How to get harmony within the family.

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  • June 3, 2019
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Families can be a challenge. Don’t you agree? Of course everyone wants harmony at home but it is hardly surprising that the dynamics of differing agendas cause friction – sometimes – to a greater or lesser degree.

There is the immediate family which usually includes kids, and we all know that they are laws unto themselves, whether they are “the terrible twos” or “we know everything teens”. Even after waving farewell, while shedding a few tears, when they leave home, just as you have adjusted to the peace and lots of personal space they separate from their partner – or run out of money – and come back into your rearranged nest. You are now the listening ear, shoulder to cry on, or endless bank balance to bail them out.

And then there is the partner, spouse, lover or adult companion of any sort. They have their own lives, wants, needs and challenges – and then you come together and have your shared life which you hope, and often pray, will be harmonious.

It just ain’t easy. Anyone who says that it is then please tell the rest of us “How To”.

Now we must not forget the extended family – and most of us have one. They want a bit of us too. Don’t those big family picnics look wonderful? Everyone having fun. Have you ever been on one? Granny is sitting in a draft and its playing havoc with her arthritis, Uncle Fred is really going at the beer, Aunty Mable is going through the menopause and will kill one of the kids in a minute, Dads in a sulk because he wanted to go fishing and the kids are moody because they really didn’t want to come because it’s all so boring and not cool. Wonderful family time together. I try to avoid it!

But most of us do have to live and work with others. And whoever it was that said that our families are our greatest challenge was probably right. After all we spend so much time with them and see the good, bad and ugly in each other.

So when we received this heartening email I realised that there is hope. This could be the “How Too” we wanted so desperately.

” “Well – we got the p.e.bal and the double shell shield from you last week. I discover I have a new husband. He is really happy, peaceful and never gets irritable – quite different from the person I have been living with for years. I think as the amount of technology that he was dealing with each day increased, he got more and more irritable. Recently he had been wearing a headset for the phone… the nightmare never ended. Until now.

So I am still amazed and every day I go home wondering if this new person is still there. (He works from home).

My daughter has the shell in her room, and is a more peaceful person generally………

Kate Fitness  BSc, Dip. Hom, Natural Medical Centre, Orewa, New Zealand.


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