some parts of the States have 4G. And they are talking about 5G.

And the 5G network is designed so it’s just all-pervading and will replace the copper network. So, you can just imagine the levels of exposure.

Wendy Myers: And what does that mean? What does it mean? What is 3G and what is 5G? And why is that going to impact our health more?

David Slinger: Well, I’m not technically-minded enough to be able to give you a full rundown on that. But if you got a system that’s going to allow everybody to use this network to make phone calls, then you’re going to have a lot more energy. It’s going to be a lot more bandwidth. And so the whole exposure has got to go up massively.

The stronger the system, the more information that’s coming to and from your phone, then the stronger the signal that you’re being exposed to.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, that makes sense.

David Slinger: As I’ve said, I don’t I don’t understand exactly the technicalities. But I do know that it’s going to mean an increased exposure.

These smart meters are increasing people’s exposure dramatically. The number of people that we are interacting with that had a smart meter introduced, it’s perhaps the other side of the wall to their bedroom, that’s the end of their sleep and a whole gamut of physical symptoms. They’re nasty! And you don’t have any control over it. They just come and switch it over.

We’ve got lots of information on our website. People are actually taking the power back and removing these things.

There are ways around it. But until enough of us say, “Hey, we don’t want this anymore,” they’ll get away with it.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. And there’s a lot of simple things that people can do like switching off their wireless internet at night or shutting down their electric panel or all their electric circuits at night. But that still doesn’t account for your neighbor’s smart meter or your neighbor’s wireless. If you live at an apartment building, there are going to be hundreds of people’s routers and wireless Internet. So you have to take other measures besides just turning off the wireless router at night.

David Slinger: Yeah, there are a lot of common sense things that you can do to reduce your exposure just as you’ve identified. We don’t use WiFi here. We still use cables. But every now and again, I’ll switch on the WiFi on my phone, and there are six or seven routers nearby. And we’re not in a densely packed neighborhood.

And if I ever go into a mall—I think the last time I checked, there was about 24 different routers, 24 different WiFi signals.

Wendy Myers: That’s what I have at my house. My internet is shut off and my wireless router. And then, my computer is trying to find it, and 30 internet services came up. I as shocked! I was shocked.

There’s also a website you can go to where you can put in your zip code and find out how many cell phone towers there are within a 5 mile radius. And mine had 400.

Margie Slinger: Wow!

David Slinger: Wow!

Wendy Myers: Four hundred.

David Slinger: That’s intense.

Wendy Myers: It’s crazy… within a five mile radius.

I’m not sure if it’s just cell phone towers or it’s other types of structures that emit EMF frequencies. I wasn’t totally sure. But it was a really high number. I was kind of shocked about that too. Not surprising.

So, what I really want to reiterate to the listeners is I know so many of you, like myself, are aware of EMF. You’ve read things on the Internet, that it’s problematic and can cause cancers and other disruption in function in our body.

But you need to act and do something about it. Stop pretending it doesn’t exist or ignoring it or “I’ll get to that at some point.” Your health depends on it.

And so, you guys have created some wonderful solutions for people to get started. They’re easy and they’re inexpensive to implement. I think they’re a great starting point to begin to detox your home of dirty electricity.

David Slinger: I mean, ultimately, the answer is for everybody to wake up and for some major changes to be made in our technology. I mean, that hopefully will happen down the line.

But in the meantime, the only way to stay healthy in this intense situation that we’re in is to look at measures to protect yourself.

01:05:55 Where to find Life Energy Solutions

Wendy Myers: Why don’t you tell the listeners where they can find you and get some of your EMF-protective products?

David Slinger: Well, the best place to go to is our website, www.LifeEnergySolutions.com. We’re here in New Zealand. Your listeners in New Zealand—or indeed internationally—can call us. Our phone number is on the website.

If people want to talk about anything, e-mail us, tell us what you’re experiencing. We’re always there to give recommendations.

And as Margie said, we give a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you’re experiencing something, you’re looking for a solution and buy something from us, and for whatever reason, you feel it isn’t doing what we say it does, we give the money back.

And we do understand, it can be a leap of faith. We start talking about energy and EMF. Because it’s not just universally accepted as a problem, and the technology we’re using certainly isn’t universal accepted, there can be a resistance there. We’re conscious of that, so we give a no-quibble money back guarantee.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic!

And I have a feeling I know why most of your customers are in the US. It’s because we have probably so many people living on Indian burial grounds. They made all these devices to help protect them from the negative energy.

David Slinger: Yeah, we haven’t really talked much about that side of things. But they will clean up energy. If people are on that page and know that—I mean, basically, the thing is if you have a row with somebody, you get really angry, you’re creating emotion which is energy-in-motion. And if it’s angry, negative, destructive energy, it won’t go away. It will stay in the building.

So, what happens with people is they get into groundhog day. Couples have the same argument day in and day out.

And part of that reason is because the energy of that is still embedded in the home, and they’re being affected with it.

Now, that might not make sense to everybody. But for those people it does make sense to, this technology cleans that away very, very effectively.

So, if you are living on an Indian burial ground or we have battlefield fields where some people have built housing estates. You can imagine the energy of those encounters. It very effectively cleans it away.

Wendy Myers: We should have a necklace called the Marriage Saver, Prevent Divorce or something like that.

Margie Slinger: Yes!

David Slinger: Yes, that’s a whole different marketing concept. “Save your marriage today with this pendant.”

Wendy Myers: Well, thank you guys so much for coming on the show. I really appreciate it. You guys have great energy.

David Slinger: We should!

Margie Slinger: You too!

David Slinger: We should! But thanks, yeah, appreciate it.

Wendy Myers: And everyone, if you want to learn more about me, you can go to Liveto110.com where we give you all the tools that you need to live a long, healthy, disease-free life. You can learn about my detox and healing program at MineralPower.com. Thank you so much for listening.