Fast Forward: What do we know about long-term effects of EMF exposure?

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  • December 19, 2019
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Fast Forward: What do we know about long-term effects of EMF exposure?

Electromagnetic fields are everywhere in the modern world, though many might not stop to think about it, or even realize it in the first place. All the electronic devices we have in our everyday lives emit EMFs, and there are even more sources when you consider the ubiquity of technology in our wider environments. Between WiFi zones in our local cities and everything our neighbours own, we are surrounded by EMFs even if we think we are not. What kind of damage might these unprecedented levels of EMF exposure cause over time?

Let’s examine the present situation, and then take a look at what we might be experiencing in the future.


People Reluctant to Listen

To put it quite simply, most people don’t want to hear about the negative effects that convenient devices might have on their health. Our smartphones and other electronics do so much for us that it can be a little difficult to come to terms with the fact that they might be harming us in the process.

However, we need to question whether or not these entertaining and helpful products are having any adverse effects on our health. Why are people so complacent and happy to accept any and all new technology? To find out, we are going to have to go back in time a little bit before looking forward…


Historic Testing

New products don’t end up on the market without extensive testing. So, what about tests regarding the dangers of EMFs?

Most mainstream tests on EMF dangers were performed decades ago, and often by the product manufactures who obviously had a bias. These tests concluded that EMFs from electronics were not harmful to humans. However, it is extremely important to remember that there was much less technology when these tests were undertaken, and no way to look at longer term affects.

The scientists in question were assessing the dangers from only a fraction of the exposure which people experience today.

Even if scientists are interested in pursuing tests on the effects of more modern EMF exposure, the issue is that governments, corporation and even individuals often don’t want to listen.


When Will It Be Too Late?

Are we headed into the future with no idea about the damage these invisible but insidious forces are already doing? 

Even if EMF exposure remained at current levels, our species could be in danger of discovering too late just how damaging long-term exposure to this amount of everyday technology really is.

Unfortunately, we know from recent history how rapidly technology progresses, and that the situation will only get worse as it no doubt extends into even more areas of our lives.

Many of the devices we use today once seemed like science fiction, and all manner of compelling and even addictive new technologies and services are sure to be rolled out over the coming decades.

Could we be headed for a future full of far more prevalent cancers, unparalleled levels of stress, anxiety and insomnia, and even new EMF associated disorders we haven’t even got names for yet?

Pressure needs to be applied to governments to set up another round of independent testing to find out the true effects of EMFs.

In the meantime, we as private citizens should also be making changes where we can. There is no question about it, learning about EMF protection now, before the governments catch up with the truth, could save your life. Your future self will thank you!


The Products Available

Here at Life Energy Solutions, we have worked hard to develop EMF protection products to help you get the protection you feel you need. Exposure to EMFs can result in insomnia, persisting headaches, anxiety, depression, poor memory, brain fog, tiredness, learning difficulties, skin and eye problems, and a whole host of other unpleasant symptoms. If you feel like you are experiencing some of these side effects of modern life, you should consider some of our products to alleviate them.

We have a whole range of different devices which could aid you around the home. Our POWER P.e.bal is tiny but powerful, creating a protective field, while our Nu-Me pendants offer you balance and protection no matter where you go.

You can also begin to make small changes around the home; turning off your Wi-Fi at night and leaving your phone to charge in another room. Use airplane mode and you will still be able to use your alarm. By taking an active approach to the EMFs you are exposed to in your home and in wider society, you are taking the steps needed to protect your health.

We can’t wait for the governments and agencies around the world to catch up. EMFs are everywhere and we must learn how to shield ourselves from them to guarantee the safety of ourselves and of future generations.

Educate yourself, and get ready to make some positive changes for a brighter future.


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