How to Relieve Insomnia Without Drugs.

How to cure Insomnia without drugs.

Don’t expect our products to be a cure for insomnia – if you aren’t taking overall care of yourself. Nor in fact will any other supposedly miracle natural insomnia cure. Ultimately we are all responsible for our own health and well-being – victim mentality leaves people stuck right there – with sleepless night after sleepless night. Unless of course they resort to prescription drugs, but that is another story.

So what does taking responsibility for curing our insomnia mean?

Drinking water, after all we are made up of 70% of it. So our water intake is essential to functioning well and to sleeping well. Just because something is liquid doesn’t mean it does the same job as water, some drinks are actually dehydrating like soft drinks, tea and coffee. You can still enjoy your cappuccino, I’d die without mine, but the rule is for each coffee drink a glass of water. And limit it!

Why water? Adequate hydration is a key component to help decrease inflammation, which can manifest as muscle pain and stiffness, and can also cause headaches. These conditions can cause insomnia.

Diet, and by this I mean eating good food not restricting what you eat so as to lose weight. Although by eating nutritional, healthy food you probably will lose weight. Strange isn’t it how we wouldn’t put diesel into a petrol engine car yet we eat all sorts of food that our bodies don’t recognise as fuel. And then we grumble when it doesn’t run perfectly. I know, I know, my one-cup-of-coffee-a-day addiction isn’t exactly premium fuel but a little of what you fancy warms your soul and I do drink that extra water as a peace offering. I suppose the moral of this particular story, and most stories, is moderation in all things.

Eating a diet containing a lot of processed foods loaded with artificial preservatives, food colourings, trans-fatty acids, and refined sugars can cause us sleepless nights. How – well for people who are sensitive to these substances, they act as stimulants or even serve to increase inflammation that can contribute to chronic muscle pain, increased fatigue, or depressed mood – all of which can affect sleep quality. So read the labels and a general rule of thumb is “Fresh is best”.

Exercise, is becoming a bit of a cult thing – going to the gym. But TV’s, computers, cars and more manual jobs being done by machines means there are lots of people that get little or no exercise at all. Once upon a time people walked, took buses, and had allotments growing vegetables. They moved their bodies naturally. After all it is the way we were designed. If you have your car sitting in the drive, never start it up, never use it, it will cease up. The tyres will perish, the body will rust, the electrics will disintrigate and the engine will lock solid. If we know this about a car why do we expect anything different about ourselves? After all aren’t we a beautifully engineered piece of machinery too? So getting off our butts and moving our limbs, getting out heart pumping (after all it is a muscle as well) is essential for ending the day in sweet dreams.

Several studies have already shown that people find their sleep quality improves significantly with exercise. But –

“If you have insomnia you won’t exercise yourself into sleep right away. It’s a long-term relationship. You have to keep at it and not get discouraged.” says Dr Baron, who is director of the behavioural sleep program at Chicago’s North Western University Feinberg School of Medicine.

Because exercise isn’t an instant fix for insomnia it’s easy to get caught into the vicious cycle of poor sleep leading to less exercise!

Dr Baron says

“Write a note on your mirror that says ‘Just Do It!’ It will help in the long run.”

Brilliant advice.

Relaxation for many means unwinding in front of the television or catching up with Facebook friends. Collapsing into a chair or stretching out on the sofa is often as much as most people feel like doing after a busy demanding day. Possibly with a glass of wine or a beer. You might feel that this is unwinding and beneficial but what is actually doing is help create your insomnia.

Twenty seven new studies show that alcohol does allow healthy people to fall asleep more quickly, but it reduces rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. This is the stage of sleep when people dream and when the body restores and renews itself. This is when we heal. So don’t get carried away because the bottles open – pace yourself and make it last several nights.

When we watch TV it is not just the content that engages our brains, and stops us from sleeping. The frequency of the screen flickering keeps the brain in a beta state (normal waking consciousness and a heightened state of alertness, logic and critical reasoning). It is important that the computer or TV is switched off at least an hour before bed-time so that the brain can go into an alpha state (deep relaxation) ready for sleep.

EMF Radiation from the TV, computers and all our electrical toys does the exact opposite of relaxing us and helping us sleep – it makes sure that we remain awake. How I’ll explain later.

So how do our p.e.bals, Negater Shells and Nu-Me protective pendants help overcome insomnia?

They protect against electromagnetic field radiation, not only from our computers, and TV, but anything electronic, and that includes lights, wiring – all things that have an electric current going to our through them.

EMF is fairly new in the general evolution of mankind. We are experiencing 100.000.000 times more radiation than our grandparents. To our bodies it is alien and a toxin. This is why we are experiencing an insomnia epidemic.

EMF is clever in a perverse sort of way. It fools the pineal gland into thinking that it’s perpetual day. And as it is only when it is dark that the pineal gland produces the hormone melatonin, and that melatonin is essential for sleep (and other things like producing T cells that prevent cancer) the lack of it leads to insomnia. No matter what insomnia cure is tried while EMF/EMR is stopping production of melatonin sleep will not come.

Having an EMF protective device nearby at night is essential for a good night’s sleep.

A BIG added bonus with our technology is that because it moves and balances energy it is very calming – it helps bring your brain to that alpha state and helping you to become fully relaxed before retiring.

Living with insomnia is not a necessity, but to overcome it you do have to take full responsibility. And YES a p.e.bal beside your bed is going to be your greatest help – and friend in curing your insomnia.

Sweet dreams.

EMF protection and energy balancing

Allergic to Wi-Fi in America? Pack your bags for West Virginia!

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