Finding Peace in The Great Divide.

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  • March 15, 2022
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great divideThere are so many differing perspectives on life, how it should be lived, what rules we should follow, and who should govern us while we live it.

Differing opinions can spark a healthy debate which can in turn promote growth and depth of understanding. Differing opinions can also become so emotionally charged that they can split partnerships, families, and even countries down the middle.

If you have been alive and living on the same planet as me this last couple of years, then you will be likely sitting on one side or another of a great chasm that has opened up in human society the world over.

Whether you believe the “official” narrative of the whole “health emergency” and feel that our governments are doing their best to protect us or you suspect there is something amiss and that we are in the middle of a contrived drama with an agenda that does not serve our general wellbeing, the chances are you are feeling passionate in your stance and that your friends list has undergone major surgery as a result (guilty as charged).

Just like I know that illness affecting the body is often a manifestation of a deeper emotional or mental imbalance or issue, I am getting a clear sense that this divisiveness is a surface representation of something deeper that we are dealing with as a collective.


I suspect that most of you who have read this far will be consciously aware that we are in the middle of a major shift and that nothing will ever be the same again on planet Earth. If we are not consciously aware at this point then we are certainly aware at an unconscious level that the old normal is drifting away on a receding tide not to be seen again.

Change is not something we are generally wired to embrace as a species. It is said that we don’t change until the pain of staying where we are becomes greater than the pain of stepping into the unknown.

This is certainly why we fear death as it represents the ultimate transition into the unknown. When we are facing death from a real or imagined threat we go into fight or flight mode where reasoned thought and action is replaced by a reactionary state of constant fear and stress.


So, looking beyond the involved drama that we are embroiled in and peeking down into the causal level, what can we see?

I see one group of people who have experienced enough pain of the old system – either personally or, if blessed (or cursed?) with the gift of empathy, in combination with the pain of others – to be ready for a leap into something wildly new and unimaginably different.

They are ready to abandon the old patriarchal system of control and step into the personal power of self-responsibility and self-reliance in a collective reality of massively unknown proportions.

I believe we intuitively know that the world we are moving to is so different to the world we have known that it is akin to the transition of death.

This clearly explains the passion of the other group of people who are clinging on to the old system to such a degree that they seem blind to the otherwise blatant lies and manipulations in the words and deeds of our leaders and the media.

Remembering that we only embrace change when the pain of staying where we are is greater than the pain of stepping into the unknown also explains the individual and collective suffering of many people right now as people seem to be attracting it to themselves in abundance. Hard as it is to watch for anyone with empathy, if you know that they are preparing for change, then the Grace of the process becomes evident.


Surviving the drama means stepping out of the drama whenever we can. But where is the exit? 

Drama exists either in the past where we are concerned with what has happened or in the future where we fret about what may happen. If you understand this, then the obvious exit is into the present moment – right here, right now.

If you practice meditation, then you will know that this is a calm place in any storm and the perfect place to refresh mind body and spirit whist acquiring deeper perspective.

There are many meditation techniques but often simply sitting quietly, focusing on our breathing, and listening to some relaxing music (our Solfeggio music is great) is all we need to step out of the fray. 

If you have some of our technology, then this can help calm and center your energy as part of this process. Any of our devices will help if placed on the central meridian (center line of the body). If you have a Nu-Me pendant, then you are already experiencing your energy being calmed. If you place something stronger on your lap (at your center) such as a POWER P.e.bal when you sit down to meditate, then this takes this process to a higher level.

If you have the budget for it then the ultimate tool in Life Energy’s toolbox is the QSB, which soothes mind body and spirit with Solfeggio frequencies in the form of scalar waves.



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One thought on “Finding Peace in The Great Divide.

  • Gracey

    I often sit with QSB running beside and have noticed a difference in my state of being when I do.
    I don’t leave home without my kiball so I stay in my own little bubble of happiness.
    LOVE your products and recommend then to everyone.


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